Breakout City #8 – Zak Butters

Written by Chillo on February 17 2021

In this ten-part series, we’ll try to find you that elusive breakout contender, the underpriced and undervalued gem who could decide your Supercoach season’s fate. Some basic criteria (which are a little flexible):

  • Player is entering their second, third or fourth season in the league,
  • Starting price somewhere between $350K and $500K, and
  • Averaged somewhere between 70 to 90 ppg the previous season.

Next up is a Power forward about to set a spark….


2021 Starting Price: $471 400 forward

Scoring History (most recent first): 87.7 (15 games), 60.5 (19)

Why he will BREAKOUT this year: Along with Rozee and Duursma, Butters was part of an outstanding trio of first round draft picks that landed at the Power in the 2018 draft. A jaunty forward pocket type with no shortage of courage in the contest, Butters posted steady numbers in his rookie year which included 12 goals in 19 games and the promise of better things to come. The 2020 season proved it, with Butters posting a highly impressive 87 ppg and securing the Gavin Wanganeen Medal as the club’s best player under 21 years of age. Spending more time up the ground will be key to further improvement for Zak, but he is more than capable of further  expanding on his 2020 work. Should he do so, that would put him in the realm of the best forwards in the league.

Why he won’t: His game style is 100% attack on the footy 100% of the time, which can take its toll on a player with as wiry a build as Butters. Still barely tips the scales at 70 kg and has already had problems with shoulders and knees.

VERDICT: I really, really like Butters as a POD option for your forward line this year. He combines a fantastic, feisty attitude to the game with superior skills and a useful habit of being in the right place at the right time. Hinkley has already put the infamous “more mid time” label on him this season, too. Strongly consider!

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3 thoughts on “Breakout City #8 – Zak Butters”

  1. Wondering what the community thinks of Rozee as another option as a forward line POD. Personally I see him being a better option over Butters as he has a reduced price tag and in my opinion capable of putting up similar scores to Butters.


    1. sorry Ben but no Butters is more consistent Having said that I think Rozee is good also Butters for me DD


  2. Hats off again, Chillo.

    Definitely a chance Butters and/or Rozee break out, but I’m more interested in one of the more established MIDs at Port. With Port on the ascent, thinking one of Rockliff, Wines or Boak might be a shot for Top 8 or thereabouts? Great bye and all under 600k, just a matter of picking which one of them pops off and whether you’ve got the balls to start them.



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