Ellis v Bugg

Written by Big Sexy on March 22 2012

Both Ellis and Bugg avaeraged 0.71 points per minute during their NAB Cup hit outs.ย  There is a slight price difference but if you could only have one, who would it be?

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6 thoughts on “Ellis v Bugg”

  1. Hey Motts,
    Do you reckon we could have a forward rookies poll? I am fine with all the rest of the positions, its just the forward has got me!
    Would be great if you could thanks!

    (I think the people in it would be Tomlinson, Smedts, Smith (Devin), Hall, Kerridge, Dickson, Pfeiffer, Saad, Cameron, Hampton, Horlin-Smith, Kennedy, Lamb, Skinner, Treloar, Walsh, Weedon, Zorko, Sexton, Couch, Dell’olio and McIntyre and everyone can choose 5 each)


  2. Motts,

    Are you getting confused between Ellis and Morris ? Ellis was at 0.9 points per game, if the round robin games aren’t taken into account.



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