Injuries Rd 11

Written by Chaos Theory on May 23 2023


Mitch Hinge Concussion. “Mitch Hinge was subbed out of the game after a contest in the first quarter. He has entered the concussion protocol and will be assessed during the week.” Adelaide High Performance Manager Darren Burgess

Hugh Bond  Knee 1-2 weeks
 Mitch Hinge  Concussion  1-2 weeks
 Shane McAdam  Quad  1-2 weeks
 Andrew McPherson  Quad  10 weeks
 Zac Taylor  Foot  10 weeks


Daniel Rich is available this week after completing a full training session on Tuesday.

Keidean Coleman (Glute – test)

Jack Payne (delayed concussion 1 week)

Rhys Mathieson (hamstring 6 weeks)

Shadeau Brain (shoulder 3-4 weeks)

Noah Answerth (concussion 1 week)

Carter Michael (quad 2-3 weeks)



Tom De Koning (concussion) and Caleb Marchbank (calf) made their returns through the VFL.

Jack Carroll  Hamstring  2-3 weeks
 David Cuningham  Calf  1 week
 Sam Durdin  Hamstring  Test
 Jack Martin  Calf  TBC
 Sam Philp  Foot  Season
 Zac Williams  Knee  Season


Charlie Dean  Foot  Season
 Jeremy Howe  Forearm  TBC
 Billy Frampton  Groin  1-2 weeks
 Nathan Kreuger  Shoulder  Test
 Patrick Lipinski  Shoulder  2-4 weeks
 Dan McStay  Finger  2-4 weeks
 Joe Richards  Hamstring  Test



Nik Cox  Back  1 weeks
 Jayden Davey*  Knee  Season
 Harrison Jones  Back  TBC
 Jake Kelly  Concussion  TBC
 Jayden Laverde  Shoulder  Test
 Darcy Parish  Calf  4 weeks
 Zach Reid  Hamstring  5 weeks
 Will Setterfield  Foot  TBC
 Dylan Shiel  Calf  Test
 James Stewart  Foot  6-7 weeks
 Elijah Tsatas  Knee  2-3 weeks
 Peter Wright  Shoulder  3-5 weeks


Nat Fyfe has pulled up “very well” after his first game since round one as a starter.

Heath Chapman  Hamstring  4-6 weeks
 Matt Taberner  Back  TBC


Max Holmes will undergo surgery on Tuesday for a meniscus injury to his right knee which will sideline him for the medium term.

Ollie Henry, Sam De Koning and Gary Rohan will still need to be medically cleared but Simon Lloyd was optimistic about their prospects.

“Ollie Henry had the testicular rupture a couple of weeks ago and we had Sam De Koning with the facial fracture and Gary Rohan also with a minor hamstring but all three are in full training as we speak,”

“They still have a number of things they need to tick off before the medically cleared but they will be discussed for selection this week.” GM of Football Simon Lloyd.

Jack Bowes, Pat Dangerfield and Mitch Duncan all have had minor soft tissue injuries and Shannon Neale has had a ankle injury as well, so those four players are increasing their running loads, they’re doing a lot more kicking and they’ve all go individual programs that they’re working through but they’re all very close.”

Rhys Stanley suffered a facial fracture in the Gather Round,” he said.

“The recovering on that has been a lot slower than we first hoped but Rhys’s long-term health is what’s most important and we’ll give him all the time that he needs.

Cam Guthrie has had issues with his big toe that’s taking a little while to settle and he’ll increase his running leads over the coming weeks.”

Jhye Clark had a navicular stress reaction and has had some scans recently and those scans are positive. Clark will spend the next fortnight in a moonboot and then slowly start working his way back to full fitness. Pretty soon he’ll start to weight bare and again, particularly with the young players we need to think long term so we’ll be more conservative. Expected to miss a couple of months.

Flynn Kroeger had an arthroscope on his hip at the beginning of the year and its positive, he’s starting to do some running on the Alt-G so that’s non weight baring, and again whilst it’s slower, Flynn’s attitude and his professionalism has been outstanding.”

Sam Menegola and Toby Conway both remain longer term prospects.

“Again, we need the longer term vision for both of those players but Sam Menegola has put a multitude of running sessions under his belt now and he’s moving well as it currently stands, but again he’ll need to build on that over the coming period of time,” he explained.

“In regards to Toby Conway, he’s doing a huge amount of work,” Lloyd said.

I suppose we’re looking for games of football to be played with Toby, but we also value seeing Toby doing a huge amount of work with Brad Ottens on the training track and Josh Jenkins, and he’s doing a lot of ruck work with Jonathon Ceglar and Mark Blicavs. “So he’s working on his craft, his positioning and that for us at this stage of his career is just as important as playing games.”



Connor Blakely will return from a calf injury which has held him out of VFL action in recent weeks.

