Rookie Redux – 2020 Restart

Written by Chillo on June 1 2020

Welcome back, you crazy kids! Hands up if you’ve missed footy? OK you can all put your hands back down now. We don’t have crowds or 20 minute quarters, but in these times I think we’re all just thankful to have a small shred of normality back. And, naturally, that includes Supercoach.

There are a number of different factors we have to consider this year – as already mentioned in the excellent “re-preview” article by allsaints – and with an abbreviated season to deal with, we also have to re-assess the relevance of our rookies. All those slow burners we took a punt on at the start of the year may well have to go on the scrapheap due to time constraints, while the job security of others will come into question after the extended layoff. Thankfully we have those five trades to help us out. Obviously we’ll know more after round 2 teams are named but in the meantime, here’s the state of play for the freshers as I see it, with just 10 sleeps until this weird little season gets underway once more….


FIRE: The backline was pretty tough going for most coaches in Round 1, regardless of which strategy you went for. The bad news is it looks like it may get even tougher, with the likes of Brandon ZERK-THATCHER (ESS, $189 000) and Fischer MACASEY (ADE, $184 800) almost certain to miss selection as established stars return from injury. Brandon STARCEVICH (BRL, $147 700) was very quiet in his first game of the season, but with a couple of injuries in the Lions’ backline, he might just hold on.

HIRE: On the upside, while John NOBLE (COL, $215 400) is priced a little above the regular rookie threshold, he was super impressive and might be worth a look if you don’t have him (and can afford him). Keep an eye out for the likes of Hayden YOUNG (FRE, $180 300), Will GOULD (SYD, $117 300) and Bailey J. WILLIAMS (WCE, $123 900), who all missed selection in the opening round after impressing in the pre-season. Hopefully popular swingman Jarrod BRANDER (WCE, $133 000) can hold his spot after a solid 59 in round 1.


HIRE: Better news in this area, as popular and well-performed picks such as Matt ROWELL (GCS, $207 300), Marlion PICKETT (RIC, $123,900) and Justin MCINERNEY (SYD, $123,900) are all locked in at this stage. These three amigos combined for over 250 points in round 1, and you should make sure you have all three somewhere in your midfield. There’s less certainty around the likes of Deven ROBERTSON (BRL, $117 300) and Tyler BROWN (COL, $123 900) but keep everything crossed they can keep their spots in strong teams.

And I’m obligated to put the name Harley BENNELL (MEL, $123 900) here. I won’t say any more.

FIRE: Tom GREEN (GWS, $166 800) looks to be the most likely casualty of the popular rooks, with skipper Callan Ward set to resume his regular place in the Giants’ midfield. 60% of coaches may be forced to move him on.


HIRE: Whispers that Mason Cox has gone in for scans may open the door for Pies recruit Darcy CAMERON (COL, $123 900). Bailey Williams (see defs) may also be an R3 option if he can get a game.


HIRE: An injury scare for first-up centurion Sam STURT (FRE, $123 900), who is currently nursing a sore back. Expected to return to training this week though, so monitor closely. Curtis TAYLOR (NTH, $123 900) had a superb second half on debut and if named is a must-have, while the much-hyped Izak RANKINE (GCS, $123 900) may finally get his chance after a frustrating run of injuries. Can Stephen HILL (FRE, $190 600) stay on the paddock?

FIRE: Ugh, where to start. Connor BUDARICK (GCS, $106 900) and Ben CAVARRA (WBD, $123 900) were rarely sighted in their respective debuts, while Mitch GEORGIADES (PTA, $130 800) was great but may be the unlucky one to miss out when Charlie Dixon returns. The junior Crows DAVIS ($123 900) and FRAMPTON ($165 400) were modest scorers first up and must be on shaky ground, while the suspended Tyson STENGLE ($202 000) will miss at least the next month.


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11 thoughts on “Rookie Redux – 2020 Restart”

  1. Thanks Chillo

    Any news on Mitch Hibberd ?

    I’m hoping he gets a gig at the Bombers, he would be a great replacement for Greene.

    I’m also interested on peoples thoughts on Naismith ?
    With Sinclair now fit, does he maintain the number one ruck role ?
    I started him and with him, his B/E means even if he starts, he should make some cash . I’m just not too sure about bringing him in if you don’t have him.

    Maybe HH knows something?

    PS I would love to see a couple of polls on whether folks are trading in Howe , Viney, Jacobs etc..based on round one results ?


    1. Last I heard of Mitch he was back in training in early April. There was a bit of buzz around before he got injured, but I’m not sure where he sits at the moment in relation to the Bombers’ best 22.

      I’m bringing in Naismith for NicNat, mainly to raise the cash to fix my rookies (insert irony here). I don’t expect him to keep up the scoring we saw in round 1, but if he can make 150-200K then that’ll do.


      1. Thanks Chillo.

        I started Ceglar as well. So I may move him to the ruck and cash in Naismith early.
        There’s so many variables with 5 trades and then ONLY two for every week after that.
        I’d planned for nearly all my Bye upgrades in advance!!!!

        Back to the drawing board…


  2. The thing with rookies this year is that no one will not imho be dodging bullets in r2. I think this makes for an exciting season with the decisions we make in the next two weeks crucial.
    I’m personally wrapt that after much tooing and frowing, I went with Grawn. Gawn on one leg round 1 and 93 pts will do me now he is fully fit. Think Naismith holders might be nervous with Sinclair set to return.
    Whoever wins OA and their leagues this year will deserve it, and that goes for the AFL Premiers too, despite what many will say.


      1. Thanks Duffer.

        Hopefully he can pump out a couple more 80+ scores and make $100K + by R 3/4.
        I’m keen to upgrade my R2 ASAP.

        If big Max could just stay under 120, for a couple more weeks that would help a heap too. I know ..
        “Tell him he’s dreaming.”


  3. Hey Wighty

    I think its not so much about dodging bullets more about getting in as many rookies / low priced High B/E players ASAP.

    I’m pretty to keen to use all 5 trades if needed to get in a full playing bench.
    ( minus non playing ruck )

    Most folks are looking at 5 trades and thinking swap a few rookies and then how can I improve my over all side.

    I have Dunkley, Housten, Oliver underperform, and believe me its very tempting to swap out at least one of them.

    I really believe this is the wrong move.

    Those peeps lulled into a sense of security with the “no Byes heaps of trades trip” are going to start a step behind.

    Thoughts ?


    1. Totally agree FT…use the trades this round and pray we get it right. The no byes is an advantage not having to worry about them after burning 5 trades this round.
      I’m thinking of Bont out, as part of getting Doedee for McAsey or BZT, then having cash for maybe a S Hill. Hate trading out premos, but this is not an ordinary year.


  4. Tyler Brown, looked like the reincarnation of Pendles, loved him all pre-season & despite a relatively low TOG he actually attended more than half of Collingwood’s centre bounces, he’s a lock for anyone that doesn’t have him.



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