Last Minute Queries – Rd15

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 28 2019

Questions? Questionables? Questionability? Quizzes? Quizzing? Quizzed? Quandaries? Queries? Queried? Quagmires? Q & A? FAQs? Quick answers!!

Is Dangerfield set for a big one against the Crows?  Will there be a late-out for the Cats again?  Will the Tigers improve with some significant INS?  Can Gawn and Grundy continue their SuperCoach dominance?

If you have a last minute query, pop it into the comments below and the SCT Coaches will help out where they can……….


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21 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Rd15”

  1. Macrae as Captain?

    Was shortchanged a few points last week and CD should inflate his score a little this week. Loves the AO and the Power.

    T/U Yep

    T/D Stick with Grundy


  2. Anyone know anything about Kyron Hayden…
    Mid/Fwd Debut for North this week…

    I really NEED cover in my fwd line & he is priced at 102k, any chance of him staying in the team? Going early on him?
    Not worried about him getting high scores.
    Just playing…


    1. He should stay in the team provided he plays his role and gathers 10-15 touches. 5 weeks at best.


  3. My only other downgrade options are Hind & Naish. Not worried about cash gen, I have cover in the def & mid. Young & Garner on my bench in fwd line doesn’t look good.
    Running out of trades & looks like I might just take a risk on him !
    Wish me luck. Hahaha


  4. Last mid spot
    TU: O Baker -> Bont or Sloane
    TD: Wait till next week one up , one down -> J Kelly or Parker + fwd/mid rookie

    I’d prefer Kelly or Parker but they would have to wait a week. With Cripps out I have to take Clarkes score unless I forgo my preferences and get Bont or Sloane. Not sold on Sloane, I’ve been burnt before. And Bont is already in my rivals team so would prefer someonelse

    Looking to improve overall rank


  5. Could Lloyd get 50 touches against GC this week?
    Whiffed on Danger VC and Gawn/Grundy have tougher matchups.


  6. With Danger getting flattened with the VC so the question is who to captain?

    TU: Gawn (his record against Martin isnt pretty but is averaging over 150 the last 5 rounds, plus Marshall got 119 against Martin last week and they got flogged)
    TD: Grudny (compares better to Goldy then Gawn to Martin, however 5 round average is just under 140 but that is inflated with last weeks game against English)

    Thoughts much appreciated community


  7. With Cripps OUT is anyone considering fielding Bewley rather than taking Clarke’s 63?
    Bewley’s scoring has improved each game and tomorrow presents his best opportunity yet you’d think!?
    Thanks all!



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