Higgins V Sylvia

Written by Duck on February 23 2011

There’s a few bucks in it, will the price be difference when making your decision?

Which two FWDs should we trade into the TEAM this week? (max three)

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5 thoughts on “Higgins V Sylvia”

  1. Higgins for me. Seems cherry ripe for a big year. Sylvia is good but think we may be around the right price so Higgins will get a better return (if he doesn’t get injured?).


  2. Have ummed and ahhed BIG time over these two!

    Not currently logged in, but from memory they both could be in my side at the moment.

    Both have that dirty word ‘potential’ in abbundance, but can they get it together for a whole year (Sylvia) and stay on the park long enough to make it worth picking them (Higgins)?



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