Round 23 Review

Written by Thommo on August 29 2016


For those of you pulling up stumps with the end of Supercoach, I want to say a big thank you for reading and making this site the best and most idiot-free Supercoach site.

Thanks also to Schwarzwalder for running Supercoach Talk so well all season. His workload was enormous and he never complained once (at least where we could hear him). Also thanks to the rest of the team Motts, MJ, Juddlow, Father Dougal, Nath and Chips Ahoy for their wonderful articles and work behind the scenes.

For any of you hanging around I’ll probably keep the reviews running in some form until the finals are over.

Anyone up for Finals Supercoach?


And the winner is… Syd-a-ney.

Yes, if this was English Premier League, the Sydney Swans would be holding the cup aloft right now.

But it’s not.

So they’ll have to contend with the Cats who SPANKED the Dees, the Hawks who fell over the line against the Pies and the Giants who returned to the top 4 at the last possible moment care of a comfortable win over the struggling Roos.

Can the Eagles, Crows, Dogs or Kangaroos contend for the Premiership or even make it deep into September?

I say “no” but the way this year has gone, you never know!


Apologies all, I was caught away from home and a decent internet connection this weekend, so this is going to be a short and sharp edition of the Review.

Sorry to half-arse the Round 23 Review!

West Coast 14.16 (100) def Adelaide 10.11 (71)

West Coast were a bit lucky to fall over the line against the Giants but since then they have looked a different side after easily accounting for the Crows and Hawks.

After seeming to be ineffective for much of the year, the Web seemed back in vogue for the Eagles. It shut down the Crows deadly rebound football with the Crows recording few goals from their defensive 50.

The loss of Rory Sloane to his dubious suspension also hurt the Crows with most of the team appearing shell-shocked and untidy without him.

Cue more “Spiritual Leader” talk again.

Supercoach Heroes

  1. Jonathon Giles (WC) 123 We Supercoaches have known Giles can play, yet AFL coaches have struggled to recognize that. Maybe his 15 possession (12 contested), 29 hit-outs, 3 contested marks and 1 goal against Sam Jacobs will bring them to their senses. The big fella can play a bit!
  2. Matt Crouch (Ade) 120 – Crouch of the Matt variety has improved his disposal as the season has progressed and may be worth a punt next season… if you dare. He was one of the best against the Eagles with 29 possessions (10 contested) at 82% DE and 10 tackles.
  3. Luke Shuey (WC) 116 – Shuey is enjoying a purple patch, winning another 31 possessions (12 contested) at 74% DE and 8 tackles. Can he continue his form through the finals after a disappointing Grand Final last year?
  4. Matt Priddis (WC) 114 – Priddis got down and dirty in the way only he can with 26 handpasses and 7 kicks. 17 of these possessions were contested, he had 11 tackles and not even a point-blank falcon from Gaff slowed him down.
  5. Josh Kennedy (WC) 112 – He’s hitting beast mode at the right end of the year, monstering the defenders. 5 goals against Adelaide secured another Coleman medal.

Supercoach Villains

  1. Elliott Yeo (WC) 29 – 8 possessions in 78% TOG! Yeo saved his best for last this year and guaranteed his position on the “Hell, no!” list for 2017.
  2. Sam Jacobs (WC) 51 – Facing Lycett and Giles, this should have been a tonne for Jacobs but the Beard Mk II taught him a footy lesson!

Geelong 24.11 (155) def Melbourne 6.8 (44)

I said it last week, but it must be said again.

Just when the Dees seem to have changed their spots, they throw in a performance like this.

The first quarter demolition was bad with the Cats kicking 8 goals-to-2 due to dominating both contested possessions and tackles.

And then the last quarter happened.

10 goals by Geelong to just 3 goals from Melbourne meant Paul Roos was gifted the worst loss of his career as a parting gift. Who ever said the Dees weren’t a giving bunch?

