Fix My Team

Written by The Salamander on August 12 2020

Does your team look good on paper, but struggle in the rankings? Or do you have a trainwreck of a team, and don’t know where to even start fixing it? Or perhaps your team’s going just fine, but you want to fine-tune it over the coming weeks?

No matter how you’re going, your fellow coaches are here to help!

Post your team, remaining trades, and cash in the bank in the comments, and let others offer practical advice on what trades or other manoeuvres to make over the coming weeks.


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97 thoughts on “Fix My Team”

  1. I’ll get us started with my team:


    Daniel, Maynard, Williams, Docherty, Hurn, Egg-Man (Brander, B. Williams)


    Macrae, Oliver, Merrett, Bont, Cripps, Yeo, Bailey Smith, Picket (Simpson, Bennell, Wicks)


    Gawn, Grundy, Ceglar


    Petracca, Brayshaw, O. McInerny, T. J. Lynch, Aarts, Sparrow (Budarick, Close)

    $127,900 in the bank, 10 trades left (including 1 this round).

    Obviously, I’ll want to move Ceglar back to the forward line next round, so Budarick will likely be traded for a ruck/fwd loophole like Comben.


    1. I’d down grade Simpson with your last trade for this round and pick up Hutchison from the Giants

      Next round do your r/f idea and upgrade Eggs.


  2. Not going to bad but it all looks a bit brittle when Gawn & Grundy break down like they have. Def need some work in the FWD line but I don’t think I have enough time left, the end of the year has come very quick.

    11 Trades, $35k

    Ridley, Maynard, Laird, T Stewart, Docherty, Hurn – Sholl, Gould.
    Neale, Macrae, Oliver, Duncan, Cripps, Shuey, Simpkin, M Pickett – M Hibberd, Rivers, Schoenberg.
    Gawn, Grundy – Comben
    A Brayshaw, B Smith, D Smith, T Lynch, Aarts, J Dawson – Skinner, D Cameron


  3. Great idea Salamander!! My team doesnt look too bad for my first ever season but need a bit of guidance for my final upgrades.
    My team currently looks like:
    Defenders: Lloyd, Sicily, Crisp, Stewart, Short, Docherty (Day, Gould)
    Mids: Neale, Oliver, Dangerfield, Titch, Cripps, Yeo, Pickett, Simpson (Close, Rivers, Wicks)
    Rucks: Gawn, Grundy (Draper)
    Forwards: Petracca, Whitfield, Martin, Dev Smith, Rankine, Georgiades (Sturt, Ballenden)
    I’ve only got 9 trades left with 120k in the bank.
    Ideally I still have 1 upgrade/sidegrade left in the backline, 2 in the mids and 3 in the forward line (I’d love to switch Short to another premo with Houli coming back, and Dev Smith isnt great).
    Currently thinking Haynes/Ridley for Defense, no idea who the best 2 would be in the mids to bring in and probably Simpkin and Walters/Greenwood.
    Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂


    1. You gotta spend your energy on that mid line, trying to get premos at M7, M8. Don’t worry about your backline, you’re sorted down there. Taylor Adams would be a good mids candidate. Super consistent. Macrae is an obvious choice if you can get the coin for it.


      1. Cheers RB! Both those guys are yet to have a bye which isnt ideal but they are definitely ones on my watchlist. I know they’re prone to injury, but are Fyfe and Jelly worth a look considering they’ve already had their bye? And if I had to choose an Essendon premium, should I target Zerret, McGrath or Shiel?


        1. Zerrett seems pretty reliable this year.
          Shiel seems like a yo-yo player.
          McGrath’s just not scoring high enough.


    2. 6 upgrades or sidegrades with just 9 trades left is pushing it; the late-season carnage, as you will discover, always throws up A LOT of unwelcome surprises, so it’s wise to keep a few trades up your sleeve for dealing with that. There is, of course, the possibility that we will be given extra trades during the upcoming byes, but I wouldn’t build my strategy around something that uncertain happening.

      You have a strong best 18. With likely at least three rounds of best-18 scoring yet to come, that’s a good foundation to build around. You have some players outside your best 18, such as Rankine and Pickett, who sometimes put up big scores. This type of player can be really useful: if they score well, they bolster your score, and if they score badly, they don’t impact your score at all. Tom Lynch from Richmond is another player like this who might be worth getting in (he’s currently just $321,200).

      Beyond that, I’d make sure any upgrades/sidegrades you do are to players who have already had their bye (unless they’re really, really cheap). Rookies who have already had their bye, particularly those with good job security, might also be useful, as a way to add depth in case of injuries. So keep that in mind when looking for downgrade targets.

      I hope that helps.

      Good luck!


      1. Thanks Salamander! Ideally it would be 6 upgrades but more realistically it’s just 4 more, 2 mids and 2 forwards. Simpkin is definitely one I’m considering, and I outlined some other targets in my reply to RB. Who do you reckon would be the best/most realistic 4 to round out my team?


      2. I’d agree with Roo Bloke and Salamander here – mids (and fwds) are your priority; that, and you will need trades for the end-of-season-carnage-that-we-always-seem-to-forget-about-even-though-it-happens-every-single-year-and-even-then-we-insist-it’ll-be-fine-with-2-trades-THIS-time.

