Game Chat – Footscray v Brisbane

Written by Motts on May 11 2019

Where and when: Mars Stadium, Saturday, May 11, 1.45pm

Last time they met: Marvel Stadium, round eight, 2018: Western Bulldogs 16.11 (107) defeated Brisbane 14.9 (93)

The Bulldogs won their third straight game and kept the Lions winless for the season, but not without a scare as the visitors charged to within seven points in the final term. Stars Marcus Bontempelli and Dayne Zorko kicked four goals each and Jack Macrae amassed a whopping 47 disposals.

What it means for the Western Bulldogs: An impressive win against Richmond has the Dogs 3-4 and in the hunt. Squaring the ledger to keep the top eight within arm’s reach is vital. 

What it means for Brisbane: Week after week, the Lions are proving to be a legitimate top-four hopeful. They ended a decade of defeats against Sydney but finding their best in Ballarat, with different conditions to Queensland and at a ground they’ve never played before, is a new challenge.

How the Western Bulldogs win: Another Aaron Naughton five-goal domination wouldn’t hurt. The Bulldogs’ spread, link-up play and pressure on the ball carrier overwhelmed the Tigers. They’ll aim to reproduce that level.

How Brisbane wins: Quick and direct. Chris Fagan’s side is second for clearances and third for inside 50s, highlighted by 77 entries against the Swans – six short of the record set by Melbourne in round eight, 2018. That much ball coming at you is a tough ask for any opposition defence to cope with.

The stat: Western Bulldogs have won five of the past six games against Brisbane.

The match-up: Eric Hipwood v Jackson Trengove

Hard to imagine Jackson Trengove (293rd overall in the Official AFL Player Ratings) couldn’t break into the Bulldogs’ team until round six. The defensive unit has looked more resolute with his presence and he completely blanketed Richmond forward Tom Lynch. Athletic tall Eric Hipwood (366th overall) is likely his next assignment.

It’s a big week for: Charlie Cameron (Brisbane)

He is the Lions’ barometer. The dynamic forward has been kept goalless twice this season, and both games ended in losses. If he fires, Brisbane is a big step towards a successful interstate trip.

Big call: Charlie does fire with five-plus goals.

Mottsy’s Prediction: Brisbane by 25 points

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45 thoughts on “Game Chat – Footscray v Brisbane”

    Western Bulldogs: Tim English (general soreness) has been replaced in the selected side by Fletcher Roberts
    Brisbane: Nil

    Western Bulldogs: Mitch Wallis, Bailey Smith, Sam Lloyd, Lachie Young
    Brisbane: Jarryd Lyons, Tom Cutler, Alex Witherden, Oscar McInerney


  2. Should I still entrust Macrae with the VC?

    Last 3 against Brisbane: 156, 162, 121 (146 avg)

    Last 3 at Ballarat: 147, 189, 145 (160 avg)


      1. Evidence suggests yes, form suggests no.

        Question is, do I think he can bounce back today?


  3. Zac Bailey has done his left hammy again, so is out for the rest of the game.
    Should be good news for Answerth and his JS


  4. Macrae going to Neale at the stoppages – Carlton doing their best to keep Neale out of the stoppages


    1. Ha ha Macca,

      Blues are playing in the other match 😉

      Easy to do jumping between games.

      Thanks for the scores mate.

      Grundy matching Macrea for V/C at this stage.

      Should be cracking second half in both games.


    2. oops!! FFS “Doggies doing their best to keep Neale out of the stoppages!” – thanks lads – yeah, jumping between both and flicking stations on Fox and NRL match just started at 3pm too! — will be totally frazzled before this is over – luckily going to Gold Class to watch avengers soon – so scores up to someone else!!


    1. looks like a good call Gunboat! Despite often trying to shut Macca out of stoppages, he is on 74 already!

      Dunkley has highest possies on ground with 20 – but only 45%DE!! sheesh!


      1. I stopped watching. Clanger after clanger. At least he’s in the guts.
        Will watch the other one and hope for a more polished second half from Dunks.


  5. Dunkley is really starting to show that he is playing a midfield role again. 10 minutes left in the 2nd quarter and he is up to 17 disposals. Not scoring massively with them but it is positive news for future rounds


  6. why did i put the E on Hayes … hes he even been seen? Should we send out an missing persons report on him? Gee I hope Constable plays now …


  7. The feeling you get when you have Neale as vc 🙂
    The other feeling you get when you realize you put the c on Cripps and the game has started. Fml rookie error


  8. Doggies take lead with kick after HT siren …

    Western Bulldogs : 7.4.46
    Sam Lloyd 77
    Jack Macrae 72
    Lachie Hunter 63
    Josh Dunkley 60
    Jason Johannisen 55
    Matt Suckling 51
    M. Bontempelli 51
    Jackson Trengove 50
    Mitch Wallis 41
    Ed Richards* 41
    Bailey Smith 41
    Hayden Crozier 39
    Tom Liberatore 39
    Caleb Daniel 34
    Fletcher Roberts 25
    Aaron Naughton 23
    Zaine Cordy 23
    Billy Gowers 21
    Easton Wood 19
    Will Hayes 17
    Lachie Young 13
    Toby McLean 10