Connor Budarick Knee 3-4 weeks. Is progressing well in his ACL rehab and is now three to four weeks away from a return to play.

“Connor has integrated back into training and we expect him to be available in the weeks after the bye,” Bull said.

“He still has a few markers to tick off, but he’s been really diligent with his rehab and we’re excited to see Connor back out there soon.”

Sean Lemmens Hamstring 4 weeks. “Sean has undergone further assessment this week which has revealed a moderate injury to his hamstring,” GC SUNS Head Physiotherapist Lindsay Bull

Lachie Weller Knee TBA  continues to manage a minor knee injury and needs to progress to full training before he is considered for selection.

Touk Miller Knee TBA   # No detailed update from club apart from “Knee TBA”


Josh Kelly suffered a hamstring strain during Sunday’s game.

Head of Medical James Rahme said the strain will sideline the star for a month.

“It’s disappointing for Josh, who has had a great season so far,” Rahme said.

“He did remarkably well to play through considering, with scans revealing a strain on Monday.”

Phil Davis will miss over a month with a calf injury sustained in the VFL on Sunday.

Harry Himmelberg and Nick Haynes will both miss this week after suffering concussions in Sunday’s match. The duo will work through the 12-day concussion protocols in a bid to be available for round 12.

Harry Himmelberg Concussion TBC
Nick Haynes Concussion TBC
Leek Aleer Ankle 2-3 weeks
Conor Stone Back 2-3 weeks
Jacob Wehr Shoulder 2-4 weeks
Josh Kelly Hamstring 4 weeks
Isaac Cumming Calf 4 weeks
Phil Davis Calf 4-6 weeks
Sam Taylor Hamstring 6 weeks
Braydon Preuss Back TBC
Cooper Hamilton Foot TBC
Darcy Jones Knee Season
Adam Kennedy Knee Season


Hawthorn High Performance Manager Peter Burge-

Ned Reeves “Ned had an incident during the game with his ankle, different to the mid-foot sprain that we were dealing with two weeks ago, so seperate incident,” Burge said.

“The great news is that he has pulled up really well and he was running today in straight lines with his runners and we anticipate he is going to resume training with the main group on Thursday.

“We will make further assessment, but it is looking good at this stage for the weekend.”

Josh Ward –

“Josh has a bone-overload issue and has had a week on the AlterG treadmill – it’s on the very minor-end of the spectrum of bone issues,” Burge said.

“He was boots on today training with the group and he will train again on Thursday, but we are looking more at a return next week into Round 12.

“We just want to give it the extra week, given he is younger player with a bit of bone overload, and we are not going to rush him back this week.”

Chad Wingard –

“Early last week, we weren’t too sure where that was sitting, but it became evident during the week that he hadn’t recovered from the game and had some soreness on one side in particular,” Burge said.

“He’s running now, but we will make sure that he’s absolutely right to fully train next week, rather than a rushed preparation this week.”

Changkuoth Jiath –

“At this stage we are still looking at Round 13 possibility to return, but we will see how the progression goes over the next week before we can lock that in or whether we look to go beyond that,” Burge said.

“His progression has been good over the past few days, so really now it’s about restoring full strength and moving into more dynamic activities, running and increasing that running intensity.”

Ned Reeves Ankle Test TBC
Josh Ward Foot Unavailable Round 12
Chad Wingard Calf Unavailable Round 12
Changkuoth Jiath Calf Unavailable Round 13
Emerson Jeka Hamstring Unavailable Round 13
Max Lynch Concussion Unavailable TBC



Clayton Oliver will be assessed throughout the week after suffering a hamstring strain.  “Clayton had some soreness at the end of the game and following a clinical assessment from the physios and the medical team, scans have shown that he’s got a hamstring strain,”

“At this early stage, we anticipate Clayton won’t be available in the short term. 

“His return to play will ultimately be guided by his ability to deal with increase loads and reconditioning. As such, we will have greater clarity as Clayton progresses through his program.” High Performance Manager Selwyn Griffith

Jake Bowey, who was subbed off during the third quarter, has been cleared of any serious concern following a corkie to his calf.  

“We tried to get him going [during the game], but he just felt like he couldn’t perform to his role,” Griffith said. 

“He’s worked incredibly hard over the last 48 hours to get on top of that and was able to train with the group today.” 

Luke Dunstan knee. “Luke completed the full session with the group [today]…he came to Adelaide with us and has been working closely with our AFL coaches on a game day role,” Griffith said.  

“While he’s unlikely to be available this weekend, but he’s progressing really well for the following week.” 

Kye Turner (groin), Will Verrall (pelvis) and Harrison Petty (foot) are all progressing through their respective rehabilitation schedules.  