        I think Salamander is being generous when he says “6 upgrades or sidegrades with just 9 trades left is pushing it” because I don’t see how that happens. An upgrade is two trades (1 down for cash and 1 up for premium), so with 9 trades left, you can basically do 4 upgrades – 2 in mids, 2 in forwards (meaning you’re probably stuck with Short and Smith).

        I’m more worried about you being able to afford upgrades – only four of your rookies are fattened up. Cost-wise, most upgrades will run around 650k (100-125k rookie, 500-550k premo), so after you turn Simpson/Pickett and Georgiades/Rankine into two more premiums , you’re going to struggle to find the cash to do your final two upgrades. So if you can take a fallen premium for your upgrade to save 50-100k, do it.


        1. Agreed Dan, Simpkin is almost definitely coming in this week (depending on BE) for this reason. It’s also why I’m considering Fyfe if he drops enough cash, although his injury history makes me very uncertain


        2. The two trade left is a great point. I’ve got 8 left and need 3 upgrades. I’m basically going to sit tight with what i’ve got until we see what the bye rounds are.

          So no trades this week and potentially the week after.

          I could trade out people that would have been really handy for the next set of byes.
          Rather have lots of players and trades to throw at the problem.


  4. Def: Sicily, Ridley, Laird, T. Stewart, S.Docherty, W.Day (T.Rivers, T.WAtson)

    Mid: Neale, Macrae, oliver, Mitchell, Dangerfield, Duncan, Cripps, M. Pickett (S. Simpson, B. CLose, Schoenberg)

    Rucks: Grundy, O’Brien (Draper)

    Fwd: Whitfield, Martin, B. Smith, D. Smith, I Rankine, M. Georgiadis (J.Aaarts, D.Cameron)


  5. Did nothing over the last few rounds because they came too quick and I was busy, what to do next? No cash but 14 trades left

    Def: Sicily, Daniel, Ridley, Doc, Haynes, McPherson (Starc, BZT)
    Mid: Neale, McRae, Bont, Cripps, COliver, D Smith, Picket, Close (Bell, Rivers, Roberston)
    Ruck: Grawndy (Draper)
    Fwd: Petracca, Whitfield, Dusty, Simpkin, Aarts, Skinner (D Cameron, Sturt)

    Thanks 🙂


    1. Hey, MJ.

      You could look to move Starc and Pickett out and then grab a post-bye FWD premo, probably Brayshaw or Walters.

      I’d then look for a MID upgrade after that, your DEF is really solid so BZT/McPherson @ D6 is fine for now.

      Good luck.


  6. $37.5k ITB; 9 trades left

    DEF: Sicily, Ridley, Maynard, Stewart, Doc, Noble (Day, Gould)

    MID: Neale, Oliver, Titch, Duncan, Jelly, Cripps, Serong, Simpson (Budarick, Close, Schoenberg)

    RUC: Grundy, Goldy (Draper)

    FOR: Dusty, Brayshaw, Whitfield, B. Smith, Simpkin, D. Cameron (Georgiades, Xerri)

    Appreciate any suggestions!


  7. I have 461k to spend after Doedee > Z.Williams

    Mckay D8 (no bench cover in defence, hasnt hurt me yet)
    Pickett / Simpson M7/8
    Rankine / Aarts F 7/8

    With my next 2 trades, is a sideways rookie trade for Bytel worth cash gen later on?

    Or do I spend that all ugprading 2 of those rookies which are all still generating cash each game


    1. I’m going to assume you made an error in your post regarding “D7/D8” and “F7/F8” and those should say 5/6? Because you say you have no defensive bench cover and if that were the case, McKay wouldn’t be on your bench (at D8).

      With that much cash in the bank, I would typically recommend one down, two up but given the debutants or 2nd-gamers that put in some good scores, I’d probably flip it and go two down, one up this week (then do a double upgrade the next round).

      Regarding the question about the ‘should I clear out dead rookies’ part, I think it depends on how many trades you have left. If you have more than 8 trades, I think a ‘sideways rookie’ trade might be a better option but fewer than that, you don’t have the trades to spare.


      1. Yeah sorry 5/6 I meant and 6 D6 for Mckay haha
        Thanks for the advice. Might go Pickett out for a gun mid and bring Bytel in.


  8. Def:
    Lloyd / Maynard / Docherty / Stewart / Doedee / Sholl
    (Ling / Williams)

    Neale / Titch / Jelly / Duncan / Bont / Cripps / Whitfield / Houston
    (Close / Schoenberg / Devin Robertson)

    Gawn / Grundy (Draper)

    Petracca /Dusty / Simpkin / Bailey Smith / Devon Smith / Georgiadas
    (Minchington / Skinner)

    21k in the bank 8 trades……

    Honestly thinking of taking a huge risk and going:
    Gawn / Georgiadas / Doedee
    Big O / Luke Parker / Zilliams or Saad

    (Leaves me with 1 on field rookie / 5 trades

    Anyone else wanna have a crack?


    1. Hey, Abs.

      I wouldn’t trade Gawn if you’ve already held him through this week.

      Instead, you could go:

      Doedee -> Wicks/Bytel (via Houston DPP)
      Georgiades -> FWD premo

      You could then loop Close/Schoenberg @ M8 and you’ll have a DEF and MID spot left to finish you team off. Only issue will be cash gen though. Hopefully Scholl, Wicks, Close and Scho can finance two upgrades.

