Analysis: 2023 Midpricers

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on February 6 2023

A key feature of SuperCoach over the last few years is the rate at which midpricers have worked out; presenting in the first instance, finding lucrative B22 roles, pumping out serviceable scores and cash and often ending up as keepers. Those who’ve played for a while will recall 1, maybe 2, midpricers panning out a year. Looking back to last year’s iteration of this piece all of Bowey, Preuss, Cogs, Brodie and Curnow all worked out, with Cogs and Brodie being Top 6 FWDs. Midpricers are now an undeniable part of SuperCoach success and even if you’re not a fan of the popular one’s whirling around in the pre-season you’ve got to be certain you can put a line through them and back in your current side.

A midpricer’s currency lies in getting a rookie off the field, putting up serviceable scores and generating cash to finance your dash to full premo. In this article we’ll loosely define midpricers as those between 200-300k, skipping over elevated 2nd year and expensive rookies for the most part.

On selecting midpricers, it is critical you:

  1. Identify an SC conducive role. Soft half back distributor gigs or a role with substantial MID minutes are typically the most relevant.
  2. Account for the player’s job security and durability. Midpricers are often either developing into an SC conducive role or being transitioned/repurposed into one. For younger players, their spot in the best 22 is key and for those at higher age brackets durability and injury profile must be considered. Remember: they’re at that 200-300k price for a reason.
  3. Note their impact on your whole team. How does it affect your bye structure? Are Hopper and Yeo better than a big MID and an expensive rookie for example?

On monitoring your midpricer selections, you should:

  1. Follow CT’s updates in the Coaches Box. Anything and everything SC related during the pre-season from injuries, reports and coaches comments will be posted by CT.
  2. Read the respective Team Previews. Put together by the admin writers these will succinctly give you the SC profile of a player.
  3. Watch the pre-season games. We’ll have match chats and reports up but there’s no substitute for sussing out an SC pick with your own eyes.

My, my, that’s a lot of DEF midpricers! Given the exorbitant pricing of Sicily, Sinclair, Stewart, Dawson and Doch (SSSDD!), drilling the right DEF midpricers in 2023 could be the key to the 50k.

Christian SALEM (MELB, $390.4k, 8%)

After three solid seasons doing 90.5, 87.3 and then a high of 94.5 in 2021, Salem was riddled by injury last year and contained to just 11 games at 70.9. Playing in a side with uncharacteristically high accumulation and use key defenders in May and Lever caps his ceiling but a return to 90s would be a decent value proposition and serviceable as a season long D6. First orders of business however are an interrupted pre-season and some clarity on Brayshaw’s role after a capital season at HB.

Will DAY (HAW, $362.1k, 3%)

A strong talent who’s banged out some nice averages over his stunted three years.  Likely to settle at HB or pushed onto a wing but long term has the talent to go inside as a silky accumulator – although not sure that vision or opportunity will materialize just yet. One to watch given the amount of economy available in the Hawks’ backline.

Elliot YEO (WCE, $337.0k, 36%)

Much like the Eagles, Yeo was a truly premium commodity a few years ago; carving it up at half back initially then coming on ball as one of best defensive, tackling MIDs in the competition and slinging tons. Over the last three years however he’s been absolutely riddled with injury, namely osteitis pubis, and condemned to just 10, 12 and 5 games – being subbed off injured in 40% of his games in 2022. Reportedly training the house down and building towards a return on ball, but an injury profile that sustained and severe warrants extreme selection caution.

Ben LONG (GCS, $353.9k, 1%)

Always been a hard nut but never found any SC continuity or played a full season. Closed out 2022 with a 27 touch, 17 mark and 142 SC performance at HB. Training there over at the Suns currently but would need to carve out a B22 monopoly.

Nick HAYNES (GWS, $318.7k, 1%)

Had that tremendous 2020 season at 98.4 on the back of a freed up intercepting role and shortened quarters. Been swung around since then and copped some minor injuries. 2023 relevancy will come down to how Kingsley configures the GWS backline.

Hunter CLARK (STK, $315.2k, 4%)

Despite the clout and high draft capital, Clark’s 5 years in the system have been synonymous with injury and disappointment. For mine, he just can’t hack it at the level and Sinclair has essentially become what they expected Clark to be.