Supercoach Heroes

  1. Patrick Dangerfield (Gee) 155 – A fitting final hurrah for a magnificent season for the new perma-captain. Surely he has inherited the mantle from the little Master? Even with defensive pressure from Viney he managed 32 possessions (17 contested), 10 clearances and 16 inside 50s.
  2. Daniel Menzel (Gee) 130 – When Menzel kicks 4 goals and gathered 22 possessions at 86% DE, the Cats’ fans stop regretting the loss of Stevie J.
  3. Tom Hawkins (Gee) 128 – Is this a return to form for the big man? 5 contested marks and 6 goals is his best return for the season and Geelong need him at his best for October glory (just doesn’t have a nice ring to it does it, October glory?).
  4. Joel Selwood (Gee) 124 – Another 36 possessions (16 contested) at 55% along with 1 goal and 1 goal assist for Jelwood. It’s been an impressive year given he had little preseason and was rumoured to have a chronic foot condition.
  5. Tom McDonald (Mel) 120 – It’s a pretty thankless job defending for clubs like Melbourne and Richmond on a bad day. 21 possessions at 81% DE, 2 contested marks and 9 one percenters indicated McDonald was one of the best for the Demons even if Hawkins kicked 4 first quarter goals.

Supercoach Villains

  1. Max Gawn (Mel) 63 – Not the way he would have wanted to finish his break-out season with few of the 41 hit-outs going to advantage and his 15 possessions only running at 46% DE.
  2. Bernie Vince (Mel) 46 – He was rated as an almost-premium for a while in 2016 but his last few weeks have dispelled that suggestion. Avoid!

Essendon 15.13 (103) def Carlton 10.19 (79)

With Daniher causing the Carlton defenders issues up forward, the Bombers recorded their first score of over 100 points for the season and their third win. The Blues won plenty of the contested ball and actually won the inside 50 count by 16 but they wasted opportunities and defended poorly.

A bad combination!

In a “Perfect World” situation, the Bombers got a morale boosting win but kept the Wooden Spoon, guaranteeing the #1 draft pick will join the returning Dirty Dozen (or Eleven) in 2017.

Supercoach Heroes

  1. Zach Merrett (Ess) 141 – Yet another 34 possession game, this time at 84% DE. You’d almost have to consider him as a midfield premium next season with the return of Heppell and possibly Watson to the team.
  2. Patrick Cripps (Car) 140 – Carlton’s 2017 catch-phrase needs to be: At least we have Cripps. Without him this match would have been even uglier after he had 23 contested possessions from 32 total (at 81% DE), 10 clearances and 8 tackles.
  3. Joe Daniher (Ess) 134 – Joe has threatened defenders all year but his goal-kicking has let him down. When he does kick straight he has games like this one: 17 possessions, 6 marks and 5 goals, 2 behinds. He’ll be unstoppable in the near future.
  4. Matt Dea (Ess) 126 – Dea wasn’t rated the best rookie for the season by Supercoaches last week but we should reconsider that after another big game of 27 possessions and 10 marks. Surely he has earned a 2017 contract to replace Hibberd?
  5. Kade Simpson (Car) 122 – Maybe next season he should change his name to Mr Reliable. 35 possessions at 88% DE and 3 goal assists. What a gun!

Supercoach Villains

  1. Dale Thomas (Car) 41 – Game 200 came and went and nobody really cared (except for Mick Malthouse). If Daisy can’t have an impact in 2017 the natives will become restless very quickly.
  2. Carlton 1513 – Essendon outscored the Blues in Supercoach points 1786 – 1513. Epic fail to end a promising year, Blues!

Sydney 25.14 (164) def Richmond 7.9 (51)

It is difficult to say much about this mutilation. How about: Richmond kicked 3 of the last 4 goals? Does that help?

As the scoreline suggests, Sydney dominated the match, Buddy had a field day with 7 goals and Richmond appeared to start mad-Monday on Saturday.

How can Hardwick still believe he is the man for the job?

Maybe he can make some more Mrs Hardwick jokes so his wife can hate him as much as the Tigers’ fans do?

