Weekend Review – Eagles v Power

Written by Motts on 7:00 am, March 2 2010

West Coast

B Ebert – Had a 112 here but only a 44 in the game against Essendon. Too inconsistent for my liking.

L Shuey – Well helloooooooo Mr Shuey. Scored 35 in 2 quarters against the Dons before jacking that up to 108 against the Power. 24 disposals, of which admittedly 12 were handballs, but also kicked a supergoal.

C Masten – 28 disposals and 70 points. I really like this guy as a mid priced option for your midfield – think he’s only going to get better this year.

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The Double Burn

Written by Motts on 7:21 pm, March 1 2010

(Our thanks to regular commenter and good mate kb for putting this together. If anyone has a good idea for an article let us know and we’ll happily have a look at it).

This is not a common term in fantasy footy circles (in fact, I just made it up) but the phenomenon that it describes is no stranger to us hapless coaches. Duck mentioned in an earlier blog that he was refusing to select Buddy Franklin because of past disappointments. Well, if Duck proceeds with this policy, he has the potential of suffering a double burn as per the (now) official definition:

The Double Burn: when a player you have been burnt by before and therefore refuse to pick,

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Only The Brave

Written by Motts on 1:32 pm, March 1 2010

Who are the blokes you’re going to include in your team this year that you consider the biggest risks? I’m not talking about GAJ “coz his price is enormous and may drop”. I’m talking about blokes like Rusling, Kennelley, and Ladson with their history of injuries. Or maybe, like me, you’re prepared to roll the dice on Barry Hall’s ability to keep his cool.

Let me know your thoughts.

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Weekend Review – Hawks v Dogs

Written by Motts on 7:16 am, March 1 2010


S Mitchell – With a 111 he’s staked his claim as an elite middy you can’t ignore. Certainly put himself in front of Sewell who only had a 68.
J Kayler-Thompson – Rookies who score 95 will always get my attention. Shame we won’t get to see him again next week after the Hawks got thumped.
R Schoenmakers – this cheap defensive option managed a 66.
C Peterson – caught my eye with some flashy play in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Came off in the 4th but not before scoring 62.

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Rate My Team – Team 4

Written by Motts on 9:30 pm, February 25 2010

Warren’s Team

Backs – Godddard, Hodge, Kennelly, Malceski, J Hunt, Ladson, Maguire
Bench – P Davis & J Dare

Mids – Ablett, Hayes, Cooney, Rich, Morton, Palmer
Bench – Martin & Bastinac

Ruck – Tippett, Naitanui
Bench – Skipper & Cordy

Forwards – Chapman, O’Keefe, Franklin, Hurley, Murphy, Dangerfield, Ziebell
Bench – Hitchcock & Podsiadly

To Ablett or not to Ablett. That is the question. I’m glad Warren has submitted a team with him in because it goes to show exactly what sacrifices you need make/ risks you need to take in other areas of your team when GAJ takes that #1 spot in your guts.

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Weekend Review – Dockers v Dees

Written by Motts on 7:00 am, February 25 2010

M Pavlich ($528,900, 99.58) – 116 inspires man-love in me. Ultra consistent performer who could fill in for an injured midfielder if required. Love love love.
A Sandilands ($538,600, 101.40) – His 106 inspired me to dump Jolly for him.
H Ballantyne ($268,900, 50.63) – Won the ’08 Sandover with this kind of performance. Kicked 2.2 and scored 105. Definitely worth consideration if he backs it up again next game.
D Mundy ($432,400, 81.41) – Not much room for mid priced midfielders in my team. They’re either $500k+ or they’re $350k-. Nice effort here though – 103.

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Rate My Team – Team 3

Written by Motts on 2:00 pm, February 24 2010

Krispy’s Team

B. Goddard
S. Goodwin
L. Hodge
N. Krakouer
C. Hooker
J. Hunt
B. Sheppard
M. Maguire (emg)
P. Davis (emg)

L. Montagna
D. Swan
S. Mitchell
S. Burgoyne
T. Scully
A. Morabito
L. Jetta (emg)
L. Shuey (emg)

D. Jolly
K. Tippett
R. Warnock (emg)
W. Skipper (emg)

A. Goodes
A. Didak
L. Franklin
B. Hall
P. Medhurst

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Dark Knights

Written by Motts on 10:40 am, February 24 2010

Those of you who were keen on young Chris Knights for your forward line will be subbing him out pretty goddam quickly after learning that he’s suffered a stress fracture in his left foot.

The 23-year-old had been initially diagnosed with the condition plantar fasciitis, forcing him to wear a moon boot to protect his foot but scans have since confirmed he also has the stress fracture.

The Crows have optimistically suggested that he may still recover in time to play in Round 1, with six weeks on the sidelines the worst-case scenario but such injuries have in the past resulted in much longer stints on the sidelines.

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