How Did You Go? – Rd13

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 17 2018

With many popular premiums going large, there are bound to be more competitive scores being blasted out this week. 1800 looks to be about par for a full side of 18. Did your team get there?

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36 thoughts on “How Did You Go? – Rd13”

    1. Update: now ranked 4,686.

      4 years into my SuperCoach career, I think I’ve finally figured this bye thing out – up 4,000 places in the last 2 weeks. Bring on round 14!


  1. 1897 / Fyfe / was 491
    9/9 wins with 17 players

    Hoping McLean OK for next week, geez I’ll be glad when the bye rounds are over.


  2. What the hell are all of these scores being posted. I got 1630 and I didn’t even think it was bad although I did have 16.


    1. People that post higher scores are more inclined to want to share it. As I look around my leagues including that of SCT3, the average score seems to be between 1700-1800.

      Personally 1842/Fyfe from 17 players. Ranked 3400


  3. 1845/Titch/was 1127th

    … and heading south again i think (looking at the impressive scores above – well done all).

    should be a bit better next week tho’


  4. 1946/Fyfe/Dunno

    Good week but boy oh boy am I getting dicked over in one of my leagues, no-one scored over 1800 in this league except the bloke I played who came a draw with me. This is the same league where I’m leading points scored and points scored against, having had nearly 800 more points scored on me than anyone else in the league. Just goes to show that leagues can really be a toss of the coin sometimes.

    HEROES: Fyfe, Titch, Sicily, Westhoff, Yeo, Simpson, Cripps.

    SPUDS: Mundy, Savage, Austin, Doedee, Higgins, McLean


  5. 1756/Fyfe/ 20 players

    Even after discarding 2 lows scores, still had 5 in the 50’s and Boak/Hurn 60’s to round out a poor weekend’s performance.

    Holding the side together was Fyfe as skipper, and team mates Yeo, Rocky, Sic and to a lesser extent, Danger.

    Unders from premos in McLean, Dusty, Crouch and Savage sums it up.

    Looking forward to good performance from the Socceroos this week !!


  6. 1763/titch/was 3555…hope to hold that. Held a trade for next week and only 15 scorers including Boak and Mclean as opt was down to 13. Could have 21 onfield next week thanks to long term planning. Cmon Cogs and Robinson. Thanks can make way for Grundy to join Gawn for the run home.


  7. 1778/Fyfe

    Pretty happy considering I only fielded 15 players including Jimmy Webster with a 15 after his first quarter injury. Left to rue what could have been….

    Playing for leagues and still have 15 trades so looking good for the run home.


  8. Despite paying 700k for Macrae it ended up being a solid rnd.

    1922/fyfe with 17 on the field

    Now to trade or hold Macrae


    1. Feeling violated here too.

      Bye round planning destroyed by injuries and suspension. Totally get you.


  9. 1782/16/Fyfe
    I am very happy with my score this week! 16 players and i almost reached 1800 and when i have players like Mclean Giro and Doedee all scoring below 70 that turns out to be a great score.

    Studs: Westhoff, Yeo-Yeo, Fyfe, Simpson, Titch, Sicily
    These guys all did well for me but was concerned with Westhoff at the start of the game but he did come through in the end. New recruit Sicily did well, all i can ask from him now is to just play every game of the season and don’t get himself suspended.

    Spuds: Doedee, Dusty, Duncan, Savage
    Wasn’t really many spuds this week which is always a good sign and Billings wasn’t there for once….. oh wait i trade him out…. Doedee and his last game for me was disappointing so he will lose some cash but he did well throughout the year and i couldn’t have asked for too much more. Dusty once again has dropped off. 7 of his last 8 game have been 105 or below with is last 110+ was against Brisbane in round 4. That has really hurt me considering i brought him in round 3. Duncan only in this list after his 40 at qtr time ended up sub 100.
    Mclean avoided this list just because he got injured about 5 minutes in but he played the game out so he is almost a star this week.

    Only 1 more week of the bye rounds to go and then it will be coming to the pointy end of the season where the POD’s make all difference. Also shows which players can handle the pressure at the end of the year and keep their averages up and which nose dive and cause more carnage for many teams.


  10. 1829 / Titch / 18 / 113 overall (down 17)

    7/8 league wins

    Brought in Simpson for Savage and traded one Smith for another Smith (Tim for Rourke). Seemed to work out. Not putting the C on Fyfe cost me 30 odd points.

    Currently have 20 available for next week but with injuries and non selections could be a low as 15. Have 10 trades left and would love not to use them.


      1. Cheers Macca,

        Definitely made up for the poor week I had last week, looking at hopefully having 18 playing including 13-14 premiums so hoping for another strong week.

        Will be coaching Catta’s Clan from the beach in Waikiki for the next 2 weeks, so got to get the times right for (C) loophole & Team changes via the super SCT site 🙂


  11. 2193 (14th highest for the round) but have used way too many trades.Ranked 1621 after a shocking start to the season.


  12. 1838/Titch/38

    Lost 5 ranks still stagnating in the 30s for weeks trying to get into that top 10! Had 18 playing


    Gaff on debut..
    Macrae (nooooooooooo!! 🙁 )



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