      Best of luck.


  9. Would love some suggestions! Not travelling too badly, ranked in top 10K, 10 trades left, $210,200 bank

    DEF : Sicily, Daniel, Ridley, Stewart, Doc, Noble, McPherson & Starcevich
    MID: Neale, Macrae, Oliver, T Mitchell, Cripps, D Smith, Whitfield, Pickett, Simpson, Rivers & Schoenberg
    RUCK : Grundy, Gawn & Draper
    FWD: Petracca, B Smith, Simpkin, Georgiadis, Aarts, D Cameron, Close, Comben

    Plan will be to move Whitfield & D Smith to forwards so needing 1 premium defender (looking at Lloyd or Haynes), 1 premium forward and 3 premium mids. Thinking this round (R12) of Freo’s Brayshaw as a mid as I like his M/F status. So could bring him in (or another premium mid – Coniglio perhaps) with 2 rookies, maybe Woodcock & Wicks. Players I think will be traded out this week – Starc & move Rivers to DEF, and one of either Pickett, Simpson, and one of the forward rookies.

    Undecided with the forward rookies – Comben is there since trading in Draper, and I don’t mind carrying him if I can, so when Draper is traded out for cash, he can slot back in there. And work in D Cameron as a swing, if Gawn/Grundy are rested again, assuming Draper is actually playing. To fit Whitfiled & D Smith back into forward line at some stage, will need two rookies out to fit them in. So that’s either Close, Aarts or Georgiadis. Close can always be swapped back to mids.

    Appreciate any suggestions, thanks 🙂


    1. You seem to have it covered Lisa.

      Wicks ( named )

      Bytel. ( Gresham out.. holds his spot ? )

      Look like solid down grades.

      Good Luck 🙂


  10. Great post. Appreciate any ideas.
    Def: Ridley / Maynard / Docherty / Stewart / Houston / Day
    (Sholl / B. Williams)
    Mid: Neale / Macrae/ Oliver/ Titch / Bontempelli / Cripps / Pickett / Simpson
    (Close / Schoenberg / Devin Robertson)
    Ruc: Gawn / Grundy (Draper)
    Fwd: Petracca / Whitfield / Brayshaw / Greenwood / Devon Smith / Georgiadas
    (Aarts / Skinner)

    238k and 13 trades left but tricky with the “cows” I currently have. Thinking Pickett out for a premo like Cogs, Fyfe, Adams and wait on Lloyd to drop for Day in defense (who scored 87 and will continue to increase). Then sideways Robertson for Wicks. Not sure re 3rd trade.
    Otherwise Pickett Simpson and Georgiades for Wicks and 2 500k borderline premos…circa Boak, Z Williams etc


  11. Going to give it a go. Love your feedback. Reckon it might be along the lines of fix your bloody backline your newb!

    DEF: Maynard, Short, Stewart, Docherty, Doedee, McPherson [Sholl, Gould]
    MID: Neale, Mitchell, Coniglio, Duncan, Parker, Viney, Cripps, D Smith [Serong, Mayes, Close]
    RUCK: Goldstein, English [Draper]
    FWD: Petracca, Whitfield, Petracca, B Smith, Wingard, Simpkin, [Georgiades, Comben]

    When we get back to normal 22 rounds i’m not sure who i’ll play at M8 out of Dev Smith, Serong and Mayes.

    $24,600 in the kitty and 9 trades left

    If Doedee’s hammy looks like a few rounds then he’ll go with Z Williams my initial target. Serong and Mayes will go in a round or two when they’ve maxed out their earnings.


    1. I’m with you FT! I wish I could have Petracca in my team twice!
      RB thats a very good team. You already know where you need to focus on because the other lines are basically complete, although being an owner of Wingard, B Smith and English probably isnt much fun atm.
      You probably already know it but not having even one of Lloyd, Haynes, Sicily or Daniel is a definitely something that should be addressed (although having Maynard makes up for it a bit).
      In terms of M8, you’ve probably got a good problem in choosing who to loophole. All 3 are capable of big scores, but also fairly inconsistent so far. When Draper makes enough cash, I’d swing D Smith into the forward line and loop him and Wingard. Then you shouldnt have to worry much about the looping.


  12. Dashing Donkeys R 12 Team.

    9 Trades.

    Bank: $114 500

    Short, Stewart, Doc, Houston, Hurn, McKay, (Rivers, O’Connor)

    Neale, Macrae, Oliver, J Kelly, Titch, Cripps, Pickett* Starc*
    (Schoenberg, Buda, Close)

    Grundy, Nic Nat, ( Draper )

    Petracca, Whitfield, Dusty, B Smith, D Smith, Rankine.
    ( Comben, Sturt*)

    * planned trades atm.

    Starc to Woodcock / Bytel DDP

    Pickett to Wicks.

    Starc to Z Williams. “finishes defence”

    DPP’s everywhere means I can play one of Houston or D Smith at M7 for now.

    I started a pretty weak defence and haven’t been able to add either
    Lloyd, Sicily, Haynes etc.
    (3/6 “Premo’s”post Bye )

    My Midfield still need 2 upgrades, but whats there now is quality.
    ( 4/6 Premo’s post Bye.)

