Poll – You Don’t Know Jack (Billings)

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 16 2019

Natopotato88 asked the question in the Polling Station yesterday and we’re only happy to help………Is Jack Billings a Top FWD for 2019?

Many Coaches started with Jack Billings in 2018, thinking he was due for a breakout season.  They were left with a sour taste in their mouths after a disappointing first half of the season.  Although he finished off the season quite well, the damage had already been done with most Coaches trading him out before the Bye Rounds.

The Saints are having a good run at the minute and Billings has scored 88, 84, 108 & 126 over the first four Rounds.  In another tricky season for SuperCoach FWDs, is it time for Billings to breakout?  Or will he just disappoint us again?


Is Jack Billings a Top6 FWD in 2019?

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14 thoughts on “Poll – You Don’t Know Jack (Billings)”

  1. A good day he will go 120. A bad day with poor efficiency 60. And most weeks around 80.

    Will peter out to a 90ish average IMO


    1. Extra points to you for guessing the film correctly! 😉 Not the greatest film but that line always stuck in my head……


  2. As a Saints supporter he now is getting more midfield time. It might take this year to build his tank more but his use of the ball seems to be better this year. Not sure what the stats say?


  3. Think of this scenario….. you blow up a balloon larger and larger, then you let it go it zooms around looks good for a instant but then deflates back to the norm , a useless piece of rubber……IMO a good description of St Kilda and Billings.


  4. It’s a no from me for a couple of reasons:
    I. Jack STEVEN: he averages 85 when Steven plays. Steven might return this week, pushing Billings to the wing where his output falls, as his contested count drops and while his DE is still relatively poor.
    II. Jade GRESHAM: has been the more impressive of the two when playing through the middle. More composed, better decisions and higher DE.

    He’s still building his tank. He’s not as good as he or others think he is. You’re looking for a min. 95 average from a FWD keeper. I think he’ll disappoint. If you started him, I’d continue to enjoy the ride, for now. If you didn’t, I’d be tempted, but acknowledge the risks before making a potentially poor decision.

    I may well be wrong and obviously hope that I am, but either way, they are my thoughts.


  5. Had a good look at him this week…

    Seems like the Saints have somewhat overachieved with 3 wins in 4 rounds. Out of the box scores from Newnes, Marshall, Parker (first 2 weeks) and potentially Gresham makes me think Billings is somewhat over performing.

    Has Melbourne, Adelaid, GWS, West Coast and Collingwood in the next 5 after a soft opening 4. Saints will be lucky to win one of these. If Billings is still sitting 95+ after the next month I reckon he is the real deal.



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