Jack BOWES (GEEL, $277.5k, 17%)

The Cats were reportedly hot on Bowes even before the Pick #7 situation came to the fore. Strong talent, originally drafted as a midfielder, had a small SC purple patch at HB. A little tenuous to see how he goes from out of favour at the Suns to B22 in premiership side but not impossible given the off-season personnel changes at the Cats.

Trent McKENZIE (PTA, $275.4k, 0%)

Not ultra relevant but doing a full catalogue of all the midpricers and McKenzie being B22 when sparingly fit and having a decent historical ceiling gets him a mention.

Liam JONES (WBD, $228.1k, 9%)

Biggest chink the Dogs armour has been their unwillingness to actually play or develop key defenders, instead basically running a backline of all HBs. Jones comes in a tailor made solution to that problem; traditional lock down defender having previously been Top 5 in the competition for intercepts and 1v1 contests alongside Weitering. Should into Dogs backline and do 60-70s. The cons however include having been out of the game for a bit, turning 32 this year and that fact he’ll get distribution amongst Dale, Daniel and Richards.

Nick COFFIELD (STK, $208.8k, 10%)

Pumped out 79.4 in 2020 in a blended accountable distributor role at his peak, 63.2 the next year and then, of course, missed all of last year with an ACL. Reportedly had a setback over Christmas but is now back in full training. The emergence of Sinclair will deprive him of a lot of economy and his fitness base won’t be fantastic but still a strong talent and B22 at that.

Aaron FRANCIS (SYD, DEF/FWD, $189.4k, 6%)

The Swans have a penchant for crafting role players and getting them in good nick. Their key defensive stocks seem solid however with the McCartin brothers and Rampe, so not immediately clear how Francis gets a spot. Maybe he’s just depth?

Tom COLE (WCE, $182.3k, 1%)

Durability and prolific SC scores have never really been in the premiership defender’s repetoire, least not after an ankle injury that cost him all of 2022, but Cole’s a key piece of the Eagles back 6. Expect West Coast to angle for a fully fit side and return to basics, starting to D50 retention and ball movement. That’ll mean winning 1v1 contests, intercepts, forcing turn overs and chipping it around. Cole’s best SC year was the 67.9 he put up in 2020, will need to hit that again to pan out.

Connor McKENNA (BRIS, $167.5k, 41%)

Lot of hype on the returning Irishman. Got corona’d and then legged it to the old country in 2020, so looking to his two recent seasons before that: 74.4 off 18 in 2018 and 79.9 from a full season in 2019 including scores of 113, 113 and a 141. A skilled injector of pace and distributor but don’t see him being B22 currently. Rich and Coleman there as well established constants and then kids like Wilmot and Fletcher would ideally be developed off HB – would seem a little counterproductive to give that spot to someone who’s been out of the game for 2 years. Wing another possibility but don’t see him waltzing there as oppposed to McCluggage, Berry or rotating MIDs. If he somehow starts R1, pick him, but that looks untenable.


Just a few hot commodities of seasons passed.

Ben CUNNINGTON (NTH, MID/FWD, $419.0k, 10%)

Being priced using part of his 2021 which prevents him from being an auto selection. He’s had previous SC years doing triple digits, during which he was low TOG but high CP bull and a timely M8. The latest is he’s playing FWD with a MID split and a bout with cancer and a year out of the game won’t have done his tank and fitness base any favours.

Rory SLOANE (ADEL, $413.8k, 2%)

Personally think he’s well past it, won’t get on the park and even if he does the Crows midfield is pretty well established. That said, I’ve got to cover my bases in case he has a Benjamin Buttons style return. Crows engine room sleek but still begging out for that grunt…

Lachie HUNTER (MELB, $392.1k, 1%)

Very much a mention in passing as been pretty ass the last two years, has issues and the Dees already have Langdon as their main man on a wing but he did randomly finish Top 8 in 2020 with a 115.1 average and the Dees generate a ton of first use and outside ball.

