Flavour Of The Week – Rd 2

Written by Chillo on March 26 2019

Hello dear readers, and welcome to the first edition of the FotW for 2019.

Everyone of good sense and knowledge in Supercoachworld will tell you to refrain from trading this week unless you absolutely must, e.g. the dreaded LTI. And in 99.9% of cases, I would agree….except if you honestly can’t remember why you picked a certain player in the first place. Or if they spudded it up so bad in round 1, you’re certain they’ll be axed this week. Or if you really like trading…

Here are the most popular trade targets, as of 12pm, Tuesday March 26:

1.   Nic Newman (CAR, def, $394 100)

+ Newman! could scarcely have been more impressive in his debut in navy blue, amassing 26 possessions and kicking a thumping goal from the boundary line for good measure.

+ In his previous life as a rebounding halfback at Sydney, Newman! showed his ability to post big numbers. This included a famous (or infamous) 151 point effort against the Roos in his rookie year, when he cashed in on a late call-up and managed to acquire 35 possessions.

+ Bolton may have loosened the Horse-shackles that restricted Newman! during his time at the Swans, allowing him to settle into the ball-winning halfback role that he was so prolific in during his career in the NEAFL.


– Newman! certainly has the high ceiling, but does he have the consistency to be a keeper? He’s too expensive to be a cash cow, so you’ll be keeping him for the duration if you bring him in now.

– Anyone who saw his putrid effort in JLT2 will be well aware that Nic has a low floor to go with that high ceiling.

2.    Tom Rockliff (PTA, mid, $405 900)


+ He’s known in some circles as the Rockpig, and Tom certainly embraced his inner glutton at the MCG on Saturday. Just a lazy 44 possessions and 138 points for Rocky, which follows his 170 point effort against the Roos in JLT2.

+ For those new to Supercoach, a Rockliff in full flight has few peers when it comes to consistent high scoring. Rocky has recorded 26 games of 140+ in his 173 game career, including a best of 204 against the Blues in 2016.

+ For one of the few times in recent memory, Rocky looks fit, healthy and firing on all cylinders, and seems to be playing the pure midfield role that he relishes. At this price tag, he is an absolute bargain.


– The primary reason for that discounted price tag is a long, long list of shoulder problems and soft tissue injuries. This must be a primary concern for anyone considering him as a trade target.

– Will Rocky continue to have free reign in the Port midfield when Captain Ollie returns from his waterskiing mishap in a week or two?

3.    Bailey Scott (NTH, mid, $117 300)


+ It was a filthy afternoon for the Roos at Optus on Sunday, but one of the few positives was Scott’s composure on debut. 21 possessions at 91% efficiency capped off by two goals was a fantastic return.

+ Taken at pick 49 as a father-son selection in the 2018 draft, Bailey is the son of 1996 premiership player Robert, and shows similar hard-nosed traits to his old man. The biggest compliment I can offer is that you can’t tell he’s a rookie when you watch him play.

+ Playing well in a beaten side is a good way to keep playing. Maybe not quite as good as playing well in a winning side, but still. Job security seems assured for Scott for the time being.


– Scott is 18 years old, and while he clearly has a mature head, the rest of him is still getting up to AFL level. Hopefully he can string a few games together, for his sake of his club and career, and of course for our bovine needs.

– I really rate this kid. My opinion is if you haven’t got him, you’re not doing it right.

4.   Matthew Parker (STK, fwd, $117 300)


+ Parker is going to be one of the big personalities of 2019’s crop of rookies, and he can play a bit too. Most had him pegged as a modest scorer, but his 87 point effort against the Suns exceeded all expectations.

+ It’s a bit of a rough year for forward rooks, and Parker looked to be one of the few with decent job security. Based on form, that’s not going to change any time soon.

+ I admit it, I’m of a somewhat tender age and therefore not crazy about the neck ink. But it’s hard to ignore a good mature-age rookie, especially this year.


– It looks most likely that Sunday’s effort will be an outlier for Parker this year. He’ll spend a lot of time in a forward line that may not always see a lot of the footy.

– It’s hard to see Parker missing selection any time soon, but Richo has never been afraid to shake things up, so nothing is certain unfortunately.

5.    Willem Drew (PTA, fwd/mid, $123 900)


+ Drew has been in the Port system for a couple of years now, and definitely made the most of his chance when it came. 21 touches, five tackles and 103 points on debut for the midfielder from Koroit.

+ As it is the case with Parker, Drew has had an extended period to accustom his body to the rigours of top flight footy, and certainly didn’t look like a rookie out there on footy’s biggest stage on Saturday afternoon.

