Game Chat – Gold Coast v Adelaide

Written by Father Dougal on June 21 2020

Where and when: Sunday 21th June at 3:05pm (AEST) at Metricon Stadium

Last time they met: Rd 17, 2019: Adelaide 23.13 (151) def Gold Coast 8.8 (56) 

What it means for the Suns: The Crows are the new Suns which means the Suns must be the new… somethings.  If the Suns are going to make finals this season they will have to be able to beat the bottom teams. And this year, that is how the Crows are looking. Win and they are 2-1 and will have the confidence to push on. They beat the Eagles, so surely they can handle the Crows. If not ,their quality will be in question again. 

What it means for the Crows: Every win puts them a bit farther from the wooden spoon. At 0-2 and on the bottom of the table, they  have been looking like a team that belongs there. Of course so did the Doggies until this week, so there is hope. If they are going to have any hope of a decent finish they need to win. 

Supercoach Watch:

Gold Coast: Rowel! Probably even has the C on him for a lot of folks. I hear there are other plays on the Suns, but I can’t recall any of them. Ok, Greenwood. 

Adelaide: Laird is looking far less good than seasons past. His owners are hoping he bounces back. Doedee sucked in a lot of people last round and they are surel hoping he has shaken the rust off. 

Father Dougal’s Watch: Budarick. That bloke is gonna be on the pitch for a lot more teams than originally expected. 

Father Dougal’s Tip: Gold Coast by 30. LAst time they played the Crows scored 23 goals. This time I can imagine them scoring 23 points. 


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32 thoughts on “Game Chat – Gold Coast v Adelaide”

  1. Have had to take the C off Gawn for obvious reasons. Can either take Dunkley’s VC or roll the dice on Rowell. He put up 171 v Eagles last week, Crows are terrible and he’s playing at Metricon.

    What should I do?

    T.U: Rounds shot, roll the dice on Rowell!

    T.D: Calm down, Gun. Take Dunkley.


    1. Why would you ever risk a guaranteed 128? Even if Gawn was playing it’s risky. I mean I’d do it but 98 times out of 100 you’d take 128!


    2. Similar question. Have the VC sitting on Grundy and missed putting the C on Neale. Do i take Grundy’s 103 or role the dice with Rowell?

      TU: Take Grundy’s score
      TD: 2020 be a strange beast. Role the dice with Rowell


  2. Might be the only one but I really wish we had done averages rather than have these players as a bye round. I saw SuperCoach said that there will be an issue with the lockout but I wish they could solve it. DT just looks a lot easier with how they set it up


  3. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m ready for some footy.
    distract me from all the other stuff.
    Tipped the Suns and I’m currently 2 tips from 6 sooooo, make of that what you will.


  4. I put 10 bucks on the suns to win by more that 60 points sooo… I kinda wished they kicked abit straigther but early days


    1. They were playing really good team defence last week. if they can keep doing that and find a couple of reliable goal scorers up forward they’ll be legit.


  5. traded out both brodie smith & macpherson before the game
    both scoring @1 pt per min
    they couldnt get a kick before this game
    bloody typical
    no wonder no one bothers with this game anymore


  6. As a Carlton supporter, I’m acutely aware of what it’s like to be stuck down the bottom for a long time, so it’s great to see Gold Coast finally up and about.

    As to the Crows, if they can’t stop Gold Coast from marking it almost every time they go inside 50, this is going to get very, very, very ugly.


  7. Feeling pretty good about throwing the C on Rowell at the last second out of pure rage. Had Grundy as VC.


  8. Gold Coast just need to sign all of their kids, right now, for as long as possible. This is already a very good team. If they stay together, they can be a great one.


  9. FT SCORES….Suns 12.10.82 def Crows 4.5.29

    Jarrod Witts 147
    Matt Rowell 142
    Ben King 130
    Touk Miller 126
    Hugh Greenwood 117
    Brandon Ellis 112
    Darcy Macpherson 111
    Lachlan Weller 108
    Ben Ainsworth 101
    Jack Bowes 95
    Pearce Hanley 94
    Connor Budarick 81
    Jack Lukosius 73
    Samuel Collins 72
    Wil Powell 67
    Nicholas Holman 61
    David Swallow 59
    Charlie Ballard 58
    Alex Sexton 54
    Noah Anderson 51
    Jarrod Harbrow 40
    Sam Day 28

    Tom Doedee 111
    Rory Laird 108
    Matt Crouch 102
    Brad Crouch 101
    Paul Seedsman 99
    Rory Sloane 94
    Brodie Smith 94
    Reilly O’Brien 91
    Luke Brown 78
    Ben Keays 64
    Darcy Fogarty 63
    Ben Crocker 54
    Fischer McAsey 53
    Taylor Walker 47
    Daniel Talia 40
    Will Hamill 40
    Jake Kelly 39
    Tom Lynch 36
    Lachlan Murphy 22
    Chayce Jones 20
    Ned McHenry 17
    Rory Atkins 7


    1. And in case you didn’t see the game…Laird’s 108 was possibly the least influential Supercoach ton I have ever seen.


      1. haha for sure – it’s no wonder the defenders for Crows all scored well – the amount of traffic they had coming at them!!


      2. Bit harsh on old Lairdy there Chillo Lol

        Thought he did alright considering they got pumped, 25 touches with 3 tackles ain’t too bad. But I see what you’re saying, probably worth a 90 odd but I’ll take it!


  10. Despite the 19 T.Ds against it, I backed in Rowell for the C. Feeling very smug lol!

    In all seriousness, his form is excellent and the Crows suck – knew he’d pop off.


  11. Hey G.D.
    Check out captaincy candidates,
    U heard it from me first.
    I’m not just a pretty face.


    1. I mean, I wrote the Captaincy Candidates article suggesting Rowell in the first place lol.

      But, yes. Good job, AH! Great minds think alike!



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