Who To Field – Round 2

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 26 2021

Often see people asking in match chats over the weekend asking “who to field” out of two rookies. As we saw last week with Gulden’s 139 and Rowe’s 104, nailing those on-field rookies is critical in the early rounds. Asked whether people would want a thread dedicated to deliberating “who to field” and the response was overwhelmingly positive, so here it is.

We’ll have this thread pinned to the top of the site over the weekend for people to drop in ask “who to field” out of their rookies using the T.U and T.D function.


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15 thoughts on “Who To Field – Round 2”

    1. Rowes ownership is at over 60% and I bet most would have had him on the field after last week. 5% of those traded him in this week.


  1. Great idea for a post. I have a suggestion that might make it more practical: include a poll for each position where coaches rank the more common rookies. Example:

    Which rookies do you think will score best this week in defense (choose up to 3):
    – Highmore
    – Sharp
    – Koschitzke (I’m not looking up the spelling).
    – …

    And then do the same for midfield and forwards.


    1. I like it Daniel Z. That’d be useful. BUT people love being able to ask their own problem to the SCT community. It’s what makes our site great. That we can all essentially contribute.


    1. Same dilemma.

      Powell named forward pocket. Jordon named on the interchange. Not sure who attends more CBAs given their respective roles last week. Anderson in and Viney in may influence things too… tossing a coin on this one.


  2. OK, think I fcked up. I want Gawns VC score. Put Captain loophole by making Downie the C onto field for Taranto, who will be Emergency.
    However, I had the E on Sharp already!
    This is not going to work right?
    Am I just going to have to risk the C on Bont bc I can’t loophole the C and get Taranto score??
    Hope thst makes sense.


    1. Yeah, if you’ve already got the E on Sharp he’ll have to come on to activate the loop for Gawn with Downie.

      So your options are:

      #1) Take Gawn VC, field Sharp, bench Taranto, Bont (384~ points)


      #2) Pass on Gawn VC, keep Sharp benched, field Taranto, Bont C (417~ points)

      *calculated assuming Taranto 100 and Bont 90 (Eagles probably tag)

      I’d go #2.



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