2019 Player Statistics

Written by Motts on January 29 2020

Our man The Salamander has been busy typing up every single player’s starting price, 2019 average, and 2019 games played. Click on the link below to download a spreadsheet that contains the results of the hours of work he put in.

Once you’ve got it, you can go to work slicing and dicing the data any which way you want.


Great work, Sala!


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9 thoughts on “2019 Player Statistics”

    1. this is actually gonna really help me with predicting the pricing multiplier and so make better informed predicted price changes and BEs.
      Thanks again Sal.


  1. Just gotta say that the effort you blokes put in here at SCT is bloody fantastic. This site has been my go to SC source since mid-2017, and what a bloody ripper community it is



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