Harrison Petty (foot) 3-5 weeks

Kye Turner (groin) 3-4 weeks

Will Verrall (pelvis) 3-4 weeks



Jackson Archer  Groin  Test
 Aiden Bonar  Quad  Test
 Charlie Comben  Ankle  7-9 weeks
 Luke Davies-Uniacke  Hamstring  2-4 weeks
 Brayden George  Knee  Season
 Josh Goater  Knee  2-3 weeks
 Jack Mahony  Shoulder  Season
 Flynn Perez  Concussion  Test
 Darcy Tucker  Hamstring  Test
 Tristan Xerri  Ankle  2-3 weeks
 Lachie Young  Concussion  Test
 Cam Zurhaar  Face  Test


Travis Boak (ribs) Boak endured a heavy knock to the ribs in the second quarter and was subbed out.  Will be assessed to determine his eligibility for selection this week, after imaging cleared him of serious injury.

Charlie Dixon (quad strain) will be assessed this week, hopeful of a return to AFL

Todd Marshall will undergo a final concussion test on Friday, with the 25-year-old expected to be available this weekend.

Orazio Fantasia – quad (1 week)
Xavier Duursma – knee (5-7 weeks)
Mitch Georgiades – knee (season)


Tom Brown  Wrist  1-3 weeks
 Seth Campbell  Adductor  4-6 weeks
 Mate Colina  Back  Indefinite
 Josh Gibcus  Hamstring  4-6 weeks
 Jacob Hopper  Calf  4-6 weeks
 Tom Lynch  Foot  6-11 weeks
 Maurice Rioli jnr  Hamstring  1-3 weeks
 Kaleb Smith  Ankle  7-12 weeks
 Ivan Soldo  Foot  4-6 weeks
 Robbie Tarrant  Hip  Indefinite


Tim Membrey Concussion Test
Mitch Owens Concussion Test
Dan McKenzie Calf 2-3 weeks
Olli Hotton Back 2-3 weeks
Zak Jones Quad 4-6 weeks
Nick Coffield Calf 6-8 weeks
Jack Hayes Foot 7-8 weeks
Matthew Allison Foot Post-bye
Angus McLennan Back Post-bye


Joel Amartey  Hamstring  3-5 weeks
 Tom Hickey  Concussion  Test
 Peter Ladhams  Ankle  TBC
 Paddy McCartin  Concussion  Indefinite
 Tom McCartin  Concussion  TBC
 Logan McDonald  Ankle  7 weeks
 Callum Mills  Calf  3-5 weeks
 Dane Rampe  Neck  3-5 weeks
 Sam Reid  Hamstring  Season
 Matt Roberts  Knee  5-7 weeks
 Marc Sheather  Foot  TBC


Tom Barrass returned to training on Tuesday after a bout of illness.

Oscar Allen left the track early with an apparent leg complaint on Tuesday. Allen has also been playing through a knee niggle.

Coby Burgiel  Hamstring  Test
 Tom Cole  Ankle  6-7 weeks
 Jamie Cripps  Ankle  9-11 weeks
 Jai Culley  Knee  Season
 Jack Darling  Arm  2-4 weeks
 Shannon Hurn  Adductor  Test
 Jamaine Jones  Ankle  TBC
 Jeremy McGovern  Hamstring  4-5 weeks
 Nic Naitanui  Achilles  5-6 weeks
 Samo Petrevski-Seton  Quad  2-3 weeks
 Liam Ryan  Hamstring  7-9 weeks
 Luke Shuey  Ankle/hamstring  1-2 weeks
 Isiah Winder  Knee  7 weeks
 Elliot Yeo  Groin  1 week


Josh Bruce (ribs) – available
Harvey Gallagher (hamstring) – test
Adam Treloar (hamstring) – 1 week
Sam Darcy (lung) – 2-3 weeks
Roarke Smith (foot) – 3-5 weeks
Dom Bedendo (groin) – 4-5 weeks
Riley Garcia (groin) – 4-6 weeks

Jason Johannisen (hamstring) – 8-10 weeks. Scans revealed a high-grade hamstring strain.

“Being an over-stretching injury whilst at speed, our clinical suspicions of a high-grade injury were confirmed with the MRI that showed extensive damage.

“JJ is the ultimate professional and will get to work with our rehab team to get back playing this home and away season, but we anticipate that he will miss 8-10 games.” Head of Sports Medicine, Chris Bell,


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  1. North Melbourne: Blake Drury – Head of Perf Kevin White: “Had some hip impingement and adductor weakness after the game which was restricting his high intensity running. We’ll assess his function after training Thursday on to determine his availability.”


  2. Feeling for Josh Kelly owners, he’s been serviceable averaging 110.

    Drury – we may have seen the last of him this year. At least Norths Sunday games might make him a useful loophole (if we don’t have enough already). Suspect he is in a close battle with a few rookies as the worst buy this season- Roberts (when we could have had Williams), Chesser (was a real golden hope at the start of the season), Constable (we were actually warned by a few on this site). Sure there are more horror stories out there

    Really want to know more on Miller, but I might have to give that plan away.



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