Trade or Hold – Round 18

Written by Hot Sauce on July 19 2019





Sydney Stack – Mid – $447,800 – AVG: 83.2 – BE: 85

He is still averaging 90+ over his last 5 weeks so despite his high BE, he is still a strong hold possibility. I’d trade if I had plenty up my sleeve with a fallen premium ready for the picking that you have been eyeing, otherwise hold.


Will Setterfield – Fwd/Mid – $318,300 – AVG: 59.6 – BE: 46

He continues to perform with great consistency over the last month or so and is sure to make a bit more cash for his persistent coaches.


Noah Answerth – Def/Mid – $271,100 – AVG: 55.7 – BE: 34

A poor game straight after his best game is what we should expect from the kid. Few more weeks left in him.


Bailey Smith – Mid – $386,300 – AVG: 74.5 – BE: 71

The kid has a bright future ahead of him and has been great for his coaches this season. Similar to Stack, trade or hold – flip of a coin.


Sam Walsh – Mid – $430,000 – AVG: 89.8 – BE: 68

Speaking of bright futures, he will be a star! Potential M8 for coaches running short of trades. At the very least will make some more cash.

Griffin Logue – Def – $273,800 – AVG: 78.2 – BE: 47

Has been selected this week so will be sure to make some more cash. Who knows how long he remains in the team though with Ross and the Dockers shuffling the magnets.

Jordan Clark – Def – $322,100 – AVG: 60.5 – BE: 52

Worth holding onto for another week or two unless your target is ready for the picking. Won’t earn much more cash.


Nick Larkey – Fwd – $262,400 – AVG: 57.7 – BE: 27

Has still got more cash to earn so take advantage for another week or so.

Dylan Clarke – Mid – $277,800 – AVG: 71.7 – BE: 33

Another round, another scalp for the kid. He continues to find the pill and lay plenty of tackles. Has a lot more cash to make.

Nick Hind – Mid – $218,700 – AVG: 54.6 – BE: 49

Would be a bit risky to continue holding as he may drop in price this week, but the need to save a trade should outweigh the need to trade him.

Reilly O’Brien – Ruc – $520,300 – AVG: 94.6 – BE: 159

If he is starting in your team, I would lean towards holding despite his huge BE. He should dominate tonight’s game and even if he drops a little, saving that trade could be a lifesaver in the upcoming rounds. If he is on your bench – trade!


Michael Gibbons – Mid – $294,200 – AVG: 56.1 – BE: 64

Could be his last week in teams – a score of 70+ he stays one more week, less he is out next week.



Callum Wilkie – Def – $366,800 – AVG: 69.3 – BE: 80

He has done a great job for his coaches, but now is the time to cash in. Handy profit too!


Zak Butters – Mid/Fwd – $320,600 – AVG: 62.7 – BE: 78

If you can spare the trade, do it. Has made enough and now is the time to cash in.




James Worpel – Mid/Fwd – $439,500 – AVG: 89.6 – BE: 83

Had a great game last week and if he is still in your team, he is in for the long haul. Fingers crossed he can average closer to 100 for the rest of the season.

Ricky Henderson – Mid – $459,400 – AVG: 99.9 – BE: 114

Exactly the same situation as his mate. Can easily average 100-110 for the remainder of the season.


Angus Brayshaw – Mid – $412,400 – AVG: 85.4 – BE: 125

If you have him, I don’t know how you have managed to do so for this long. Could well be the most frustrating SC player this season and is proving a weekly headache for his coaches. Be done with him!

Good luck coaches!


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8 thoughts on “Trade or Hold – Round 18”

  1. Good stuff as always, HS. Little issue with the formatting of this article on the home page though.


    1. Hey Hot Sauce, if you use excerpts when posting an article, it’ll fix the formatting on the home page issues. Great write up!


  2. I’m running ROB R2 and all week planned to trade too grundy but seeing Clarke out and no bellchambers returning i’ll HOLD him through his high BE hope he can go big and hope grundy throws a stinker in the next fortnight.

    I have 6 trades and 160k so got plenty of trades and cash but have Cameron, BSmith and Fyfe potentially to deal with in the next month.


  3. With Fyfe on the bench, will be running with 2 onfield rookies this week. Would love to do my final mid upgrade this week but not enough cash. In order to complete my team next week, will need to trade out one rookie this week to generate the required cash. Was going to be Logue, but he was named & still has cash to make, and this time of the year, cash is gold. I have 5 trades remaining.

    My rookie choices are: Logue, Answerth, Burgess, Bewley, D Clarke, Setterfield, Chol, Gardner (no point). All bar Gardner are playing this week, and all have achievable breakevens, so don’t know whether to sacrifice one anyway, or hold this week, and hope that with their hopeful growth, I can afford to do the final trade next week, when 2 will go.

    Would appreciate any suggestions coaches.


      1. Setterfield & D Clarke. Leaning towards holding this week, as only rookie to bring in is probably K Dunkley (will check teams at 5.30 tonight to see if he made the cut for sundays game) or I Hill – who has only played the 1 game. So my current bench will be:
        DEF: Logue & Burgess
        MID: Fyfe, Bewley & Answerth
        FWD: Chol & Gardner.
        Gardner is OK as I can swing him with Burgess. Setterfield is my only M/F swing in the midfield so happy to hold him also, unless I trade him out for Hill, also a M/F. If I trade one, its a toss up between Bewley (whose made the least cash), Setterfield, or Logue (Answerth can then go back to Def)



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