The Fallen Premiums – Rd 4

Written by Chillo on April 17 2019

Maybe you have some cash set aside, burning a hole in your pocket, and you want to make an early upgrade to one of your rookies. Or you’ve made a good start to the year, and are prepared to trade aggressively. Or maybe you’ve just had enough of that so-called premium junking up your team, and you are looking for a nice sideways trade. Whatever the case, this week’s Fallen Premiums has something for everyone, on every line.


James SICILY (HAW), $533 400 (-$37.0K), avg 99, BE 98 – The often volatile Sicily has been down a little on form early on this year, after a breakout 2018 season. He showed glimpses of his best against the Saints in his last start, controlling the back half for the Hawks with 28 typically constructive possessions and 119 points. Being a Sicily owner is certainly a roller coaster, are you prepared to brave the lows in order to catch the highs?

Backing it up….
Jack Crisp, $481K, BE 154
Jeremy McGovern, $476K, BE 147


Elliot YEO (WCE), $518 800 (-$66.7K), avg 89, BE 104 – Yeo’s early season form has been notably lacklustre, possibly owing to a toe ailment that he had to manage throughout the pre-season. Produced his first SC ton of the year with 30 possessions against the Dockers last weekend, and is now exceptionally well priced for a player of his potential. Doesn’t have the treasured DPP status this year, but don’t let that deter you!

Now, regarding the next Fallen Premium, I apologise in advance for posting the following video. Nothing sinister, but for those who haven’t seen it, it is shamefully catchy. You’ve been warned…

Stephen CONIGLIO (GWS), $537 200 (-$51.4K), avg 103, BE 108 – Coniglio has had a perfectly solid start to his 2019 campaign, and the Hutchings-induced 52 point hairball that he coughed up against the Eagles drops out of his price cycle this week. With Callan Ward sadly bowing out for the year, someone will have to step up in the Giants midfield. The smart money is on Co-kneel-e-o!

Limbo land….
Dustin Martin, $520K, BE 178
Joel Selwood, $496K, BE 168
Nat Fyfe, $605K, BE 167
Clayton Oliver, $585K, BE 160
Josh Kelly, $618K, BE 152


Todd GOLDSTEIN (NTH), $522 400 (-$25.6K), avg 99, BE 78 – Those of you who took a punt on Goldy returning to the form of yesterday should be perfectly satisfied with the Roo’s return so far. Three tons in four games, and his low score of 66 drops out of the cycle this week. If Goldstein can rediscover the consistency he had during his All-Australian years, he shapes as a very viable cost-effective alternative to the uber-premium rucks.

Justin Westhoff, $437K, BE 167
Max Gawn, $644K, BE 137


David MUNDY (FRE), $483 100 (-$37.8K), avg 91, BE 27 – After turning in two absolute stinkers to start the year, Mundy disappeared into the phone booth and emerged wearing the purple cape. Scores of 104 and 151 in the past fortnight see Dave with a sizeable discount on his starting price, and a minuscule break-even. The big question mark is how the return of Fyfe will affect his role, but surely even FURL can see sense and leave Mundy in the mids?

Forward thinking….
Patrick Dangerfield, $640K, BE 180
Jack Gunston, $479K, BE 158
Tim Kelly, $497K, BE 145
Chad Wingard, $481K, BE 145

Show of hands: Who’s still Supercoach relevant at 33 years of age?

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29 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 4”

  1. Coniglio might be worth a punt but I feel like he’s priced right around where he should be ($530k, 105 average). Maybe someone who follows GWS more closely can comment – I would have thought perhaps Taranto or Hopper would benefit from more midfield time with Ward’s injury.


    1. I agree D, Taranto and Hopper are looking like excellent selections right now. As a Cogs owner, I’m hoping for 110ppg, but more importantly, 22 games!


      1. Thanks Chillo. I think one of those two will get a points bump but just have to pick right…

        I had Cogs for most of last year and he is a good selection. I may grab him but probably wait another week to see how he goes without Ward (his BE is just above his average, so he would need to play lights out to increase his price by much).


