Who To Field – Round 5

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on April 16 2021

We’ll have this thread pinned to the top of the site over the weekend for people to drop in ask “who to field” out of their rookies using the T.U and T.D function.


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22 thoughts on “Who To Field – Round 5”

  1. Will be benching one of McNeil or Scott the other gets the bullet
    Who goes for Chapman?
    TU McNeil
    TD Scott


    1. Now I’m thinking I have this love spot available for Hickey and use him as a stepping stone to get Gawn. Hickey seems like he’ll make more cash anyways as well as decent points and good job security.


      1. Hey Chosen1
        Have same dilemma and thinking either Hickey or Treacy too.
        Hickey will make more cash , has good job security and scoring well but does come up against Grawndy in a few weeks .
        Other point is Flynn was scoring at similar to Hickey before being dropped so bringing in Treacy will allow you to update quicker on another line but less points for this round


        1. I got all other lines covered. I already traded Butters to Waterman. Then upgrade next week. I don’t want to leave myself open with another potentially a non-playing rookie the following week in the rucks if Flynn isn’t named again.


          1. Sorry everyone I killed Hickey :(… To the Gawn owners next week He is going to be next on my list.


  2. TU: Field J. Jordon
    TD: Field S. Berry

    Jordon can go a lot bigger, but has the TOG issues currently. Berry guaranteed TOG but lower scoring potential. Thoughts?


  3. I know this probably doesn’t belong here but not sure where else to post and really need some help on this one.

    TU: Campbell > watermen
    Daniel > Ridley

    TD: Dow > watermen
    Daniel > Bowes

    Comment: save the trade and concede a loss due to daniels donut (24 left if I make these 2) .



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