Judd v Selwood

Written by Motts on March 14 2011

Its a battle of the big guns. Who do you like more?

Who are the best downgrade options 'on the bubble' for Rd16? (max three)

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9 thoughts on “Judd v Selwood”

  1. Hey Motts,
    Would you be able to put up an article about this strategy Max shared with us? I’d be interested to see people’s opinion. It’s whacky, but could actually work….

    “hey guys i was just wanting some opinion on this strategy that i have seen from a guy on a website.

    His strategy is to have

    7 premium backs

    2 premium Rucks

    7 premium Forwards

    0 premium Mids

    This means that he will only need 6 upgrades for the whole season and will end up having a great midfield because he will know who is performing since mids are the highest scoring position you want to be correct with your premiums. This will sacrifice points early but he will end up having a full premium team by about round 8 ( which is earlier than most teams have a full premium team) and all he needs for the rest of his trades are for injuries and form slumps. I think it is a great strategy and i think he will get rewarded this year.
    tell me what you think since i am seriously considering this strategy,”



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