2018 Rookie Review – Round 9

Written by Huttabito on May 22 2018

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* Denotes bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd9AvgBE
MirraHaw$216.5k (+$50.8k)8972.8-29
MurrayColl$334.0k (-$2.8k)5672.481
ColeWCE$272.5k (+$13.1k)6270.267
RichardsWB$252.5k (+$5.9k)5757.625
Coffield (MID)StK$250.1k (+$11.5k)4757.340
L.MurphyAdel$198.8k (+$45.2k)5156.56
ApplebyColl$197.1k (+$29.8k)5156.58
DumanFrem$185.9k DNP55.827
Keeffe (FWD)GWS$157.4k (+$33.5k)4250-4
Buckley GWS$158.3kDNP47-


Another lowly week for rookies but Mirra repaid the faith upon his call up with a rather impressive game against the Lions where he racked up a team high 8 marks to go with 24 disposals (12 kicks) at 79% DE and 3 tackles for 89 points. This should see him cement his spot for next week to get some good cash generation going.


Murray has peaked and lost cash this week after only collecting 2 contested possessions in his 23 disposal (7 kick) game holding him back to 56 points despite 6 marks and 3 1%ers. Other than a fortnight of scores in the 90s in the first 4 weeks, he’s only averaged 67 and will hover around his current price until the byes. He’s over to you coaches.


Ridley got his chance to debut with Hurley sidelined and looked right at home playing across half back with an equal team high 5 rebound 50s from 25 dispoals (16 kicks) at 80% DE and 7 marks for 76 points. He only collected the 5 contested possessions but was poised and would be unlucky to make way this week. Would love to see him play alongside Hurley to assess job security as that would be he only concern.

Rice debuted for the hapless Saints but he and Coffield were in the top 3 for the teams disposal efficiency so at least the kids are coming along alright. He finished with 17 disposals (12 kicks) at 88% DE to go with 4 marks and a tackle. Held back to 55 points due to 3 clangers and a low CP rate.

Heron is listed as a defender but played forward where he slotted a goal on debut to go with 10 disposals (4 kicks) at 70% DE and 3 tackles for 54 points. Still 3 weeks away before being relevant but could become handy cover over the main byes.

Cumming went at 2 points per disposal finishing on 16 points. On the bubble, but with 3 prospects on the horizon above, probably best to pass.

Goodbye for now: Murray


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd9AvgBE
KellyGeel$429.2k (-$3.3k)4894.1120
JacobsNM$373.8k (+$24.0k)9674.867
HolmanGCS$306.6k (+$34.7k)12273.913
CunicoGeel$271.9k (-$2.6k)5366.766
CerraFrem$298.8k (+$13.8k)4960.352
MutchEss$163.8k DNP54.71
BrayshawFrem$271.5k (+3.1k)495457
DowCarl$288.7k (+$6.5k)5153.963
ClarkStK$231.7k (+$28.1k)8249.82
BarryPort$182.4k DNP46.423
BaileyBris$214.9k (+$11.8k)4743.736
WorpelHaw$143.3k (+$26.0k)324322


Jacobs did his thing and had a team high (again) 10 tackles to accompany his 14 disposals, 4 marks and 2 goal assists for 96 points. Well done to those 2,000 coaches who started with him.

Holman has shown his ceiling as a rookie but something agreed with him in China and blew his best score out of the park with 122 against Port Adelaide. He finished up with 25 disposals (12 kicks) which included 16 contested possessions which outwayed his 56% DE. He also took 4 marks to go with 8 tackles and with a low BE, can be a held after his bye.

Clark had his best game to date with 21 disposals (8 kicks) with 3 tackles and 5 1%ers. He didn’t really trouble the statsman a great deal and with 33% CP rate, 71% DE (15th worse for St Kilda) and 3 clangers, I’m not sure how he scored his 82 points… but you take what you can get sometimes.


Kelly’s ownership has surprisingly went up this week as some coaches must have FOMO from the cheap stud rookie others started with but his cash generating will come to a grinding halt after 48 points against Essendon which see’s him lose cash for the first time this season and his BE jumping to 120. We know he will bounce back in the next fortnight against Carlton and Gold Coast but time for me to say farewell as he’s done his job as a rookie. If moving him on, upgrade him.