Dom SHEED (WCE, $332.0k, 8%)

Sheed was one and done last year after an ankle injury compounded by lower leg stress. His three previous seasons were at averages of 95.0, 89.1 and 82.3 in a blended on ball and half forward role. There’s plenty of room in the midfield at the present: Redden’s retired, Shuey and Yeo aren’t able to be on ball full time and none of the kids are quite ready. The only constant will be Kelly. Has indeed been training the house down with the midfield but hard to see how he presses a career best SC season given where the Eagles are at now.

Jacob HOPPER (RICH, $332.0k, 47%)

Priced exactly the same as Sheed but far less commentary required. Came over with Taranto as part of Richmond’s replenishment of the midfield and is set to play exclusively on ball. Never quite got the space at GWS to have a full crack on ball but still managed 3 seasons of 90s, including 97.0 in his last full season (2021). Clean user, consistent and a prolific tackler. Might be a death sentence to not start him.

James WORPEL (HAW, $309.3k, 9%)

A few Hawks fans were really hot on him when SC first opened and that sentiment seems to have swelled as Worpel now finds himself at 9% ownership. Those 9% are betting he capitalises on the space in the Hawks midfield and returns to the heights of the his 97.0 average 2nd year. Last year’s shoulder injury, a downward trajectory from his stellar 2nd year and reportedly poor work ethic should temper expectations for now that. Form, physique and effort will all need to checked off during the practice match.


We’ll be doing a separate piece on the ruck landscape.


Ooof. Another massive crop of midpricers, this time up forward. Really great news for us as, provided they’re viable selections, FWD midpricers perform the fantastic task of getting heinous scoring FWD rookies off the field

Jason HORNE-FRANCIS (PTA, $348.8k, 12%)

Setting aside the drama, JHF’s first SC year was tricky to read. Excellent CP ratio, great inside grunt and a lot of raw talent but a very poor, arrogant work ethic, no outside work and an unpolished skill set. How much of that was a reflection of him just being an unbridled first year player? Was it due to the fact he was at North?

Now, he did get that strongly desired move to Port and has apparently taken to the scene at Alberton really well. In terms of role, Wines is currently injured, Boak will continue to be repurposed and weaned off ball and Rozee and Butters will be hybird not full time MIDs – so he’ll walk up with some degree of an inside MID role. He’ll need to no less than 85, probably 90+ really, to justify 350k and end up a keeper and that’ll come down to two interrelated propositions: 1) is he capable of a trajectory of 63.4 in his first year to 90~ and 2) will Port Adelaide be Top 8 this year, because if they’re flat on their ass and taking it in the teeth every week no 2nd year player is going to flourish generally speaking.

It’s a big bet and one that will need to be contextualised and considered against a pretty rich FWD landscape to be honest (Dunks, Taranto, Heeney, Rozee, Butters, Cogs, Cameron). Can he jump the gun and become an amateur premo inside bull in 2023?

Nat FYFE (FREO, $313.6k, 39%)

Going to play mostly forward as a higher option, come up to forward of center stoppages and then be injected OB at times. It’s a pipe dream that he’ll just come back to 28 CBAs a game and Brownlow form – get that out of your head. He’ll be in that aforementioned FWD role and can still score well, the Fyfe pick is just ultimately a question of durability. Has a cooked injury profile with 14, 15 and 7 games over the last 3 years but still has that residual, SC conducive talent. 36 trades and boosts would allow coaches to wriggle their way out of him going down, sure, but it’d be an advantage to non-starters.

Like basically every single player in the pre-season, Freo have been pumping out nothing but pictures of Fyfe looking jacked and press conferences of how he’s been slaying training. Remain perspicacious.

Tarryn THOMAS (NTH, $295.7k, 5%)

*checks notes*

Ba bong!

Will SNELLING (ESS, $278.7k, 0%)

Looked to be a really emergent talent a few years ago but crushed by injuries and the Dons probably not the most conducive side for a small FWD to breakout into relevancy. Can score though.

Marcus WINDHAGER (STK, $266.2k, 6%)

Seen him get a few mentions early on. Made a strong debut last year, played with presence and got trusted with a few negating roles later on in the season. Don’t see how he can at all be viable off a 45.7 first year average though.

