Cow Talk Round 21 –> 22

Written by Father Dougal on August 14 2019

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Hi everybody!


I feel so much better, having paid proper respect to the Supercoach Gods. This week, they helped me out. On Monday, I was thinking about replacing Cameron if he stayed out, and did something I normally don’t and actually traded in players rather than just think. But I of course reset everything once I was done. Then Lycett was out again (!) and I brought in Toby Greene well before the start of the Friday match. Flog, but, well, just for a little while.

Friday morning I wake up and check the scores and am sad the Cameron did so well. I was wishing I had pulled the trigger on getting rid of him, even though it would have left me just one trade. But, when I looked at the Gameday results, I could not find his score. I’m even less smart than normal when I first wake up, and was also on an early work call before heading in, and just got more baffled. I finally looked at my team on the team page and couldn’t find him there. Eventually I noticed I only had one trade, and some Hawking bloke was in my forward line.

I do not remember trading in the Tomahawk. I must have been looking at him. And I can imagine I left him there just in case, since GWS played the first match, and I did not want to risk another donut. But, um, I don’t think I ever made an accidental trade before. But it was not an accident, it was a divine plan! Hawkins tonned up, and helped me stay in the few finals I was still in. There is a good chance I will end up with enough net points over Cameron that it will work out. And I am trying to convince myself I didn;t really stuff up two weeks in a row, since the second time it worked out. So, thank you gods for helping me look less stupid!

Today’s moral –  always reverse trades when looking at your team, unless you are leaving them as part of your bus team (The team you want there in case you get hit by a bus and can’t make any other changes before the deadline.) In which case, do not forget to swap your bus team for you non-bus team before the deadline!



So, the Haikus turned out to be harder to guess than I thought, Sorry about that!

Such promise you had
A lesson in holding fast
The hasty were sad

(Marty Hore)


A differential
Points and the perfect Bye
Struck down far too soon

(Jack Ross. Ok, that one was a bit obscure, but he did play last week.)


Pearl before coaches
Why you were not in all teams
We will never know

(Sam Walsh)

Dodgy Advice

Dustin Martin last week turned out wayyyy dodgy, since he didn’t play! Not my fault on that one!

This week a three for one sale:  If you have cash, Seb Ross and the Worpedo are on fire. Like wow. If you do not have cash, some extra dodgy advice, Quinton Narkle. Or, as I am going to be calling him, Twilight Narkle.



Remember, all predictions wrong or triple your money back!

Apologies in advance for delays in responding to comments, ’cause sleep and work. Stupid time zones.

Please let me know what I missed and messed up in the comments. I’ll try and fix and add tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for Reading!


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6 thoughts on “Cow Talk Round 21 –> 22”

  1. Hey Father
    No I haven’t sinned, well, not yet. I mean um …
    … what I mean is that I wanted to ask your holiness about the mean. I mean, you know you used to talk a lot about the mean? Well last week a lot of people traded out Sicily cos he’d been rubbish for a while … and then he went BANG, gave us holders 140pts and brought his average back up, towards his true mean.
    People are talking about trading out Parker, Crisp, Hurn and all sorts of others who have nose-dived recently, but would that not be a tad hasty and lead to self-immolation, or banging fists against walls or defenestrating desktop PCs even?!?
    Might they all not just be as likely to pump out sumptuous tons over the last couple of weeks as to continue being crap?! I’m hoping so anyway. To the contrary, I also worry that current over-performers (eg Greene, Worpel) might revert to something less appetising than potential buyers might be hoping for?
    Dunno. Just thought I’d ask.


    1. That question deserves a long answer, but I can do a short one now. (Since I am still forking awake!) Players who had a role change like Greene are a lot more likely to keep it up than someone on a hot streak. Sicily had role changes every week! I think, but could be wrong, that Hurn never got right after he came back from injury, so he may really be playing at a lower level.

      I’d be very slow to trade for anything other than an injury unless you have 3-4 trades left, in which case so much depends on the weekly details like opponent, stadium, tagging, and all that which we mostly ignore for long term decisions.

      But, yeah, giving week to week variances, any trade based just on form is risky. If you have info that tells you more than form is involved, like with Greene going into the midfield, that’s different. Of course with Kelly back will he stay there? I have no idea, but I already brought him in. But that was for a non playing guy, so had to pick someone.


    1. Not that much! Not at all I think. I was just out of it. Um, thinking about it, I prefer I was drinking….



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