    Rucks have been a right pain in the A55. I have used waaaaaaay to many trades and still don’t have Gawn.
    ( 1/2 + Draper post Bye)

    My Forwards are pretty strong although,A Brayshaw would be a nice addition for one of the Smiths.
    3/6 post Bye.

    So with only 6 trades left after next round, and still 3 upgrades I can’t really see me making “Full Premo”.

    I guess there’s a chance if they give us a few more trades. 😉

    Please comment if you think I should pass on Z Williams and find a better ( post Bye) M7 instead.

    Thanks folks.


  13. DEF: Haynes, Short, Crisp, Stewart, Docherty, Doedee (Williamson, Hill)

    MID: Neale, Macrae, J.Kelly, Duncan, Bont, Gaff, Cripps, Gresham (Bennell, Close, Rivers)

    RUCK: Grundy, Draper (Cameron)

    FWD: Whitfield, Walters, Dusty, B.Smith, Simpkin, Aarts (Woodcock, Skinner)

    8 trades remain
    Bank $4,900
    Current rank is 19,533

    Want to get a M8 and a R2 to finish the team


  14. I’m sitting 419 before this round and looking at 2150+ with good performances from Rankine and Devon to take over from Aarts and Pickett.

    Best team in position is

    Laird Stewart Lloyd Salem SPS McPherson (Starc B Williams)

    Neale Macrae Oliver Titch Danger Cripps Pickett Simpson (Bennell Mahony Mcinerney)

    Goldy Grundy (Comden)

    Tracca Whitfield Wingard D Smith Rankine Aarts (Woodcock Close)

    Have gone hard so only 9 trades left but $436k itb so one upgrade r12. Have 12 guns who have had their byes and only looking to recruit from those clubs this week. With downgrades available, that leaves every line a possibility. Want to keep non playing rookies for loops.
    Reckon that leaves Ryan def, T Kelly or Merret mids, Whitfield Walters A Brayshaw fwd.

    Love some thoughts.


      1. I ask myself. Combination of many things. Had Gawn till last week. Started heavy on premos starting LLoyd Neale Macrae, Tracca, Sicily, Oliver, Danger, Whitfield, all who have been great. Traded hard with rookies and got them mostly right. Started with 2218 then 2329 rds 1/2. Byes have both been 2150 ish. Not scared to trade Sicily on his bye although Stewart was poor first week, Gawn trade this rd has worked so far….didn’t fall for Draper…chased the Goldy pts….
        And a whole lot of luck. Wish I could look back at my trades somehow, but not a SG gold subscriber. Actually wondering whether to go for broke and get two guns in this week if I can find a way.


        1. Congrats on the great year so far – my SuperCoach 2020 experience has been too similar to my actual 2020 experience.

          You can look up your trade history but it is definitely not intuitive as to where they put it (this is for laptop, not sure if it works on mobile):
          – From the “My Team” screen (the one with all your players on-field)…
          – Click “History” near the top (under your team name)…
          – On the right-hand side / column, there are two tabs – “League Results” is automatically selected but if you click on “Trade History,” you’re there.


      2. Also RB, when I said I had 12 guns…that was only those that have had their byes. On top of those 12 I have Macrae Danger Goldy and Grundy all to have their byes, plus ten warm rookies (not gonna count Starcevich any more).


  15. DEF – Lloyd, Ridley, Laird, Docherty, Hurn, McPherson (Starcevich/OConnor)

    MID – Neale, Macrae, Oliver, TMitchell, Cripps, Duncan, Simpson, Bennell (Bell/McHenry/Rivers)

    RUC – Gawn, Grundy (Draper)

    FWD – Petracca, Whitfield, Dusty, BSmith, Simpkin, Aarts (Close, Xerri)

    11 trades left and only 10K in bank. Thinking priority is M7/8 this week.

    All advice appreciated.


  16. Def – Mills, Ridley, Saad, Stewart, Docherty, Brander (Sholl, Watson)
    Mid – Neale, Oliver, Steele, Whitfield, Duncan, Bontempelli, Cripps, Pickett (Simpson, Close, Robertson)
    Ruc – Grundy, Naitanui (Draper)
    Fwd – Petracca, Martin, Brayshaw, Smith, Butler, Simpkin (Cameron, Cavarra)

    Only 29k left so probably need to double down this week. Thinking Pickett and someone (Simpson if he isn’t named) for Wicks and Bytel.

    Considering Brander to Z Williams to finish the defence but also considering swapping Mills to Haynes before it will cost me too much to pull off and can bring in one of Sicily or Lloyd as my final defender for Brander lately cause he at least won’t lose money.


  17. Def: Lloyd, Sicily, Stewart, Houston, Docherty, McPherson (Day, Gould)

    Mid: Neale, Kelly, Mitchell, Duncan, Merrett, Bontempelli, Cripps, Serong
    (Simpson, Close, Schoenberg)

    Ruc: Gawn, Grundy (Draper)

    Fwd: Petracca, Whitfield, Martin, BSmith, Rankine, Aarts (Hosie, Comben)

    9 trades, 4 upgrades, 62k in bank

    Unfortunately missed Macrae/Oliver, which will hurt in finals, but I have no choice but to do the best I can with the tools I have

    Any advice greatly appreciated


  18. I think I’m in a pretty decent position but once I lose a few built up rookies, I’ll probably run into cash gen stagnation.

