The Geelong List – Rucks

Written by Big Sexy on February 3 2012

The Premiers – Rucks

Trent West (373k, 76, 6) With the Ottens retirement, the Premiers need a new number 1 ruckman, and with Vardy and Simpson on ice for a while….. Then Westy is the man in the hot seat, and given his form in the final series, I think he now has what it takes which was not my opinion 2 years ago.  He can now take a big grab, and go forward and kick goals.  The more I write, the more I think he’s must have as your number 2 ruckman.

Orren Stephensen (106k)  He may have been drafted just in time to retire at 29,  but he has big wraps from cat-land and was fantastic for North Ballarat last season.  My interpretation on the cats decision to draft Orren is as a stop-gap to allow Vardy and Simpson to develop, and have a mature body which is important for a ruckman.  Also, with Mooney’s retirement he won’t be able to help out in the ruck anymore, so I expect he will get a run early in the season…… I’m also thinking he may be a handy bench player if you were to have West as you R2, so if West gets injured, Orren will come straight in to cover.


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4 thoughts on “The Geelong List – Rucks”

  1. Hi BS, great write up.
    I am on the West train too. I think he is good value and I am planning a round 12 upgrade to Cox/Sandi. What do you think?



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