    Brisbane Lions: 6.8.44
    Hugh McCluggage 76
    Lachie Neale 71
    Mitch Robinson 60
    Dayne Zorko 59
    Jarrod Berry 55
    Ryan Lester 47
    Harris Andrews 46
    Daniel Rich 43
    Eric Hipwood 41
    Daniel McStay 41
    Lincoln McCarthy 37
    Jarryd Lyons 35
    Noah Answerth 27
    Charlie Cameron 27
    Stefan Martin 26
    Tom Cutler 25
    Cameron Rayner 25
    Oscar McInerney 24
    Darcy Gardiner 23
    Luke Hodge 22
    Alex Witherden 22
    Zac Bailey -2


  9. Macrae: Welcome to The Salamander you magnificent thing.
    Magnets: You’re a bastard for even making this trade necessary. Libba was going so well as a pure mid!


  10. Wow – Doggies have really stepped it up!! They lead well now at 3qtr time!

    Western Bulldogs : 11.12.78
    Josh Dunkley 112
    Jack Macrae 111
    Sam Lloyd 102
    Jackson Trengove 90
    Lachie Hunter 88
    Matt Suckling 82
    Aaron Naughton 77
    Jason Johannisen 72
    M. Bontempelli 71
    Mitch Wallis 62
    Hayden Crozier 58
    Tom Liberatore 55
    Ed Richards* 53
    Bailey Smith 52
    Caleb Daniel 51
    Will Hayes 43
    Zaine Cordy 37
    Fletcher Roberts 35
    Easton Wood 34
    Billy Gowers 30
    Toby McLean 20
    Lachie Young 20

    Brisbane Lions: 8.9.57
    Mitch Robinson 98
    Lachie Neale 86
    Daniel Rich 84
    Hugh McCluggage 79
    Dayne Zorko 77
    Harris Andrews 75
    Ryan Lester 60
    Tom Cutler 60
    Jarrod Berry 58
    Eric Hipwood 57
    Daniel McStay 54
    Alex Witherden 52
    Jarryd Lyons 49
    Stefan Martin 42
    Lincoln McCarthy 40
    Oscar McInerney 38
    Noah Answerth 36
    Luke Hodge 34
    Charlie Cameron 30
    Darcy Gardiner 29
    Cameron Rayner 28
    Zac Bailey -2


  11. Righto folks – someone else will have to take over the scoring – I’m off to the flicks to see the Avengers – Gold Class here I come!!


    1. Definitely time for the rest of us to take a look.

      95, 93, and 134 in the last three weeks, plus another big one today.



    before scaling

    J. Dunkley 140
    M. Robinson 118
    J. Macrae 136
    L. Neale 115
    J. Trengove 121
    D. Zorko 106
    S. Lloyd 121
    D. Rich 101
    L. Hunter 109
    H. McCluggage 97
    M. Suckling 99
    H. Andrews 85
    A. Naughton 96
    E. Hipwood 78
    M. Bontempelli 91
    A. Witherden 77
    J. Johannisen 90
    J. Lyons 74
    M. Wallis 78
    T. Cutler 74
    C. Daniel 75
    R. Lester 73
    T. Liberatore 70
    D. McStay 72
    H. Crozier 68
    J. Berry 71
    E. Richards 62
    S. Martin 61
    B. Smith 58
    D. Gardiner 58
    W. Hayes 56
    L. McCarthy 52
    F. Roberts 51
    O. McInerney 49
    Z. Cordy 47
    L. Hodge 47
    E. Wood 42
    N. Answerth 47
    B. Gowers 40
    C. Rayner 37
    T. McLean 32
    C. Cameron 37
    L. Young 29
    Z. Bailey -4


    1. cant trust any bulldogs
      1 week its 130 in the mids
      the next week its 80 – 90 in the fwd line
      they’ll all average btw 90 & 110 by the end or the season


  13. Post-scaling (FINAL SC scores)

    Doggies 13.14.92 bt Lions 11.10.76
    Josh Dunkley 136
    Jack Macrae 135
    Jackson Trengove 124
    Sam Lloyd 122
    Lachie Hunter 113
    Matt Suckling 100
    M. Bontempelli 99
    Aaron Naughton 97
    Jason Johannisen 93
    Caleb Daniel 79
    Mitch Wallis 78
    Tom Liberatore 72
    Hayden Crozier 67
    Bailey Smith 63
    Ed Richards* 62
    Will Hayes 55
    Fletcher Roberts 53
    Zaine Cordy 48
    Easton Wood 43
    Billy Gowers 40
    Toby McLean 33
    Lachie Young 30
    Mitch Robinson 119
    Dayne Zorko 114
    Lachie Neale 114
    Daniel Rich 101
    Hugh McCluggage 94
    Harris Andrews 83
    Alex Witherden 79
    Daniel McStay 79
    Eric Hipwood 78
    Jarryd Lyons 76
    Tom Cutler 76
    Ryan Lester 72
    Jarrod Berry 70
    Stefan Martin 66
    Darcy Gardiner 59
    Lincoln McCarthy 57
    Luke Hodge 49
    Noah Answerth 49
    Oscar McInerney 48
    Charlie Cameron 38
    Cameron Rayner 38
    Zac Bailey -4



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