    11 trades, $900 left.

    D: Lloyd, Sicily, Daniel, Ridley, Stewart, Docherty, (Hamill, BJ Williams).

    Pretty okay with my defence. Not perfect, and Hamill will go out, but I reckon it’s satisfactory.

    M: Neale, Macrae, Jelly, Cripps, Duncan, Yeo, Serong, Simpson, (Close, Rivers, Schoenberg)

    Plans are to trade Serong, Simpson and Hamill to upgrade to Fyfe. Not sure whether I should be more conservative, and keep Serong and Simpson to appreciate further.

    R: Grundy, Gawn, (Draper)
    F: Petracca, Whitfield, Martin, B. Smith, Simpkin, McInerney, (E. Taylor, Comben)

    Not much to say here. Forwards definitely budget from F4-6, but hopefully will be satisfactory.

    My main question will be whether or not I should keep going full tilt upgrading next week even though rookies aren’t fully matured.


  19. So about 1 week ago I thought my team was in a good spot, but a rash decision to trade Gawn to Goldy rather than NN (due to his average) fills me with discomfort of the number of bye players I have, and in hindsight the extra 90k would’ve done wonders.

    8 trades, $50k leftover, 1.6k overall

    DEF: Haynes, Daniel, Ridley, Docherty, Stewart, Doedee* (Ling, McPherson)

    MID: Macrae, Danger, Titch, Duncan, Bont, Cogs, Viney, Cripps (Bennell, Rivers, Close)

    RUCK: Grundy Goldy (Draper)

    FWD: Tracca, Dusty, Whitfield, Baz, Simpkin, Woodcock (Sturt Comben)

    My plans are up in the air with Doedee likely to face time on the sidelines (unconfirmed). I’m torn whether to bring Lloyd or Z.Will in, or to try get up to Walters (if he’s back) and field McPherson D6 for a couple weeks. However, it’ll probably leave me with 5 trades needing one upgrade, however I wanted to have 5/6 luxury trades to cover for byes.

    Any suggestions are welcome, thank you in advance!


    1. Nice team Dunks.

      My “suggestion” to help w Bye’s etc..

      With Doedee doing another string, McPherson should be solid at D6 for a few weeks.

      I propose you trade Doedee to Wicks* via Rivers.
      *post bye rookie 😉

      This should give you almost $350K

      You could use this to upgrade Sturt to a Post Bye’s Premo.

      Or you could hold some cash until we know the Bye’s fixture
      ( this week I hope )
      Then you have options to create your “best 18” over the Bye rounds.

      Looking at your team a little closer I see you have quite few, Dogs (4)and Cats(3).
      You may wanna pray they don’t share the same Bye.

      Best of luck what ever you decide.


  20. 8 trades left, $100k

    Def: Lloyd, Sic, Ridley, Stewart, Hurn, Watson (Mcasey, Rivers)

    Mid: Neale, Macrae, Titch, Viney, Crippa, B. Smith, Simpson, Close (Bennell, Budarick, T. Brown)

    Rucks: Gawn, Grundy (Draper)

    Fwds: Petracca, Whitfield, DMartin, Brayshaw , Butler, Aarts (Xerri, Hosie)

    Next trades should be?


    1. Evening, fraash.

      Think the play for you has got to be shoring up that tenuous D6 spot, which you could do by going:

      Brown -> Wicks
      Bennell -> Bytel
      McAsey -> DEF premo @ 510k~ (Maynard, Saad, etc.)

      Gets you two fresh cows for two dead ones and spares you that D6 drama.

      Hope it works out.


  21. Wow Eagling.

    Thats a very impressive Team.

    I hope I’m not playing you anytime soon!

    Love the Big O’ pick. When you cash out Draper, he may come in very handy as Ruck cover.

    My only “suggestion” would be to consider Titch over Fyfe.

    Fyfe’s shoulder is still sore.He should play through it,I just think it will be mainly Forward.

    Titch is still great value in my book. And…

    You know where he’s playing !
    His numbers were solid last week,but he was let down by his low DE
    Freo’s pressure was pretty good though 😉
    He still top scored for the Hawks.

    Anyway.. Good luck with whatever you decide


    1. Good thinking RE: Titch.

      This week I was planning to get Titch in, but pivoted and decided to finish my forward line with Simpkin and OMac when someone mentioned OMac as an option, the decision helped by the lack of info on rookie selections.

      I also justified it that Simpkin and OMac probably wouldn’t be this cheap again, and I save $100k instead of waiting for Greenwood, and even if I missed Titch, Fyfe and Dunkley etc would dip to allow me to get a M7/M8 at some point.


      1. Cheer’s Eagling.

        Re M7/M8

        A cheaper option than Titch that is also Post Bye..

        Keep an eye on Z Merrett $537K BE 119
        Plays tonight.

        Serong should stay, Kids a gun.He could out score Yeo at this rate 😉
        Simpson should be first to go as you know he shares his Bye with Duncan. I’m also tossing up running a M/F at M8 for the rest of the year. There seems to be a heap more affordable guns forward. Moving a M/F to the mids in a shortened season maybe the way to go.

