The Captains Table – Rd7

Written by Schwarzwalder on 8:00 am, May 6 2016

Who ar the best captaincy options this week. Pull up a chair and let Uncle Schwarzwalder take you through them.

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The Captains Table – Rd6

Written by Schwarzwalder on 8:00 am, April 29 2016

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in taking Fyfe as Captain last week.  What makes it even more frustrating is that a lot of us passed on Goldy as VC despite a respectable 125.  I’m sure we’ve learned our lesson (again), points already scored are more valuable than betting on an extra 20-30pts.  Moving on to Rd6, The Captains Table is filling fast.  I see some old faces sitting at the Table, but a few new faces are starting to bob up.  Players are in order of appearance, times are in AEST:

** WARNING!! **  If Josh Dunkley (WBD) is your only loophole option,

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The Captains Table – Rd5

Written by Schwarzwalder on 8:00 am, April 22 2016

Wowee…….what seemed fairly straight-forward coming into Rd4, proved to be extremely tricky.  Well done if you selected Nat Fyfe as Captain last week despite the promise of a heavy tag from Ben Jacobs.  His 141 would’ve given you a 20pts advantage over opponents with Captain Goldstein, 32pts over Capt. Ablett & 42pts over Capt. Dangerfield.

But enough about last week, I’m sure we all want to put it behind us.  We have a piece of good news regarding Captains for Rd5!  If you have Sam Grimley (ESS) or one of the M.Kings from Melbourne as your loophole options,

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The Captains Table – Rd4

Written by Schwarzwalder on 7:30 am, April 15 2016

No shortage of great Captains choices last week.  Robbie Gray started the weekend off with a respectable 123 on Friday night.  Hannebery & Parker pumped out 125 & 129 respectively against GWS.  Saturday night saw Ablett score another 135 while Priddis (117) & Fyfe (115) duked it out in the WA Derby.  However they all paled into comparison on Sunday when Goldy (172) and Danger (166) decided to beast things up a touch.  Well done to those Coaches that had the patience (and cojones) to jump on the Sunday options.  Just quietly……they all had an invite to the Captains Table last Friday! 

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The Captains Table – Rd3

Written by Chips Ahoy! on 4:30 pm, April 8 2016

Written by Schwarzwalder

A valuable lesson was learned again last week.  While Dusty wasn’t invited to the Captains Table last Friday night (I’ll admit that Pendles was first on the list), many were able to capitalize on his 134 with the loophole option.  More often than not, a score of 130+ should simply be used.  It’s just a low percentage play trying to top that score for the sake of 20-30 extra pts.  Case in point: Ablett, Dangerfield, Gawn, Goldy, S.Martin, Priddis & NicNat all fell short of Dusty’s effort.  Having said that, well done to those that threw the C on Fyfe 😉  Let’s see who’s managed an invite to the Captains Table this week (in order of appearance,

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Vitamin C

Written by Motts on 10:04 am, August 20 2010

There will very likely be some beltings this week. Will that affect your captaincy choice? As Tony and Julia will tell you: its time to vote!

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El Capitano

Written by Motts on 8:42 am, August 6 2010

Its bugging me this week. Who gets the C? For every player I can come up with a good reason to give it to, there’s a good reason NOT to give it to them. Reliable Gary is playing the Pies and only just got to 100 last game against them, Jet Li Montagna has a broken nose, Rooey has a couple of 100’s over the last 2 weeks but isn’t yet back to 100% match fitness, BJ doesn’t do well against the Fi-ya Po-wa, and Hodgey and Goodes are playing on each other. Aaaaarrrgh!

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Double Trouble

Written by Motts on 2:00 pm, July 27 2010

I know its early in the week but with my crucial game against Big Sexy this week which will decide whether I stay in the Top 4 or not, I’m already thinking about who I should captain. There’s an abundance of choices this week with a ton of blokes on the boil but I’ve narrowed it down to these:

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