Flavour Of The Week – Rd 19

Written by Chillo on July 24 2019

Five weeks remaining, which is a maximum of 10 trades. And if you still have ten trades remaining, then we need to have a chat before you start your 2020 campaign!

This week’s motley crew include the regular downgrades, as well as a couple of savvy fallen premiums. Here are this week’s most popular trade targets, as of 12pm, Wednesday July 24:

1.       Ian Hill (GWS, mid/fwd, $117 300)


+ By far the most alluring of this week’s bubble boys, ‘Bobby’ Hill has put together a tidy pair of 60s to begin his AFL career, and now boasts a break-even of -50.

+ It’s not a stretch to say that DPP status is going to be very handy in these last five weeks, especially if you can find a spot for Hill on your mids bench.

+ With GWS coming off a great win against the Pies, you’d imagine Hill will hold his spot in the 22 for the near future.


– You won’t be planning to play Hill on the field, this is just a cash grab. So wouldn’t you be better off going for a cheaper option like Owies or Hayden, and maximising your bank?

2.      Lachie Whitfield (GWS, def, $521 600)


+ Second among all defenders for scoring average this season with a 110 ppg clip, you can get Lachie this week for $20K less than his starting price.

+ Has barely skipped a beat since returning from a broken collarbone, posting scores of 101 and 119 in those two games. He now has a very manageable BE of 93 against the erratic Power this week.

+ The Giants face the Suns in the SC grand final, which could well be an absolute festival of scoring for their midfield.


– That light frame leaves him susceptible to heavy physical contact, and he’s already missed six games this year. Do you think he can make it through the next five unscathed?

3.      Zach Merrett (ESS, mid, $492 500)


+ Fresh off a best on ground performance at the Adelaide Oval, Merrett’s price has bottomed out now with a break-even of 67, even though he’s averaging 107 this year.

+ Zach copped a head knock against the Swans three games ago, contributing to his season-low 59 in that game. That score now drops out of his cycle, leaving him well under-priced.

+ In six seasons so far, Merrett has averaged 100+ in four of them. Exceptional for a 23 year old! And he faces the generous Suns midfield this week.


– There are several alternatives available at a similar price this week. Can Merrett outscore Cunnington, Duncan, Taranto, Gaff and Matt Crouch over the next five weeks?

4.      Doulton Langlands (STK, fwd/mid, $123 900)


+ A very solid debut from the Saints speedster, his 12 possessions including a nice snap for his first goal in league footy.

+ Saints won’t play in September this year, but they had a fantastic upset win over the Dogs with Doulton in the side. There’s no reason I can see why he shouldn’t play again next week and maybe the week after that, too.

+ That mid/fwd status.


– Langlands has only played one game. He’s also priced more than $20K above the minimum salary, could you spend that money elsewhere?

5.       Hayden McLean (SYD, fwd, $102 400)


+ Sydney’s ruck woes opened the door for McLean to make his debut, and he acquitted himself well against more far experienced opponents. 13 touches, 16 hitouts, and 60 points first up.

+ With Sinclair ruled out for the season and Naismith still battling to return from an ACL, McLean may find himself in the Sydney ruck for the foreseeable future.

+ As a supplementary rookie, McLean comes with the standard base price tag, and is an ideal cash grab if you’re looking to trade out a ripe rookie in the forward line this week.


– Flexibility is key at this stage of the season, and no DPP status means he’ll have to sit at F8 for the rest of the year.

#6 – 10: Luke RYAN (FRE), Francis WATSON (WCE), Josh DUNKLEY (WBD), Clayton OLIVER (MEL), Max GAWN (MEL)

Most traded OUT players this week: Will SETTERFIELD (CAR), Griffin LOGUE (FRE), Dylan CLARKE (ESS), Jackson HATELY (GWS), Noah ANSWERTH (BRL), Sydney STACK (RIC), Darcy MOORE (COL), Brett BEWLEY (FRE), Oskar BAKER (MEL), Stephen CONIGLIO (GWS)

Most popular trades so far this week:

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4 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 19”

  1. Very fair criticism of Zerrett, Chillo.

    Of the alternatives you listed, I think Yeo will perform the best from here on out.

    #1 in tackles, good form, largely tag-free run home and should step up as we [West Coast] fight it out for that Top 2 finish.


  2. Love your work, Chillo! Could bring Zerrett in this week and complete the midfield but would leave me with no trades……and I have a bad feeling bout Fyfe over the last few weeks and


    1. They may roll the dice with Fyfe to try and win this week, if they lose and he comes up sore”likely” that may be it.



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