Rookie Review Rd9

Written by Chillo on May 21 2019

Hang on, help is on its way, cows’ll be there as fast as they can…

OK I’m no Glenn Shorrock, but it was nice to see some budget priced options making their way into senior footy this week. Better than that, some of them even posted respectable scores! This is timely news because some of the starting rookies, which you may or may not still be clinging to, were absolutely deplorable this week. It’s well past time to cut them loose – as I’m sure Father Dougal will sermonise later in the week!

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* Denotes a bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd8AvgBE
Rozee (FWD)PTA$390,100 (+$16.8k)11683.140
HoreMEL$369,400 (+$19.4k)7582.656
Lockhart (MID)MEL$257,200 (+$35.8k)5256.727
ClarkGEE$252,800 (+$2.5k)3356.537
Answerth (MID)BRI$191,400 (+$20.1k)2654.039
YoungWBD$180,600 (+$8.7k)4243.236
Burgess (FWD)GCS$172,100DNP37.847


Rozee sent yet another reminder of what a star in the making he is, posting 116 from 18 possessions (12 contested) at 66% in wet conditions. Rozee boosted his score with 8 tackles and a couple of goals, and can safely be held until his bye in Round 12 (and perhaps beyond?) if you still have him. Hore continued on his merry way with another solid score of 75, including a massive 10 intercepts, and is also a safe hold until at least the bye round.


Injuries to popular players meant a significant number of us were forced to field rookies this week, and some of them refused to repay this trust. Answerth will be flat out keeping his spot this week after committing 5 clangers from only 9 possessions for his 26. Clark (33) undid all his good work from the week before, while Collins (36) is well past his use-by date.


Lots of fresh meat in the backline this week, with Petty (52), Hinge (56) and Garner (65) all looking very solid for their respective teams in their first games for the season. All should be on your watchlist as possible downgrade options after next weekend. Macreadie wasn’t the only Blue to struggle against the Giants – he had about twenty mates in fact – but can safely be ignored from a Supercoach perspective.

Goodbye for now: Burgess seems to be for loophole purposes only at this stage, having lost his job to Corbett. Cumming may get a game if Williams misses with a hammy this week, so he gets one more run in the review.


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd8AvgBE
WalshCAR$428,800 (-$10.2k)8090.7106
ConstableGEE$324,800 (+$16.8k)6180.051
StackRIC$335,200 (+$22.7k)6376.766
B.SmithWBD$381,200 (+$15.7k)10475.060
RossRIC$252,000 DNP63.465
ThomasNTH$321,100 (+$19.3k)3760.375
ScottNTH$172,800 DNP5412
AtkinsGEE$256,100 DNP52.853
HayesWBD$201,300 (+$9.1k)3152.034
GibbonsCAR$262,600 (-$7.7k)2851.268
JonesADE$185,400 (+$4.5k)6843.034
StockerCAR$147,400 (+$21.4k)4541.0-14
RowbottomSYD$131,600 (+$14.3k)2434.022


After starting the season as a rookie POD, Smith has improved with every game. His 28 possession effort in a losing cause at the Cattery netted him his maiden Supercoach ton, and if you’re one of the 8% who still own him, well done! Wills was a late in after De Goey failed a fitness test. The inside mid took his chance with 14 possessions (10 contested) at 80% efficiency, seven tackles and 80 points. His job security is tissue-paper thin, but watch those team sheets.


Rowbottom was a bit of a left-field downgrade option last week, but instead he became more evidence of the fallacy of NEAFL stats. He managed only 4 touches and kicked a behind for his 24 points. Hayes struggled with the pace of the Cats midfield, conceding 3 frees against and going at 61% with his 13 disposals.


The ‘Ginger Ninja’ Baker showed good pace and composure early on in his AFL debut, but faded as the game went on to finish with 4 clangers among his 41 points. Atley showed the benefit of a couple of years in the SANFL, winning plenty of inside ball in the wet with 12 contested possessions among his 54 points. It will be interesting to see if he can hold his spot, with the discarded Drew playing well for the Port seconds team.

Goodbye for now: Gibbons and Thomas have both reached their respective ceilings, bounced off, and are on the descent. Time to trade.


O'BrienADE$398,400 (+$24.1k)8889.184

Fort was a pre-season SC favourite and he didn’t disappoint on debut, tonning up from 9 possessions (100% efficiency), 17 hitouts and drifting forward for three majors. Rhys Stanley will be in the frame for selection this week, so keep an eye on the team sheets. The feisty Frampton had an entertaining running battle with Sam Collins, and was serviceable with 14 disposals and three goals of his own. O’Brien continues to gather value, and will be a great cow to cull in a couple of weeks when Sauce returns (or at his Rd 13 bye, whichever comes first).


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd8AvgBE
BakerRIC$329,800 (+$8.7k)5478.871
BoltonRIC$289,100 (+$38.2k)5173.6-5
Drew (MID)PTA$321,800DNP73.164
MiersGEE$371,700 (+$6.4k)6072.782
LarkeyNTH$206,400 (+$29.3k)5461.5-8
CorbettGCS$203,200 (+$34.7k)6058.32
PetrucelleWCE$276,100 (+$1.5k)5256.652
ParkerSTK$242,700 (-$11.4k)3055.090
MooreHAW$195,400 (+$32.7k)5052.521
Setterfield (MID)CAR$223,300 (+$10.3k)2951.037
LewisHAW$207,000 (+$8.3k)4751.037
BaltaRIC$253,500 (+$55.4k)10148.1-32
Taylor (MID)NTH$117,300DNP31-


BALTA. 101. THAT IS ALL! Seriously, where do the Tigers keep pulling these amazing rooks from? Takes contested grabs and has a cannon strapped to his right foot – kid’s a weapon. 14 possessions (10 contested), 6 marks, 6 hitouts, 3 tackles and a nice goal for the Tiger cub’s maiden ton.


Parker has gone full potato two weeks in a row now, and must be discarded ASAP. Only 8 touches and 4 frees against for his 30. Setterfield posted acceptable stats but Supercoach-wise he was another woeful Blue, and is also ready to take the long walk out of your team.


The Saints speedster Robbie Young burst into the AFL with two goals on debut, although his numbers were fairly unimpressive in most other categories. He still managed 69 points, and is one to monitor this week. Ben King wasn’t expected to be Supercoach relevant, and his 17 on debut (albeit in completely unsuitable conditions) proved it.

Goodbye for now: Parker, Petruccelle


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4 thoughts on “Rookie Review Rd9”

  1. Great write up Chillo, I think a few of the above culls will be forced with team selections come Thursday. How are Crow’s going to justify Sauce’s return with ROB doing so well. Ones ave 90 the former is only ave 67! I need ROB to play at least until his bye!!


  2. Great stuff Chillo.
    I’m assuming FD’s CowTalk will be coming live from the abattoir this week?!?


    1. Catchy tune Chillo, love a bit of toe-tap!
      If I may…
      ♫Help me if you can I need a cow…
      And I would appreciate a downgrade now… ♫



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