AAMI Series Stats

Written by Chillo on March 9 2021

Hi all! Hope you enjoyed the appetiser to what promises to be an exciting season. I have collated all the stats I possibly could from these nine AAMI Series games, and put them into this user-friendly spreadsheet for your downloading pleasure:

AAMI stats 2021

I’m reasonably sure that they are almost completely accurate, but please let me know if you believe you have found any gremlins. Players are sorted by my completely made-up statistic called Dollars Per Point Per Percent Time on Ground, or $PPPPTOG. The lower a player’s $PPPPTOG, the more effective they were in their game time, taking into account their Supercoach price tag (except for the players who recorded a negative score, but we won’t talk about them…). The stat does tend to unfairly favour players with limited game time, but is still of some use in most cases.

The usual disclaimer that pre-season footy is not necessarily a fair indicator of the real stuff applies here. Any questions, let me know. Otherwise, enjoy!

Rookie analysis based on these stats coming up later in the week….


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7 thoughts on “AAMI Series Stats”

  1. Jeez chillo that’s some seriously in depth stuff right there mate. Too complicated too dissect on my phone haha that is going to be tonight’s Job on the PC. But thank you for this!

    Also folks Is tom Phillips just going to get pushed back out to the wing when JOM and Mitchell return? I’ve had him for 3-4 weeks but starting to lean towards de goey.. crazy I know!

    I’m not sure Phillips is ahead of those two and worpel for an inside role. Atleast de goey will play inside and rest forward I assume


  2. Crickey Chillo !!!!
    This is insanely Good Work for the morning after a long weekend !
    Outstanding Effort!



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