SCT Technical League Team Structure

Written by Motts on March 1 2012

OK we better get cracking on this team. Lets start with its structure. In his visionary email to me yesterday, Stocky proposed the following team structure for the SCT Technical League (SCTTL):

Position: Premiums, Mid-Pricers, Rookies

Defenders:         3, 1, 5

Midfielders:       3, 1, 4

Rucks:             2, 0, 2

Forwards:          3, 1, 5

What do we all think of this? If you think you’ve got something better, don’t keep it to yourself – throw it into Comments.

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58 thoughts on “SCT Technical League Team Structure”

  1. The only suggestion I would have is to maybe go with 1 premium ruck and 3 rookies and then we can have an extra premium in another line.
    Reason I say this is that if we are testing our coaching skills we will then have to manage the rucks more than just setting and forgetting the 2 premiums.


  2. “SCT Technical League Team Structure | lemon Juice
    March 1, 2012 at 9:20 am”
    This is the second time I have seen a message like this that links to a ‘lemon juice’ site and sits above the response thread….what gives?


  3. This is a very general structure and Im sure that there will be plenty of cash left over to upgrade somewhere else. Ruck structure of 1, 0, 3 sounds good as thats what most people seem to be doing in the RMT thread. Poll results from a month ago on this exact topic showed that set and forget was the way to go but with the emergence of a good rookie ruck stocks, Im guessing the results of the poll would go the other way now.

    I would imagine that Giles and Stephensen would be locked in, just need to determine who the other two are!

    Glad to see its got support, sounds like we’ll have a few leagues going!


  4. i like this structure a bit more.

    Position: Premiums, Mid-Pricers, Rookies

    Defenders: 3, 1, 5
    Midfielders: 3, 1, 4
    Rucks: 1, 1, 2
    Forwards: 3, 1, 5

    only question now is who is eligible for the positions??

    i reckon we should only choose like this.
    prem def: $500k+
    prem mid: $600+
    prem ruck: $550K
    prem fwd: $500+

    mid price def: $350k – $450k
    mid price mid: $400k – $500k
    mid price ruck: $350k – $450k
    mid price fwd: $350k – $450k

    and yeh well rookies are rookies.

    I reckon it’d force us to think more carefully at our team and strategize a lot more if we limit the players who we can choose. Or something like that.

    what you guys think??


  5. please can someone let me know if this league is goin to happen?? I work shift work so can’t alws check th website..


  6. this my team guys hopefully it does the job

    DEF: Goddard, Deledio, Corrazzo, Broughton, Clark, Bower, Bugg
    Emg: Whiley,Morris

    Mid: Ablett, Murphy, Selwood, Hayes, Docherty, Neale
    Emg: Magner, Gibson ( north)

    Rucks: Mumford, Smith, Kreuzer
    Emg: Giles

    Fwd: Pavlich, Rioli, Martin, Christensen, Hayes, Pfieffer, Saad,
    Emg: Cameron (GWS) , Hampton (GWS)

    what do you think



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