11 thoughts on “Game Chat Collingwood v GWS”

  1. Go pies!!! Let’s hope this round finished strong with a tag free Daicos getting 30+ and a 20+ point victory to keep top of ladder sealed up!


  2. For Mothers Day, I would request and love a BIG win for Collingwood, but DeGoey needs to score 53 or less for me to win one of my main league matchups, and Cogs to score above 87 in another.


  3. For those that own green, cogs, daicos or Jelly I will apologise in advance for what one of them will produce.. it will be an absolute steaming turd of a score if last match is anything to go by im having a horrid run.

    It’ll probably be Jelly as he’s the POD of the 4 and need him to go 139 to win my most important league..


  4. It would truly be splendid if Coniglio and Callaghan reached their b/e’s
    Would sew up most of my league wins.
    Definitely don’t want to see Coniglio have the disappearing act where he goes totally missing for a quarter or 2.


    1. I thought Mason Cox was Dean Cox?!

      Well, he certainly played like him today!

      With the dearth of cash cows and limited cash growth, I had to think outside the square and gamble on cheapish options.

      A chaos theory.



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