Sam FLANDERS (GCS, $256.3k, 4%)

One of those players that Suns haven’t managed to get right and extract something out of. Drafted at Pick #11 in 2019 then an unnoteworthy 3 years at 5, 16 and 9 games in nothing roles and SC averages between 35-50. Reportedly had a killer off-season after putting on some size and forcing his way into a bit of midfield training and has continued that form into the early stages of the pre-season. Word from the Suns right now is they like him for Round 1 with some degree of midfield exposure. Do need to filter that through the pre-season puffery and, critically, the profile of the Suns midfield. Already got Miller, Rowell and Anderson there and a recent preference of Fiorini as a midfield rotation. Big uphill battle for Flanders to a) bust into that midfield any CBA or stoppage load and then b) actually hack and score well. 250k and no previous signs of SC potential make that a tough sell.

Oscar ALLEN (WCE, $210.2k, 19%)

A timely return for the budding key forward with Kennedy retiring after having offered his tutelage to Allen. Great talent and previously done some REALLY good totals for a young key forward: 65.9, 78.6 (highs of 122 & 152), 63.6. Now whether he can get back to that after missing an entire season with a foot injury and in a bottom tier side like the Eagles is tricky – especially at 210k, one ass score and his cash gen is cooked. His first six opponents are North, GWS, Freo, Dees, Cats and Port. Not bad: North and GWS are soft, Port’s short FWD line is alright as well and we’ll give the Dockers a showing in the Derby, but the Dees and Cats obviously aren’t ideal. Will be the #1 key forward.

Anthony McDONALD-TIPUNGWUTI (ESS, $209.6k, 3%)

Highly doubt he’ll have the fitness base and craft to slot right in having been out of the game for a while but he’s a strong set shot and the Dons…you know, the Dons.

Orazio FANTASIA (PTA, $203.3k, 2%)

Perennial tease and a good chance he packs it in and doesn’t play again but a bruise free pre-season could see the undeniably talented Fantasia stroll in to the forward spots vacated by Butters and Rozee.

Liam HENRY (FREO, $202.3k, 1%)

Another midpricer I’ve heard a bit about, don’t buy into but may as well mention: Liam Henry. Got taken at Pick 9 by the Dockers in 2019 but has barely seen exposure at the top level. Reportedly training on a wing but I struggle to see, right now at least, how he’ll go from not playing to being Acres spot being relied upon on a wing in a side the generates a lot of outside ball.

Toby McLEAN (WBD, $178.9k, 55%)

Some might remember McLean’s former affair with relevancy in 2018 when he started the season like a house on fire and became a must have FWD. Been out of favour and injured for a while but reportedly turned the tide against the both of those over the summer. A player like McLean B22 in a side like the Dogs would always be preferable to a 1st year FWD rookie.

Ben KING (GCS, $176.3k, 27%)

The Suns really made do with Chol and Casboult for a period of time last year but King’s return will be a welcome one. He’ll be their focal point up FWD and will have the job security and service to do 50+.

Esava RATUGOLEA (GEEL, $174.0k, 11%)

The Cats insisted on holding onto him during the Trade Period but barring a pre-season injury and a role call up, I don’t see how he’s B22.

Josh BRUCE (WBD, $161.2k, 10%)

Despite the recent injury and 30 years of age, Bruce has had a decent scoring history for a key forward: consistently averaging 60-70s when uninterrupted pretty much. Latest word now however is that he’s been training exclusively down back as the Dogs forge a reconfigured backline, with Keath, Gardner, Jones, Darcy and now Bruce all as options. Strong overhead marking skills will hold him in good stead but will need to take to a defensive mindset and present well to come out ahead of 2 of the aforementioned key defenders. For mine, I don’t think he’s B22 and we can probably save the 45k.


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18 thoughts on “Analysis: 2023 Midpricers”

  1. Excellent analysis GD.
    Great work as always. Picking the right midpricer is crucial to a successful year. Your detailed synopsis hopefully should help.
    Thanks for the shout about the Coaches Box.
    Cheers CT.

    Melbourne: Christian Salem – “Placed on a modified training program due to a thyroid concern… He will continue to be monitored closely by his specialist & reintegrate into training as his thyroid levels stabilise.” Melbourne FC Update.