        Thanks again and Good Luck!


        1. Yeah, Yeo was my Rowell replacement and hasn’t hit the heights I’d hoped. Don’t mind Zerrett but would rather spend up for someone who can hit those ultra elite numbers, and by history Zerrett is just below that tier.

          It’s going to sting if and when I trade Serong out; a slow start due to poor TOG but has gone big for a rookie.

          I’ve decided to keep Yeo at M8 for the season due to suspecting that I won’t have the time, cash or trades to fix him.


          1. I was kinda joking about Yeo / Serong.. 😉

            Yeo a very solid M8 this year.

            I’m not really sold on Merrett either. I just know he is not over priced for what he can do and..has done the Bye thing.

            Now watch him put up 155

            He he..

            Enjoy the Footy !


  22. Okay coaches… here is my team to dissect.

    8 trades remaining & 16K in the bank

    Backs – Lloyd, Hurn, Docherty, Ridley Stewart & Sicily (Macpherson & Hill)
    Mids – Neale, Maccrae, Kelly, Sheuy, Yeo, Oliver, Whitfeild Pickett, (Schoenberg, McHenry & Close)
    Rucks – Goldy Grundy (Draper)
    Forwards – Greenwood, B smith, Cameron, Big O, Wingard & Budarick (Cavarra & Comben)

    Looks like I am stuck with Hurn Wingard & B Smith who I brought in a fallen premiums. They should be renamed Dud Premiums.
    Disappointed Draper is being managed as the plan is > cash him in in a couple of weeks and move Comben > rucks and upgrade PIckett with the $’s.
    I also realise I will get told to stop trading but I am anticipating at least 2 more trades to be provided for the final few rounds.

    I am currently ranked just outside top 5K


    1. Nice work Shaggi.

      I know your low on trades but if you think the will “throw a dog a bone ” and lay on a few more trades.Then this could help your team structure / flexibility.

      Cavarra to $102k D/F loophole.O’Connor.?

      This McPherson at D7

      This would allow you to swing Hill Forward and give you cover while Draper”s @R3

      Best of luck whatever you decide 🙂


  23. Def: Sicily, Docherty, Stewart, Haynes, Weller, C. Blakely ( Zerk Thatcher, B .Williams (WCE))

    Mid: Neale, Dangerfield, Coniglio, Mitchell, Kelly, Cripps, Pickett, Simpson, (Schoenberg, Bennell, Close)

    Fwd: Brayshaw, Greenwood, B. Smith, Whitfield, D. Smith, I. Rankine (D. Cameron, S. Skinner)

    Rucks: Grundy, Obrien, (Draper)

    10 Trades left and $10,700 in the bank. Help me haha!


    1. Hey, GP. Great looking team with some hefty cows still left, good job.

      How about:

      Pickett -> Bytel
      Rankine -> Wicks (via Close DPP)
      Bennell -> MID premo @ 630k~

      Think that’s a solid set of trades. Gets rid of a dead rookie in Bennell for any premo of your choice and you potentially go for a budget MID pick and pocket 100k for. You’ll then have 2 spots left to fill and some solid cash coming through.

      Best of luck.


  24. Okay,

    I have 153,000 ITB and 10 trades left. Ranked 1401. I’ll probably trade Doedee to Haynes this week, but unsure what to do after that.

    Lloyd, Daniel, Ridley, Doc, Doedee, Mcpherson (Mckay, Ling)

    Neale, McCrae, Oliver, Mitchell, Cripps, Duncan, Pickett, Mahoney (Close, Butler, Scheonberg)

    Gawn, Grundy (Draper)

    Whitfield, Martin, B Smith, Simpkin,
    D Smith, Flanders (Hosie, Comden)

    Thanks Coaches!


    1. Evening, Trev.

      Given your precarious crop of cash cows (not your fault, f*cked up season), you could go:

      Doedee -> Haynes
      Pickett -> Bytel/Wicks
      Mahoney -> fallen MID premo @ 515k~ (eg. Boak, Gaff, Shuey)

      Not ideal but if you can get a premo in this round and then sit on your team until those cows fatten up to finance those final upgrades, you’ll be well positioned.

      Good luck.


  25. Currently ranked 547, 11 trades left and $117,700 in the bank.

    Defence: Sicily, Ridley, laird, Haynes, Stewart, docherty (sholl, ling)

    Mid: Neale, Titch, Danger, Cripps, Shuey, D. Smith, Coniglio, Simpson (Schoenberg, Rivers, L. Butler)

    Rucks: Gawn, Grundy (Draper)

    Fwd: Petracca, Brayshaw, Whitfield, Dusty, B. Smith, Aarts (close, skinner)

    Would ideally like to get Macrae in but not sure about my cash situation, my other idea is to bring in Greenwood this week. Appreciate any suggestions.


    1. Hey, KM.

      Yeah, I think you might be running a bit too thin on cash gen to grab Macrae – don’t worry though, most of us are.

      You could instead grab any post-bye premo, MID or FWD, at 560K by going:

      Simpson -> Bytel/Wicks
      Aarts -> MID/FWD premo @ 560k (swing Dev Smith FWD if you want a MID premo)

      Hope that helps, good luck!