Supercoach Heroes

  1. Josh Kennedy (Syd) 155 – Can Hawthorn have him back now please? He’s an unstoppable beast when he’s racking up 37 possessions (19 contested) at 73% DE, 8 clearances and 2 goals.
  2. Lance Franklin (Syd) 136 – This performance was too late for the Coleman but appeared a nice tune-up for September with 17 kicks, NO handpasses, 11 marks (9 inside 50) and 7 goals, 4 behinds.
  3. Tom Mitchell (Syd) 126 – Given how he’s treated by Horse, I was surprised Tom stated he wanted to stay at Sydney. After yet another 34 possession game which included 7 tackles and 1 goal, the Swans would be crazy to let him walk.
  4. Ben McGlynn (Syd) 120 – I’m surprised he didn’t score better after a “perfect game”. 20 possessions at 100% DE, 10 marks, 5 goals and 2 goal assists. If he was Cyril he would have scored 200.
  5. Heath Grundy (Syd) 115 – Grundy almost matched McGlynn’s perfect game with a 96% DE from 25 possessions and 9 marks (4 contested).
  6. Jarrad McVeigh (Syd) 115 – Richmond  did a fantastic impression of Yellow and Black witches’ hats with McVeigh also helping himself to 31 possessions at 87% DE.

Supercoach Villains

  1. Kurt Tippett (Syd) 56 – Sydney’s only concern heading into September is Tippett’s form after such a long lay-off. He only recorded 9 possessions and 15 hit-outs in the flogging.
  2. Bachar Houli (Ric) 67 – Just when I started thinking that Bachar might be worth a look in 2017 he slaps me across the face and reminds me to look elsewhere. To be fair he did have some shoulder concerns but still played 89% TOG for his 23 possessions.

Port Adelaide 13.11 (89) def Gold Coast 9.12 (66)

Sorry Port and Suns fans, your teams are no longer relevant.

And we Supercoaches are just not that into you.

Move along!

I would be remiss if I didn’t add that the Suns are screwed with O’Meara and Prestia out the door while Port are screwed because they are just not that good.

Supercoach Heroes

  1. Robbie Gray (Por) 147 – What a game for the Supercoach Grand Final. 34 possessions and 4 goals might be enough for his owners to forgive him the lean weeks this year! Bring on Mid-forward status for Robbie!
  2. Brayden Fiorini (GC) 125 – What a way to stuff up your starting price for 2017! 32 possessions, 12 tackles and 2 goals in his second year. What a future gun! With Prestia and O’meara deserting the sinking ship (setting Sun?), he may get his turn sooner rather than later!
  3. Matthew Broadbent (Por) 119 – We’re never going to select him, so who really cares?
  4. Touk Miller (GC) 112 – Even more so than Fiorini, Touk is going to have to step into a midfield role in 2017 and he’s proven capable. He won another 28 possessions (14 contested) at 71% DE, 7 clearances and 5 tackles on Saturday night. The guy is also a natural leader so don’t discount him in 2017!
  5. Ollie Wines (Por) 111 – Ollie has almost done enough to tempt me for 2017. Fool me once and all that, but his last few weeks have been impressive. On Saturday he racked up 30 possessions (20 contested) at 60%, 9 clearances and 8 tackles.

Supercoach Villains

  1. Travis Boak (Por) 76 – Was I the only one who thought he would achieve gun status one day? Well, I was wrong. Boak seems destined to spend most of his career in the mid-price category.
  2. Jaspar Pittard (Por) 75 – And so the Great Pittard experiment draws to a close. With just the 17 possessions in the Supercoach Grand Final we say: Thanks for nothing!

GWS 14.16 (100) def North Melbourne 9.9 (63)

After an eventful week that involved the club frog-marching 4 old-timers from the premises it was hard to judge how the North Melbourne players would respond. The Roos tried pretty hard (except for Petrie) but they just lacked for class. No wonder they have only won 3 games from the past 13 matches.

North does need to rejuvenate the list, but they could have handled the last week far better.

While the Roos are about to rebuild, the Giants are everything the Suns are not and will be contesting a Premiership in the very near future. The trading in of Stevie J is seeming smarter every week and he could be the Wildcard that brings success in 2016.

Supercoach Heroes

  1. Heath Shaw (GWS) 124 – It’s hard to stay angry with Heater! 22 kicks and 3 handpasses at 92% DE. Luverly!
  2. Jonathon Patton (GWS) 124 – The General is starting to show why he was so highly regarded on draft day. 5 goals from 17 possessions and 9 marks.
  3. Callan Ward (GWS) 118 – A good end to the Supercoach season for Ward even if his 21 possessions (10 contested) at 71% DE, 7 clearances, 6 tackles and 1 goal were scored surprisingly highly.
  4. Stevie Johnston (GWS) 117 – 16 possessions at 93% DE and 4 goals mimicked Menzel’s game for the Cats surprisingly closely. Was it a coincidence or did Stevie J have a point to prove?
  5. Jack Ziebell (Nor) 117 – Ziebell is running games out better with 82% TOG on Saturday night adding up to 24 possessions and 1 goal. I wonder if the off-season may see a change in leadership at the Roos?