Brayshaw and Cerra threw up a pair of 49s after what was decent effort games but given it was a high disposal affair, their 15 and 13 disposal games were weighed down by everyone elses. Brayshaw can now be moved on as he has been milked for everything he has to offer as without increased game time, a good score is just not going to happen. Cerra can wait a week to see where his price is headed.

Dow’s time has also come to an end and is likely to remain the same until the byes, with a small chance of a spike.


Phillips seems like the best of the bunch on the bubble this week which means it’s slim pickings given his 49 from 19 disposals (10 kicks). He knows how the find the ball which is great and if he can get a few more stats other than 2 marks and a tackle, he’ll be pushing 60+ which is what will be wanting. If named, worth a punt for the likes of an expensive maxed out rookie.

Goodbye for now: Kelly, Brayshaw and Dow


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd9AvgBE
McInerneyBris$225.6k (+$45.7k)6566.3-10
CrossleyGCS$151.7k (+$34.4k)3049.39


Crossley… Hope you weren’t one of the 3,000 coaches who bought him in for his 30 points…


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd9AvgBE
RonkeSyd$271.6k (+$56.9k)7187.3-27
FritschMelb$338.1k (+$28.0k)8771.819
Higgins (MID)Rich$273.3kDNP70.836
Stephenson (MID)Coll$334.2k (+$9.3k)8469.669
Spargo (MID)Melb$214.0k (+$35.3k)606720
GuelfiEss$215.7k (+$38.2k)6166.36
WatermanWCE$305.4k (+$4.7k)5264.838
RatugoleaGeel$291.6k DNP62.445
RioliWCE$319.0k (+$30.1k)6060.660
HenryGeel$294.5k (+$16.5k)5659.187
ScheerGCS$191.9k (+$32.5k)3956.316
GowersWB$282.9k (+$4.3k)4555.769
Giles-LangdonGWS$220.7k (+$10.8k)5953.824
D.Fogarty (MID)Adel$204.2k (+$12.7k)4547.223
Poholke (MID)Adel$152.3k (+$14.0k)6142-5
Clarke (MID)Ess$123.9k3434-
Ballard (MID)GCS$124.5k (+$7.2k)1230.321
Petruccelle* (MID)WCE$117.3kDNP22.526


Fritsch continues his winger role and racked them up against Carlton to collect 17 disposals (13 kicks), 6 marks, 4 tackles (earning 3 free kicks for) and kicking 2 goals himself for 87 points. One who is demanding an onfield spot over the likes of Billings and is now more expensive than this so called premium.

Stephenson is now clearly the top 10 draft pick we should have all started with after his 4th game greater than 80 points after scoring 84 against St Kilda from 18 disposals (8 kicks), 6 marks, 2 tackles, 3 1%ers and 2 goals. Is projected to peak in price in his final game before the bye, what a great bloke.


Henry did his thing but now his 100+ score is out of his cycle, it’s time to move on as 56 from 10 disposals (7 kicks) at 90% DE, 5 marks, 4 tackles and 3 1%ers see’s his BE jump up to 87 and will no doubt lose money this week. His BE is likely to drop again and has the potential to gain it back before the byes but it’s up to you.

Scheer was somewhat active with 13 disposals and 3 tackles but 2 direct turnovers and a DE of 46% held him back to 39 points. Has a week off now to compose himself again and get back some energy.

Gowers struggled in the wet and finish up with the lowest DE on the ground with only 33% of his 9 disposals (7 kicks) hitting the target. 4 tackles and 2 marks helped get his score to 45 but with his foreseeable BE at his average, time to do as you will.

Giles-Langdon for being on 47 points at the major break and only scoring 12 points in the last half. Not happy.

Ballard popped his bubble with 12 points. Ouch and far from relevant.


Smith was in one of my starting lineups but just never got his chance until now. 91 points is a great effort, don’t get me wrong, but we can’t really read much into his game after Melbourne won by 109 points. Currently the 3rd most traded in player – hold your horses!

