2022 Team Preview – Fremantle

Written by Freo Tragic on February 7 2022

“Freo Tragic”. My name says it all really. The perennial under achievers of the last “god knows how long”. It’s only teams like Carlton (sorry, Motts!) and the Suns that have been able to out-do us in the “shooting yourselves in the foot” stakes.  With players like Neale and now Cerra having departed, it’s been hard to stay upbeat. On the plus side, Fremantle have managed to secure Peter Bell as our GM and the much liked Justin Longmuir as head coach. With the off field stuff sorted and some shrewd recruiting, Freo finally look like they are heading in the right direction. Since Peter Bell’s appointment, we’ve seen a steady stream of top end draft talent enter the list. With this comes some interesting SuperCoach prospects.


Lock and Load:  Luke Ryan ($540 300) is closest thing I can find to L&L in Freo’s defense. He averaged a very respectable 99.3 from his 19 games last year and was largely ignored by the SC community. If it wasn’t for injury and being forced into more accountable roles occasionally, this could of been quite a bit higher. The talent is certainly there, but unfortunately these doubts still exist going forward – does he lose the kick-ins? I think he’s still a good chance to finish as one of the Top 6 – 8 defenders for 2022. If you like a POD, you could do a whole heap worse than Ryan.

Feeling Lucky: Too awkwardly priced to seriously consider in SC Classic, Hayden Young ($418 400) could instead be sneaky pick for your Draft side. The #7 draft pick with the laser left boot is primed for a breakout season at half back. He’ll likely to start taking more responsibility at kick-ins this season, will this affect Ryan? No doubt a star on the rise, move him up your draft list.

Money Maker: After an injury affected first year the #27 draft pick Nathan O’Driscoll ($123 900, DEF/MID) is expected to break into the senior side in 2022. Ryan Daniels of Seven News Perth had some very positive things to say about the local product, noting: “In term of physicality, in terms of body shape and ceiling, this kid could be really something” and “I would think he would be ahead of say [Matthew] Johnson and [Neil] Erasmus for early opportunities”. In the 2021 WAFL season, Driscoll averaged 15 disposals, 3.9 marks and 2.7 tackles. With handy DPP and rookie price if he starts round one, lock him in.


Lock and Load: Andrew Brayshaw ($584 300) ticks a heap of boxes if you’re looking for a midfielder with scope for improvement. Entering his 5th season, he is now firmly the number one guy at Freo. He’s unmatched for  work ethic (training on Christmas Day!), already got that massive ceiling (eg. 190 in R20), steadily increased his TOG and now with Cerra gone they need him on the ground more than ever. I really can’t see a world where he doesn’t go 110+ in 2022. With a slice of luck he could push 115+ and tip into the Top 10 or so midfielders. I know there’s a heap of proven MIDs to choose from this year, so I don’t blame folks for not starting him. I do have a feeling that he will be a very handy upgrade target at some stage in 2022.

Feeling Lucky: This kid can play! Caleb Serong ($451 000) is entering his third season of AFL and with Cerra now gone 2022 could very well Serong’s hotly anticipated breakout season. Unfortunately MID only status and another awkward price means he is not really that relevant in SC Classic. I just couldn’t write this review without giving the kid a mention. Get him early in Draft!

Money Maker: Just briefly, Neil Erasmus ($166 800) and Michael Johnson ($117 300) are two of Freo’s recent top draft picks which seem AFL ready and should be considered if selected in round one. Watchlist and wait and see.


Lock and Load: I can’t tell you how happy I was when this guy re-signed last year. A future AA ruckman. Sean Darcy ($642 600) already has all the attributes of an SC god. At his peak in Round 19 last year, Darcy’s was priced at a whopping $710 900 on the back of scores of 193, 183 and 156 – talk about beast mode! I don’t care about durability. If he goes down I will trade him to Max. With that ceiling he is a must have in my book. LOCK!


Nothing to see here. Honestly we don’t have a single forward over $400K.

Feeling Lucky & Money Maker: Coming over from the Suns, Freo picked up former high draft pick Will Brodie ($224 300) for peanuts – red flag. Fantastic VFL numbers but poor AFL performances were all I could really find on the guy – another red flag. After all the talk early in the preseason things have gone very quiet on the Brodie front, and apart from him playing on Brayshaw in a scratch match I can’t find much that will be of any help – keep wavin’ that thing. I guess he’s still worth a spot on your watchlist, but I have zero confidence he will be a good SC selection at this stage.

Well that’s all for my 2022 Fremantle Preview. Please let me know in the Comments if you are looking at any other Freo players.

Happy planning folks!