  2. Licking my lips at future prospects for early upgrades …
    Jack CRISP, Josh KELLY, Tim KELLY and even Justin WESTHOFF (who might drop to <$350k with one more putrid score. Will be too cheap to ignore!)


    1. As a current Westhoff owner, do I hold waiting for him to come good or trade now for a Billings/Mundy type?

      TU – hold
      TD – trade

      Last three scores of under 50 are killing my team.


    2. Any Port fans have some insight on Westhoff? Obviously not getting ruck minutes, but he averaged 85-95 in the past as a forward. Wasn’t initially on my radar but getting to cheap to ignore with F/R.


      1. I started him knowing he was at max price but was keen on ruck insurance and expected at least a 90+ average.



        1. BG… I feel your pain.

          Started with Westhoff in the Ruck with the intention to swing him forward later in the season. Thought he’d be at least an 90pt player, but it’s been killing my teams scoring. Looks like he’s taking Dixon’s minutes up Full Forward…

          For those looking at his low BE, I would advise against bringing him into their side until Dixon is back and Westhoff has had his role changed back closer to the action on the wing or as a link-up player.


          1. Agree re: Dixon.

            I did see Todd Marshall kicked a few in the twos and might be brought back into the seniors which could release Westhoff to play wing/half forward.

            But I can’t afford to wait a week and see as Westhoff will be in the 300s next week and unable to be traded to a decent FWD option.


  3. Jesus that video was terrifying….

    I like to imagine that people who pronounce Coniglio as ‘con-ig-lee-oh’ also pronounce lasagne as ‘lah-sag-nee’.


  4. I gave a thumbs up for the video, not mundy.
    Thanks chillo, wish it was upgrade time- I wanted to start yeo this year, probably fortunate thst I didnt as he started slowly. Oh that’s right I started dusty instead in the end =/ and moved to neale in rd 3.
    Crisp could bottom out at a good time, It will be good to have Collingwood players this year. They score SuperCoach points.

    Chillo I’m in one of your leagues- great start to the year mate too


  5. Terrific stuff Chillo and congrats on the great start to the year.Interested on your thoughts on Balta,I know it’s not fallen premium relevant, but I note he is also in your side, is it worth a trade to O,Brien or Stack for cash generation. O’Brien also sits well with the byes but I doubt he’ll still be there by then.


    1. From ADE reports on, I’m reading that Sauce may be out for an extended period, with his knee/meniscus issue being described as ‘chronic’. Whilst they are still only willing to report one week for Sauce it is fraught with risk.
      But, with ROB doing a half decent job filling in I don’t think they’ll rush him back. Do you?


    2. Balta has been a complete wipeout so far and I have considered making a correction there. But I keep remembering that intercept and run through the midfield for a goal assist against the Power. If he can get more game time and a few more plays like that, he has to make cash….I hope????
      ROB looks good, but doesn’t really work with my structure. Of course if the Crows come out today and confirm Sauce is out for a month, I could probably make it work!


      1. Yep, Thanks Chillo. I was considering O’brien too for Cash generation but I’ll lose my captain loophole. So It is
        TU Keep the loophole. Captains get you more points
        TD Take the cash generation From O’Brien Sauce will miss at least 4 games


        1. Jeannot.

          Do you have Setters?

          He will miss the next two games ( both Sunday )

          This will at least, give you a loophole for a couple of weeks.

          I will be using him to loophole Butters score if he spuds it again.


  6. So in a video about pronunciation…did the guy just mispronounce ‘debut’?

    Thumbs up: You pronounce it as ‘day byoo’
    Thumbs down: You pronounce it as ‘day boo’


  7. dusty was de boer’s byatch 2 weeks ago & then suspended last week , could destroy whats left of his confidence or be just the rock bottom dose of reality the man needed to get his head right , although i really enjoy it when the tigers get smashed , nobody likes to see someone struggling with depression , hope he can pull himself out of his slump , will be watching him with interest over the next 2 weeks



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