McCartin collected 9 disposals but with only 4 of them hitting the target, most of his 45 points came from the 2 goals and 5 1%ers he had. On the bubble, but more than likely hasn’t shown enough for our teams.

Lewis, Clarke and Kerr debuted this week for Hawthorn, Essendon and Carlton respectively but we are going to need to see more than 39, 34 and 23 from them to even consider them this time next week.

Goodbye for now: Henry, Gowers, Ballard and McCartin

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22 thoughts on “2018 Rookie Review – Round 9”

  1. Thanks for the write up. Any news on Higgins? Not keen to trade him out but about my only option to get Philips.


  2. This week is tough. Henry and naughton are screaming out to be traded but I went early on phillips last week. Cummings doesnt look like a viable downgrade option but all the first gamers have too many question marks around JS / scoring potential.


    1. Naughton won’t be back this week, so you can wait another week to trade him, as his price won’t drop. I’ll be moving Henry on this week for sure though (although this will mean he’ll pump out another ton on the weekend, as is tradition with my trade-outs).


  3. Crowden to Phillips worth a trade? Or am I better off trading Murray/Finlayson to Ridley a week early to pocket more cash?


    1. As much as I want Jack, I keep telling myself buy low, sell high

      I’ve got 7 premium mids and Kelly at M8 and planning to stay that way for the next few weeks (cats have two easy games), and aim to grab Jack after his bye


  4. If you are going to go early on a rookie, Ridley is the one to do it with. Coach loves him, great debut, strong VFL form, he’s not playing 2s in a hurry.

    I think this is the week I pull the trigger on Kelly to Danger (and then pray that Macraes stupid run of form ends)


  5. What does everyone think of me trading out
    and bringing in Howe and Phillips
    I have 3 rookies defs so I definitely need to get another Premo in

    This also builds towards my war chest which after these trades will be on 360k

    So- T/U- Good trades- howe and phillips are good ins

    T/D- Bad trades- rethink

    If you thumbs down could you let me know as to why you did


    1. Kelly has so much scoring potential, especially at Kardinia that if moving him on, I’d prefer to upgrade and get in a guaranteed 115+ midfielder as you’re probably playing another midfielder rookie in his place?

      I would have Murray + Kelly outscoring Howe + Phillips at a very good chance.


      1. I know, but what about the cash that will be lost
        I reckon if I go Kelly and Murray out this week it adds to my warchest
        Then next week ill put Naughton down to Ridley if he does well and ill put Brayshaw up to Oliver

        I’m ranked 1530 so doing all right till now, this will make or break my season the next couple of weeks


        1. It’s only lost when you press sell, one 100+ score from Kelly in the next two weeks against Gold Coast/Carlton and he’ll make back what he’s lost by the time of the byes.

          Use your gut feel – if you think he now goes 80 for the rest of the season and drops $50k, then it makes sense.


    2. Definitely a tough choice. I’m wondering this myself. I can almost get two upgrades with it. Just looking at the rookies coming through, there’s not much coming through. I don’t know where I’m going to get my bye war chest from otherwise. I’m leaning towards Kelly to Philips atm. U have to weigh up what you’ll lose points wise,Kelly 90-95, Philips ???


      1. You want to trade cash to get points. You do not want to trade points for cash. The only good reason to trade Kelly is to upgrade him, and only then if there is no other upgrade on your team that can get you more points.


        1. Agree Father. I wonder what other rookies he has on the bench that he could trade otherwise. Personally I don’t have any other ready to cull for Philips yet. Only other option is to swing Coffield to d6, which I don’t want to do


  6. Anyone know what Doedees break even is this week? After a 91 he might be keeping his job for a few weeks


  7. Kelly and Brayshaw to Dusty and Philips.
    $447k in the bank.

    T/U – Good trades to build up the bye warchest, minimal points lost
    T/D – You’re silly, try again


  8. What would everyone’s order of priority for trading out: Murray, Henry, Brayshaw and Kelly?
    Looking at a 1 up 1 down this week and can’t decide which 2 to give the flick.



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