Mid-Pricer Review – Round 18

Written by Hot Sauce on July 23 2019

Get Them In!

Players your team needs

Bachar Houli should be a popular choice this week with the Tigers flying and the skilful defender gathering plenty of the ball. With the remainder of the Tigers games at the MCG, where Bachar has a 2019 average of 118.1 from 8 games with 7 x 100+ games with a low of 93 and a high of 142. Lock him in for the rest of the season. Luke Ryan is another defender who is performing well down back as is Brodie Smith, but neither are as appealing as the veteran Tiger.

Zach Merrett is under $500k and should be considered with the Bombers in great form with a run of winnable games which should see the young Bomber average close to 110 for the remainder of the season. Other options available with low ownership are James Harmes and Trent Cotchin.

Up forward is a little scarcer for options but with the likes of Jack DarlingJeremy Cameron and David Mundy well priced at the moment, there are some choices available for those looking for a late forward inclusion.

  1. Bachar Houli (Def; $466,000; and 17.2%)
  2. Zach Merrett (Mid; $492,500; and 11.6%)
  3. Luke Ryan (Def; $442,900; and 14.7%)

Chopping Block

Joining ‘Bite the Bullet’ and ‘Chopping Block’ together – a lot of tough calls.


These players may have served their purpose, but now is time to trade them out for some premo quality players. Dylan ShielJacob HopperJack SteeleLachie WellerJoel SelwoodShane MumfordMarc Murphy and the likes need to be upgraded to roundoff your side nicely.

Good luck coaches and let me know your thoughts.


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8 thoughts on “Mid-Pricer Review – Round 18”

  1. Not exactly a midpricer his moved up to premo status now but do I move him on?
    ROB too Grundy?? im full premo
    I have 6 trades remaining and 165k unfortunately 20k short of straght swap so its 2 trades to get in Grundy, Bewley -> Hill is the 2nd.
    Nanks still not back he may go 200 v tigers and sick of every opponent having him perma C. . .

    TU: do it
    TD: save ya trades keep ROB his going fine


  2. brought in merrett last week
    good start
    expecting him to enjoy the easy run home
    should finish out the season @ a premo price point


  3. This one’s not for the faint hearted..

    Its taken him a while to find his feet after no footy last year, and barely any preseason. He has also struggled without his other half Jumping Jack Riewoldt.

    Yep…. Tom J lynch… $ 380 400.

    Since Jacks return, Lynch has been playing true CHF and his SC scores have showed it, with a 3 round average of 98.3

    He should have a pretty free run ( with a Moore-less) Pies backline this weekend. He also plays early alot..so a perfect loophole F7.

    Could he be the KPP that fires late this season ?

    Now I’m expecting T /D 🙁


    1. Love the suggestion but I think we are 2 weeks late on that option as it would have been a great move when he was sub 310,000 and I think Hawkins is a better option currently.

      Will be keeping a very close eye on the remainder of his season as a possible 2020 SC selection. This year he has currently posted a career low disposals avg (currently 9.7) and the only season below an avg of 11.

      Haven’t seen their past 2 matches so a more astute or knowledgeable coach would be more aware of the situation but the return of Riewoldt possibly has allowed Lynch to roam further up the ground. He has recorded 18 and 19 disposals in the past fortnight which are the only times he has exceeded 15 disposals this season and the 3rd time he has exceeded 11.


      1. Thanks Adam.

        When lynch was that cheap, I was spending money on Westhoff to cover Gawns ass.

        Now I have Andrews to deal with down back..

        Going Whitfield means The Hoff stays at F6 for now.

        Getting Ryan leaves ,$427 100 for a forward to loop at F6.

        What would you do ?

        My forwards are.. Dunkley , Danger , Heeney, T Kelly, R Gray, Westhoff. ( I Hill* , Burgess. )

        The second trade would move I hill to the mids*


        1. Sounds like you are in a similar predicament to me with the ownership of Andrews and Westhoff.

          I’d prefer to see the remainder of your team before providing a recommendation but if you’re looking for a F7 then S Menegola could be the answer. Registered 26 disposals and 11 tackles in his VFL return and I’ll likely be spending my remaining 2 trades on him to allow J Westhoff to be pushed to the fwd bench.


          1. Dashing Donkeys Pre R 19 2019.

            4 trades left and $240 800

            Lloyd, Williams, Hurn, Sicily, B Smith, Andrews,
            Bench: Logue, Gardner / Burgess.

            Macrae, Neale, Cripps, Oliver, Treloar, Sloane, M Crouch, Duncan…. Bench: Clarke, Bewley, Hatley*

            Grundy, Gawn, Bines.

            Dunkley , Danger, Heeney, T Kelly, R Gray, Westhoff,
            Bench, I Hill*, Gardner / Burgess.

            Need to win to just make finals in some of my harder leagues. I would normally just let logue cover Andrews but..Its make or break time.

            Thanks for the help 🙂


            1. An option if you want to keep Andrews could be:
              Out: J Hately, G Logue
              In: rookie, L Ryan
              Approx 195,000 left

              Then Burgess to Hawkins/Menegola/etc with a trade left over for injuries,etc.



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