General SC Discussion – R20

Written by Motts on August 3 2019

Your meeting place over the weekend to discuss all things SuperCoach………


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24 thoughts on “General SC Discussion – R20”

    1. At half time I was wondering why I’d passed on him. Shame to see a bloke struggle so much with injury.


  1. Hawthorne desperate for good, creative ball use out of their back half…. Sicily playing lock down defence on Mason Wood… I guess you can’t question Clarkson but geez makes no sense to me.


  2. Hey everyone.
    I have jezza Cameron to move on.
    Whose the better option…

    TU: Walters
    TD: Greene
    Cmnt: TLynch


    1. Am in the same boat
      got Cameron , Buddy & now Birch injured
      JJK covers buddy & baker covers Cameron this week
      am 2k short of going cameron to J selwood
      next week , thinking of trading birch to a non playing DPP W/C rook
      W/C last 3 games are sun , sun , sat night
      & loop holing Ainsworth & Clarke’s best scores @ D6
      creates enough wiggle room to make the Cameron -> Selwood trade


    1. Is jeremt Cameron a trade or hold as its now finals it’s more crucial than just the season to get the Ws

      TU trade

      TD hold


    1. Very unlucky but 1 of the key reasons I don’t like sideways trading uninjured “premiums” during the last month instead preferring upgrading the bench to allow 2 players to be looped to grab a score similar to this or avoid a low one.


  3. 3 trades left – worried that J Cameron will miss more than just this week, in 2 elimination finals this round
    TU – play Chol as F6, hold J Cameron & pray I make it through playing one on field rookie this week
    TD – trade out Cameron for someone under $453k – Lynch from Richmond / Gresham from St Kilda?


  4. Pretty sure I know the answer to this one, and note the Sicily query above, but:

    T/U – play any of Laird, Smith, Hurn, Williams or (they all play if I don’t take Sicily) or drop one to take Sicily – and which one?? (Williams on interchange ATM?)
    T/D – take Sicily E score of 76??


  5. In a lot of strife, need Yeo, Bont, Hurn, and Answerth to score 466 to win league game.
    For that reason, not gonna take Gawn’s 133:
    Should I captain
    TU: Grundy
    TD: Macrae


  6. Hey guys, too much late night cricket watching this week meant I have Grundy VC tomorrow and Macrae C, but no loophole options to take Grundy if he fires.

    Does anyone know: If Grundy goes big, can I just take the C off Macrae (don’t put the C on anyone). Will that still give me Grundy VC score?

    T/U: Yes you will just get Grundy VC score
    T/D: no, you won’t get any captain points at all


  7. Knockout cash league.
    Me 1668
    Him 1491
    Both VC Gawn
    Me- Zorko
    Him- Hurn, Bont, Answerth.

    Should I-
    TU Stick with Gawn and hope for the best, or

    TD Captain Macrae, Grundy or Zorko. Zorko unique, but Macrae/Grundy higher ceiling.Leaning towards Macrae.



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