    1. Yeah. Thanks for that, CT.

      There goes my Salem structure. Not a fan of Yeo, so have reworked and gone my 6th premo MID to Hopper and Salem up to Sicily.


  2. Might add one more to your list GD. Pedlar from Adelaide at 173k I remember him being talked up last preseason. There has been a couple of comments about a strong preseason and a high half forward role. Sounds like he might be fringe B22. At the same price point, King will probably be the same (maybe more) scoring potential, with a greater JS.


    1. Hey, Phil.

      More of a rookie though isn’t he?

      Leaving him to JimmyDee anyway, who’s genuinely got the inside scoop on all things SANFL and Adelaide football – did mention Pedlar to me on the phone the other day.

      His Crows Preview will be up soon!


  3. Great work GD got me changing my side around a bit. Any thoughts on Darcy Tucker, I understand he been training well. Thanks M.


    1. Ah. Knew I’d let one slip through the cracks. Thanks, Max.

      Tucker, yeah. Hmm. Tricky.

      Clarkson and North were big on him, just don’t see what kind of an SC conducive role he could get? Half back line is filled out and he’s nowhere near up to being on ball.

      Wing or HF perhaps? Neither of those, at North especially, would be great for scoring tbh. Haven’t heard on word on him recently.

      Wouldn’t have him in now, maybe just wait and see if the pre-season games/sims persuade you?


      1. Tucker is an interesting one. He was always a bit of a Mr Fix it at Freo. I fear he may end up with a similar role at North. He has pretty good run, and tackles quite well for a more an outside player. I think he will start on the Bench or maybe even Sub early, as he’s missed a fair bit of footy. He will probably rotate through the flanks and the Wing. As one of Norths more mature recruits he may also be given a lockdown role on the oppo’s best out side runners if they are getting off the chain. Unfortunately none of these roles are conductive to SC scoring. Hard pass from me, unless he by some miracle gets some CBA’s in the preseason games.


  4. Great GD. I have McLean at the moment only.
    Is Hopper a must have? Can’t seem to fit him in without losing a keeper somewhere.
    Obvious swap is Mitchell and use the cash elsewhere but it doesn’t feel right.


    1. Yeah, Tinka, I’ve been wrestling with the same problem for a while.

      Think I’ve come around to him being a must have, yeah. Going to be playing unencumbered as a pure inside MID and should do no less than 100-105. I’ve always been one for big C worthy MIDs only but triple digits at 330k is just too good to pass up.

      What are you thinking at this stage?

      I’ll get a poll up on him before the season kicks off as well.


      1. At this stage lose young in the back run with only two primos sic and doc and run 5 deep in the mids Mitchell m5 and Hopper at m6. If he is a keeper it will save a trade maybe.


        1. Yeah, I’m pretty much the same rn.

          Still not sure I’d be wrapped to end the season with him, but we’ll see.


          1. Hopper has to be a LOCK at $332. 200

            Best 22 and a very certain midfield role means his floor should be around 95 ( up to 105 ) so even if this is all he does he will make ~$160k. He also has the last bye so is a perfect last upgrade in the midfield. If he does do best case, and there’s an injury or cash crisis. He could end up M8 if we are staging to finish our sides. I think he’s miles ahead of any of the other mid- pricers this year.

            LOCK !


      2. Gee I hope you are wrong. I can have 13 keepers plus Yeo plus all the likely playing rookies without Hopper. Gives me a mid bench of Mackenzie Hollands and Baker. Feels strong. But if you are right I will need a few cheaper rookies. .either that or drop a premo – but the most obvious is Young. And I don’t really feel like there is anyone else I am really wanting on the backline.

        It does feel like season defining decision.


  5. Great article GD
    Allen interests me but struggling to find the extra 100k to go up from a rookie.
    Could do Touk to Anderson, best case scenario gets within 10 points of Touk for 100k less
    Likewise Tom Cole is an easy switch from Ginbey depending on who gets the better role
    Looking forward to that ruck piece!


  6. Archie Perkins is supposedly getting Mid Time….

    Essendon do have a very soft early schedule if that’s real



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