+ If he can maintain his spot in the Power 22, that DPP status is potentially going to be very handy later on when you start making those upgrades.


– Plays a similar role in the team to the currently rehabilitating skipper Ollie Wines. As good as Drew was on debut, there’s every chance he’ll be a straight swap when Wines returns.

– It is a while back now, but Drew has experienced significant injury problems already in his young career. Hopefully he is fully clear of those woes now.

#6 – 10: Dom SHEED (WCE), Justin WESTHOFF (PTA), James WORPEL (HAW), Christian SALEM (MEL), Cam MCCARTHY (FRE)

Most traded OUT players this week: Samuel COLLINS (GCS), Alex RANCE (RIC), Noah BALTA (RIC),  Clayton OLIVER (MEL) , Brodie GRUNDY (COL), Angus BRAYSHAW (MEL), Christopher BURGESS (GCS), Max GAWN (MEL), Tom LIBERATORE (WBD), Michael GIBBONS (CAR) 

Most popular trades so far this week:

Which of these popular picks are you bringing in this week? (up to two choices)

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16 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 2”

    1. Nateo where are you sitting in the rankings right now?


      By the seasons end you’ll probably be top 500 and that’s because we rely on people to make these cringe trades which almost always fail. That’s how talented supercoachers do well each year.

      Enjoy it. Don’t cringe.


  1. Who are the 365 people going Grundy to Westhoff or the 281 people going Oliver to Rockliff?

    You picked Grundy and Oliver for a reason.
    You didn’t pick Westhoff and Rockliff for probably many reasons.

    Crazy, crazy people!!


  2. Thanks Chillo and congrats on your great start.

    No Newman for me.

    Still a little erratic to be a season long Keeper. Good luck to anyone who started him. I still think he will finish just outside the top 8/10 defenders for the year. Still a pretty good deal at >$400k.

    Somehow I started all the other guys. Parker and Scott were benched, Lets hope they can hold some form and be successful Cows.

    Hoping Rocky can at least stay fit long enough to put up a few big scores, and get over $550k making him an easy swap to a Fallen Premium. I really can’t see him being played forward much even when Wines returns.The 1st year players in Butters and Rozee and a much fitter Motlop should fill those roles for now. I also think Grey and Boak will swing between midfield and forward for most of the season. Rocky is a midfield bull and now fully fit Ken has to play him in the middle.

    On a side note.

    I’m not sure I would consider trading in Rocky if I didn’t have him already. Maybe if I had another mid-pricer around the same price that looks unlikely to be any good. McGrath for eg.

    Even then, I think Sheed is more likely to play 22 games and average between 100 / 110.

    I do have some doubts about picking Mundy. Even in a huge win he struggled to put up a decent score. After the Hibberd disaster last year. I’m keen to cull anyone that may drop off too much.

    I will give this week v’s the Suns and hope for a decent score. anything sub 80 and he may get the flick for a younger talent.

    Thanks again Chillo.


  3. I’ve reposted this here as there is a little bit of relevance to flavor of the week.

    What I wouldn’t mind seeing is a weekly top of the pops post.Like a Supercoach All -Australian. Running totals for the year.
    E.g This weeks in points order

    Def.Salem, Newman, Lloyd, Macmillan,Andrews, Saad
    Mid.Bont,Sloane,Coniglio,Fyfe,Sheed, M Crouch, Rocky,Macrae
    Ruc Westoff Nank
    Cameron, Walters

    A couple of things here ,
    -makes an easy ready reakoner for people wanting to trade in premo’s during the year to refer to.
    – like the 8 in the AFL ladder, eg can identify consolidation after a certain rounds.
    -Will be interesting to see how many of the above appear in the list at round 23.
    I think there are at least 9 on the above list that will feature at years end.


    1. Westhoff should only be in one position, either ruck or forward but not both. I really like this idea and by round 3 it should be starting to look more reliable as a performance gauge. Well done….M.


    2. Great idea Joestar! I think I will try to incorporate this “progressive best 22” into the Team Of The Week article on Monday morning. Thanks!


      1. I’d like to see that!

        What about a poll on Rookies On Field or Off.

        This next week is critical to nail our on field rookie selections.

        What about a poll on who are you choosing on field this week?

        Eg Defence: Scrimshaw , Duursma, Clark, Hore Etc…

        Mids: Walsh, Scott, Constable , Butters ,Etc…

        Forward: Setters , Drew, Parker, Etc..

        Who’s your Etc ?


  4. I tend to agree that you should hold off another on any trades for another week if you can, but, apart from LTIs, there is one exception: if you think you’re likely to need to make more than two corrective trades. In that case, you’re going to need to start early.



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