Supercoach Villains

  1. Drew Petrie (Nor) 18 – A 4 possession game is not the way you want to go out so hopefully Drew fires up for the finals.
  2. Ben Cunnington (Nor) 60 – Another season passes with Cunnington unable to take the step to full-premo. Just the 14 possessions ang 1 goal.
  3. Zac Williams (GWS) 55, Stephen Coniglio (GWS) 61 and Ryan Griffen (GWS) 56 – These players plus many others can consider themselves lucky to not head the list. Did they not get the memo that the bye is NEXT week?

St Kilda 25.11 (161) def Brisbane 15.13 (103)

It was a shootout at Etihad with two odd statistical facts occurring that were possibly more exciting than the match itself.

  1. Despite the Lions going down by 10 goals they still managing to increase their percentage allowing them to avoid the Wooden Spoon.
  2. The Saints recorded win number 12 care of a Riewoldt masterclass (with 9 goals to go with his 21 marks). No longer can we say 12 wins guarantees finals action!

Now we need just wait and see what the fallout will be for Brisbane. Does Leppa keep his job?

Supercoach Heroes

  1. Nick Riewoldt (StK) 187 – Just wow! 24 kicks, 2 handpasses, 21 marks and 9 goals. Did I say wow? Many of us thought he was too old but playing the Richo role on the wing, Riewoldt has found a new lease of life!
  2. Tom Rockliff (Bri) 133 – A great finish to the year after injury ruined the first half of his year and many of our Supercoach teams. 37 possessions (14 contested) at 81% DE and 2 goals.
  3. David Armitage (StK) 122 – This is the Armitage we expected to see this season, gathering 30 possessions (15 contested) at 80% DE, 8 clearances, 10 marks, 1 goal and 2 goal assists.
  4. Dylan Roberton (StK) 122 – When he’s on-song, Roberton is a great Supercoach scorer due to his precision kicking. On Sunday he had 18 kicks, 5 handpasses at 95% DE, 8 rebound 50s and 4 goal assists. If he has a full preseason, consider him for 2017.
  5. Jack Steven (StK) 116 – For once Steven worked his way through a tag (from Robbo) to 31 possessions (15 contested) at 74% DE, 9 clearances and 1 goal.

Supercoach Villains

  1. Pearce Hanley (Bri) 54 – Hanley seems to have it in for Leppa with his form (or lack of it) helping to possibly end his coach’s career at Brisbane.
  2. Lewis Taylor (Bri) 54 – That Rising Star award seems a distant memory…

Hawthorn 17.10 (112) def Collingwood 17.9 (111)

The Pies have long been the Hawks’ bunnies. As has occurred often of late, the Pies took it up to the Hawks, defeating them in most key statistics except the one that counts: The score.

With the Pies overcoming a 3 goals deficit midway through the final quarter, they appeared home when 1 goal ahead with 1 minute to play.

Who expected Fitzpatrick in his first game for the Hawks to bomb the leveller from the edge of the centre square? A golden point to Poppy then sealed the win for Hawthorn.

Whatever the result, we have learnt three things:

  1. The Hawks are no chance of a Premiership this season.
  2. The AFL needs to introduce a Golden Point tie-breaker for regular season games. That last minute of action was pulsating!!
  3. The lucky underwear works – I donned them for the first time this season and the Hawks won a nail-biter. Magic!

