Saturday Night Footy – W2 Finals, 2013

Written by Motts on August 17 2013

West Coast v Geelong (Subi) – Almost 20 years after these 2 teams played in a Grand Final, Geelong is in a much better position these days than the Eagles. I’ve got Priddis, JJK, and Cox from the Eagles whilst from the Cats I’ve got Selwood, Bartel and Stevie J. So they’re the players I’ll be watching. How about you?

Brisbane v GWS (Gabba) – After a no-show from GAJ today, there’d be a few with the C on Rocky tonight hoping for him to continue his blitz on the competition against the Giants. Pearce Hanley could still be in a few teams. Other than that, I don’t think this game will hold much interest for anyone other than supporters of the 2 clubs concerned.


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26 thoughts on “Saturday Night Footy – W2 Finals, 2013”

  1. 1931/19/swan.

    Donut on thompson has cost me one league for sure. Suspect I will scrape through on the other. Fingers crossed.

    Hope mitchell has a stinker so it wasnt all for nothing. (So long as the swans win)

    3/5 guaranteed for next week before I started. 4/5 would be nice.


  2. probably not in the right area for this question guys but I need advice before todays games start. im in the prelim with week off $56g in bank and 4 trades. i have hartlet,heppel and cox so next week will be using 2 trades the problem being should i trade clisby (bench def) to x Richards dpp with staker would give me 260g to trade in who ever i want next week or keep all 4 trades and sideway trade to what i can afford?
    td/hold fire



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