  26. Have at it guys

    Def: Laird, Haynes, Stewart, Docherty, Doedee (gone this week), McPherson (McKay, S Hill)

    MID: McRae, Oliver, Kelly, Titch, Bont, Cripps, Pickett (gone this week) & Close (Simpson, Wicks, Robertson)

    RUCK: Grundy, Gawn (Draper)

    FWD: Petracca, Whitfield, Brayshaw, Martin, Simpkin & B Smith (Aarts, Comben)

    Before Doedee’s injury only had 3 upgrades to but now it’s 4 with only 9 trades left & 30k bank might have to get creative

    Thoughts for some out the box m8 will get Neale M1


    1. Hey, Hysni. Good to see you around again.

      Excellent team. If you want to get Neale in at all costs, you could go:

      Doedee -> Scholl
      Aarts -> Bytel (via Close DPP)
      Pickett -> Neale

      With your MID and FWD lines finished, you can just let your remaining cows fatten up to finish those final DEF spots. McPherson, Scholl, McKay and Hill will be fine to rotate around @ D5/6 anyway.

      Good luck.


    2. Hey Gunboat,

      Like the thinking there I will assess the options when
      lockout ends

      Thanks for the feedback


  27. Bit worried about Doedee and Gawn… but here is it:

    Def: Sicily, Ridley, Maynard, Stewart, Docherty, Doedee (Ling, Gould)

    Mid: Neale, Macrae, Mitchell, Duncan, Adams, Cripps, Whitfield, Close (Simpson, Rivers, Schoenberg)

    Ruck: Grundy, Gawn (Draper)

    Fwd: Petracca, Walters, B Smith, Simpkin, Georgiadis, Cameron (Sturt, Hosie)

    $66,500 in the bank and 11 trades left


    1. I’d look to move Whitters into fwd and bring in a mid. Eagles are cheap, consistently hitting 80+, had the bye and looking like coming into better form. Maybe a Brayshaw type in the fwd to further bolster the stocks.


  28. team now:

    haynes, ridley, saad, stewart, doch, mcpherson (mckay,gould)
    neale,macrae,steele,titch,viney,smith,cripps,close (bell,schoenberg,robertson)
    gawn,grundy (draper)
    petracca,martin,greenwood,whitfield,brayshaw,georgiades (aarts,skinner)
    $171,500 in bank
    8 trades left to end of round 13

    just not sure now what to do – i seem to be a premo short on every line except rucks maybe??


    1. There are some good DEF targets this round, like Williams and Laird. McPherson and McKay both have more cash to make, but might be worth upgrading one there?

      Gawn potentially having a PCL problem could free up some cash if you move him on. (not confirmed, reported in The Age and dons/suns HT).


  29. I started in Rd.5, so won’t have come as far as other teams.

    Biggest problem now is rookies who aren’t getting games, but looking to upgrade a DEF this round. Very interested to hear what thoughts are on where I should focus?

    DEF: S. Docherty, D. Houston, D. Rich, S. Hurn, J. Lukosius, B. McKay, A. McPherson, T. Watson

    MID: L. Neale, T. Mitchell, J. Viney, M. Bontempelli, P. Cripps, L. Shuey, C. Serong, S. Simpson, K. Hayden, M. Hibberd, E. Taylor

    RUC: M. Gawn, B. Grundy, S. Draper

    FWD: L. Whitfield, B. Smith, C. Wingard, J. Simpkin, J. Aarts, B. Close, T. Xerri, S. Skinner


      1. I would try to get in some rookies that are playing as there’s quite a few this round. Wicks (already played), Bytel, Woodcock, and Flanders should be on your radar (obviously no guarantees about job security given the way the season’s gone so far). Bring in 2-3 rookies, then next week you can look at doing an upgrade or two (I would prioritize MID then FWD upgrade next round).


  30. Help me out need tips! Bank: 119,000
    I was planning to get D.Smith, H.Andrews and M.Pickett out but what do you guys think i should i do?
    N.Haynes,Docherty,T.Stewart,H.Andrews,J.Noble,Ridley (Mckay,T.Rivers)

    (H.Schoenberg ,B.Close,S Phillip)

    Grundy,Gawn (Draper)

    J.aart (Sturt,Skinner)


    1. Hi Samson,

      I think you need to bolster your midfield with some premo mids.

      My suggestion would be to trade Aarts, swing Whitfield forward then trade Pickett also then bring into your mids a rookie either Bytel or Wicks and a premo mid.

      Good luck !


  31. Here is my team . Only 8 trades left..

    Thinking 2 options this week

    Trade: SHill/ Ararts> Byrel or Wicks/ Williams or

    Shill/Aarts/McKay > Woodcock/Bytel or Wicks/ Fyfe..

    Any suggestions appreciated!!