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22 thoughts on “2022 Team Preview – Fremantle”

  1. Hats off to FT for his maiden preview and debut as an admin! Great stuff!

    On the Dockers, I’ve just got Darcy and old mate O’Driscoll. Chatter about Darcy’s durability, but like I was saying in RMT the other day I think he’s the Dunks of the rucks – for as long as he’s on the park he’ll be pumping out huge scores.

    Also looking at Ryan if the Dockers get all their key defensive stocks back by Round 1. Longmuir has said they prefer him as a freed up interceptor but have been forced play him accountably in the past. Great ceiling, one to watch.

    Brayshaw interesting. Could do 115+ if they gave him proper TOG but thinking 4x uber premos + Neale is the way to go rn.


  2. I fear with Will Brodie he is the classic: too good for the VFL but not good enough for the AFL

    Brayshaw and Ryan would make interesting pods for sure. Alot of teams are looking very similar this time of year.


    1. Agree, definitely PODs but can Brayshaw press Top 8?

      Ryan definitely Top 6-ish if he returns to his preferred role. Brayshaw on the other hand likely behind all of Macrae, Steele, Miller, Satan, Bont, Parish, Walsh, Neale (8). Idk.


    2. I hear you Gra Pol.

      I think he will need to fix some off field stuff before he ( Brodie ) can really make it in the AFL. He came last in the 2k time trial. Last ! Getting beaten by ruckman and the key position guys is just embarrassing. This shows a real lack of effort / preparation, in my book. I also feel if running is such a poor part of your game, why not turn up Xmas day with the Brayshaws and work on it ?

      With so many mid priced forward options this year. I will be avoiding Brodie at this stage.

      Also I want to thank Motts , Gunboat ( my editor in chief ) and all the contributors here at SCT.
      I’m honoured to be selected to write a few Previews and The Rare Gems articles for this great site. I’m really looking forward to taking a deep dive into SuperCoach 2022.

      Cheers FT.


      1. Bah. Please, FT. Great to have you on board. Superb review, looking forward to the GWS one dropping in a few days.

        Back to Brodie, wow. Didn’t know about him finishing last in the time trial. That’s a great piece of info and also damning on him as a selection. Highly doubt a role in the best 22, let alone MID minutes, materializes for him.


      2. Love having you on the team, FT, because I know you’ll be delivering quality like this all season. Thank YOU mate!


  3. Great write-up FT!
    Especially interesting to hear that info on O’Driscoll, hard to come by much on the Perth rookies over in Melbourne.

    I’m curious who you see stepping into the role that Cerra has vacated?
    Will his role be absorbed into say Braysh and Serong, or is there another player who will slide in there?


    1. Thanks Bozza.

      Maybe a bit of beginners luck 😉

      Cerra midfield spot seems wide open at this stage. I still expect Mundy and Fyfe to rotate through with stints forward. There’s talk of Tucker, Acres and even Brodie ( I’m really unsure if he has the tank to run out a game at this stage ) getting some minutes. I’m hoping they give Erasmus and O’Drizzle a run early. I’m actually really looking forward to the practice games to get a better idea of that Midfield rotation.

      Thanks again for reading.

      Cheers FT


  4. Great write up FT!

    Was amazing to read and relive those Darcy scores.

    Darcy was first name picked this season.
    Even hobbled he’d find his way to a ton.
    Still believe he was stiff to miss AA.

    Young was a watch for me, but priced too high for me to take a punt.


    1. Thanks Abs.

      I was so jealous of you owning Darcy last year. What a ride he put you on.

      Theres just no way I wouldn’t start him this year. At the end of the day SC is about having some fun. I think owning Big Darcy will be a heap of fun in 2022.

      If Erasmus and O Driscoll are selected R1 they will make my side as well.

      Thanks again for reading

      Cheers FT.


  5. Most years I try to have one sub $600k premo mid who could break into Uber premo status, last year it was Andy Brayshaw. I was feeling pretty smug after round 2, less so after round 4!

    I reckon there will still be a couple of early sub 100 games from Brayshaw that will keep him affordable for a post bye upgrade if needed without the price getting to high. With Neale at $543k it makes Brayshaw tough to start, unless you’re convinced he’ll beat any pre-bye tags. I did love owning him last year though.


    1. Thanks BBB.

      I too owned Brayshaw at the back end of last year. The kids work ethic is outstanding he just keeps trying no matter the scoreboard. I think if he can learn to work through the tag he could end up one of the true elite Uber midfielders of the competition.

      Like you said though, Its really hard to pick him over the much more proven quantity in Neale.

      Thanks again for reading



    1. Yep.

      I hope so.

      He is still on light duties with that troublesome shoulder. there been no sign of him in match sims. They aren’t going to rush him back so I would be surprised if he lines up R1.



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