Supercoach Heroes

  1. Adam Treloar (Col) 150 – For those who didn’t hear, Treloar had ZERO statistics in the first quarter. He then went nuts, with 36 possessions (22 contested) at 66% DE, 10 clearances and 2 goals.
  2. Shaun Burgoyne (Haw) 130 – Silk has finished the year strongly also adding a perfect game for the Supercoach Grand Final with 19 possessions at 100% DE, 9 marks, 7 tackles and 2 goals. Silk indeed!
  3. Scott Pendlebury (Col) 118 – Pendles can really rack up the touches without being particularly obvious to the casual observer!! I was amazed that he had 30 possessions (at 83% DE). Maybe that was because I was too busy shouting at the Hawks to pick up Treloar!!
  4. Brodie Grundy (Col) 116 – As important as Fitzpatrick was, Grundy was the best ruckman on the ground with 21 possessions and 33 hit-outs. If Buckley stops hating on the guy he will be a great Premium ruckman.
  5. Steele Sidebottom (Col) 111 – He faded a bit late but had the ball on a string in the first half. 33 possessions at 72% DE but only the 8 contested possessions.

Supercoach Villains

  1. Jack Gunston (Haw) 48 – He seemed a smart pick-up a few weeks ago but opposition coaches are really tightening up on him and he’s not winning as many possessions.
  2. Josh Gibson (Haw) 63 – With Brand dropped and Stratton injured, Gibbo is having to actually defend and stick to a man. He really doesn’t like it!

Fremantle 10.9 (69) def Western Bulldogs 6.13 (49)

Who doesn’t love Pav, especially when you crush some Peppermint Crisp on top?

And maybe a few Strawberries.

We also love the Fremantle Pav so most football fans would have enjoyed seeing the Dockers get up over the Bulldogs in Matthew Pavlich’s final game. With help from skill errors and poor kicking by the Dogs, Fremantle led for most of the afternoon. In fact the Dogs kicking efficiency of 45.8% was the worst of any team for the season so maybe they were tanking for Pav?

Deliberate or not, the lapse meant little as the Dogs could not climb the ladder with a win (unless the Hawks lost) but they will need to lift if they plan to see week 2 of the finals.

Supercoach Heroes

  1. Stephen Hill (Fre) 142 – Stevie Hill knows how to celebrate a big game, running his heart out for Pav. 30 possessions at 83% DE, 9 marks and 1 goal.
  2. Matthew Boyd (WB) 125 – With all of the injuries Boyd was running through the midfield picking up a huge 35 possessions. Yet another old timer we should not have avoided early in the year!
  3. Garrick Ibbotson (Fre) 122 – Ibbo is another of those players we just don’t own at this stage of the year so… who cares! To be fair, 29 possessions at 86% DE and 14 marks was pretty good but it was no 21 marks like Riewoldt pumped out. Lift your game, Ibbo!
  4. Lachie Neale (Fre) 119 – Yet another 36 possessions means Neale has outdone Matty Boyd’s record of 721 total possessions for the season. Legend!
  5. Danyle Pearce (Fre) 111 – 31 possessions, 12 marks and 1 goal was impressive but again, who owns him!

Supercoach Villains

  1. Lachie Hunter (WB) 57 – Hunter has had a great year but given his possessions are mostly uncontested, his scores suffer when he records a poor disposal efficiency. Against Freo he had 23 possessions at just 65% DE. Leave him for your Dreamteam side!
  2. Tommy Sheridan (Fre) 58 – How fitting it seems that Sheridan is here one last time for the season!


Maxy Gawn retained the lead after Round 22 but after Dangerfield’s big game against the Dees this week, it will be tough for him to hold on!

3 Votes – Scott Pendlebury

2 Votes – Lachie Neale

1 Vote – Patrick Cripps

So far the Ladder stands as:

Max Gawn 21
Patrick Dangerfield 20
Scott Pendlebury 12
Heath Shaw 9
Luke Parker 7
Tom Rockliff 6
Gary Abett 5
Nat Fyfe 5
Dustin Martin 5
Stefan Martin 4
Dan Hannebery 4
Matt Priddis 4
Marcus Adams 3
Matthew Barlow 3
Todd Goldstein 3
Sam Collins 2
Sam Docherty 2
Rory Laird 2
Sam Mitchell 2
Lachie Neale 2
Daniel Wells 2
Dayne Zorko 2
Patrick Cripps 1
Corey Enright 1
Josh Gibson 1
Pearce Hanley 1
Sam Kerridge 1
Tom Liberatore 1
Tom Mitchell 1
Kade Simpson 1
Rory Sloane 1


Who were your SC heroes this week? Pick your top 5 for round 23.

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  2. Cheers Thommo
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    1. No worries BB. Re: Gray, you may be correct although they normally remove one big name and bring in another.

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