    D: Lloyd,Daniel,Stewart,Hurn,Doc, McKay
    ( SHill,Ling)

    M: Neale, JKelly, Oliver, Titch, Cripps, Duncan,Zerrett, Rivers (Starc, Schoenberg, B’rick)

    F: Whitfield, Dusty, Simpkin, Petracca, Rankine, Aarts (Skinner, Cavarra)

    R: Goldy, Grundy( Xerri)


  32. Hi all, would love some feedback. Got a big war chest to bring in Neale most likely:

    B – Lloyd, Crisp, Doc, Doedee*, Lukosius, Nobe (Keane, Rivers)
    M – Macrae, Bont, Danger, Duncan, Mitchell, Cripps, Simpson, Schoenberg (McInerny, Close, Bennell)
    R – Grundy, Nic Nat (Draper)
    F – Whitfield, Martin, Petracca, B.Smith, Simpkin, Hill (Aarts, Xerri)

    9 trades, $389k

    Leaning to Doedee, McInerny, Aarts to Cerra, Wicks, Neale. This gets me the best player finally, but leaves me tight to close out my team


  33. DEF: Sicily, Haynes, Ridley, Stewart, Docherty, Day (McPherson, Watson)

    MID: Neale, Macare, J Kelly, Mitchell, Whitfield, Duncan, Cripps, D Smith (S Simpson, B Close, Pickett)

    RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Draper)

    FOR: Petracca, Greenwood, B Smith, J Simpkin, Georgiades, Aarts (D Cameron, Sturt)

    Picket -> Wicks 1 trade, leaves me with 8 and $281,500 in the bank
    Advice is appreciated in advance


    1. Hey, Harvs. Nice team.

      How about:

      Pickett -> Wicks
      Georgiades -> Bytel (via Close DPP)
      Sturt -> Brayshaw


      1. Thanks mate, was sitting 250 in the ranks before these byes (the Melb and Ess bye cost me a good 200 odd points too).

        Love the Brayshaw pick, was tossing up him or Fyfe. Wasn’t too sure if I needed to prioritise mids or forwards.


  34. Hi SC talk-ers, just looking for some guidance as a first year player. Team as follows:

    8 trades left and 17K
    DEF: Sicily, Ridley, Stewart, Saad, Doc and Doedee (Ling, Scholl)

    MID: Neale, Macrae, Steele, Mitchell, Duncan, Viney, Cripps, Yeo (close, bennell, rivers)

    RUCK: Grundy, Goldy (Draper)

    FWD: Martin, Whitfield, Smith, Simpkin, Rankine, Cameron (Aarts, Sturt)

    Was thinking Bennell to Bytel, Doedee to Williams leaving me 6 trades and 62k with a plan to downgrade Aarts next week and upgrade a forward to Greenwood.

    A bit lost and open to any suggestion, thanks!


    1. That sounds like a pretty reasonable plan – it looks like you’ve done a great job for your 1st year! I’m looking at Greenwood next week as well, just need him to lift his average a bit and he’ll be good value.


  35. Hey gang happy for all your thoughts, suggestions and criticisms.

    DEF: Llloyd, Daniel, Saad, Docherty, Day McKay (Rivers, Williams)
    MID: Macrae, Oliver, Steele, Brayshaw, Duncan, Adams, Cripps, Serong (Close, O’Hallaran, Collier-Dawkins)
    RCK: Gawn, Grundy (Cameron)
    FWD: Petracca, Martin, Whitfield, King, Rankine, Walker (Sturt, Skinner)

    I think downgrade options are Scholl and Woodcock, King has probably made al his cash and McKay would be getting close, while Williams and Collier-Dawkins are sitting there doing nothing, same could be said for Skinner and Sturt.

    I’d like to get Luke Ryan somehow and maybe I need another forward.

    Is Docherty worth hanging onto?

    So many questions, a terrible, challenging year for SC, but still having fun.


  36. Hey team! Been loving the content – I’m only in my second season of SC so it’s been super helpful.
    Currently sitting at 8 trades left, with $132k left in the bank. Made some mistakes along the way, but overall pretty happy with how I’ve been performing this season.

    DEF: Laird, Ridley, Houston, Docherty, McPherson, McKay (Williams, Gould)

    MID: Neale, Macrae, Oliver, Steele, Mitchell, Duncan, Higgins, Cripps (Pickett, Schoenberg, Robertson)

    RUCK: Gawn, Draper (Xerri)

    FWD: Petracca, Martin, Whitfield, Simpkin, Smith, Aarts (M King, Mahoney)

    With 8 trades left, I’m probably in a bit of strife, as my backline needs a fair bit of work. Who do you think I should target?


  37. Hi guys,

    First time playing and would really love some advice!

    Lloyd / Ridley / Laird / Stewart / Houston / McKay
    (Ruscoe / Greaves)

    Neale / Macrae / Jelly / C. Oliver / Fyfe / Cripps / Duncan / Simpson
    (Mitch Hibberd / Wicks / Devin Robertson)

    Goldy / Grundy (Draper)

    Petracca / Dusty / Whitfield / Greenwood / Rankine / Woodcock
    (Close / Comben)

    42,700 in the bank 5 trades left only after using the trades this week

    Should I stop doing trades and keep the 5 to manage any injuries going forward?
    Any glaring weakness? I know the forward line needs work but it’s difficult to find any good bargain forwards!


  38. Thoughts on what to do
    10 trades left 80k in bank

    Def: Lloyd, laird, sicily, docherty, stewart, Sholl (watson, gould)
    Mid: macrae, neale, steele, jkelly, cripps, bont, duncan, serong (bytel, wicks, drob)
    Ruc: gawn, grundy (draper)
    Fwd: whitfield, petracca, martin, baz smith, dev smith, woodcock (close, skinner)



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