Mid-Pricers Review – Round 5

Written by Hot Sauce on April 23 2019

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Players your team needs

Round 5 solidified several more options into locks for those looking to add a viable Mid-Pricer to their teams. Despite several defenders mounting their case to be added in a hurry, there is only one true candidate and that’s Adelaide’s Brodie Smith. He was in great touch on the weekend adding 110 points in a big win and still at an attractive price tag of $409,800, unlike Eagle’s Brad Sheppard who has climbed to ~$470k despite being a solid selection.

Tom Rockliff is still the must-have of the mids but he is officially joined by two more who I have flirted with in the past few weeks. Young Lion cubs Hugh McCluggage and Jarrod Berry are both set for fantastic years and are excellent POD’s. If Giants enforcer Shane Mumford continues to remain healthy, he is set to be an attractive inclusion, but only if you are not rolling with a current premo/premo model.

Caleb Daniel and James Worpel are fast approaching premium classification and are in career best form. Daniel is averaging 102.6 with a low of 93, a stunning example of consistency. While Worp is averaging 95.0 with a low of 85, he too provides great consistency albeit a slightly lower ceiling to the Doggie.

  1. Tom Rockliff (Mid; $450,300; and 30.4% ownership)
  2. Caleb Daniel (Fwd; $478,700; and 3.2%)
  3. Hugh McCluggage (Mid; $437,900; and 1.1%)

Pass Mark

If you have them, keep them.

Low-profile Kangaroo Jamie Macmillan continues to perform well for the 3k-odd coaches who have selected him. His 102 against the Bombers was a welcomed improvement from the 64 last week and could see him rise in popularity this week as he raised his average above 90. Popular choices in Alex Witherden and Zac Williams continue to impress with solid scores on the weekend.

Brad Crouch continues to score well with his third 100+ game of the season and despite being an already popular player he could see that rise further. Docker Ed Langdon showed us all he has a considerably high ceiling scoring a huge 133 against the Giants and currently sits in only 500 teams and could be worth a punt.

There are a host of players up forward that continue to impress for those coaches who rolled with them from round 1 including Jack NewnesZac FisherLuke DahlhausJordan DeGoeyTom PapleyRory LobbChristian Petracca and Darcy Moore all performing well for their prices.

Chopping Block

If you have them, you face a tough decision.

Ryan Burton continues to frustrate his owners with a poorly 67 in the Power’s upset Good Friday win against the Eagles. He along with Swans defender Aliir Aliir put in horrible displays over the weekend and warrant exclusion if you have them.

In the Midfield, recently high-performing youngsters Jacob Hopper and Tim Taranto put in poor games on the weekend which will result in a reduction in the speed of their cash generation at worse but shouldn’t result in a dip in ownership. Mitch Wallis however has put in back-to-back below average games and has now reduced over $48k and looks likely to drop further.

Alex Sexton dropped almost $15k and after consecutive low scores finds himself joining Wallis and enigmatic Lion Charlie Cameron on the chopping block forcing coaches to give serious consideration to trading them out.

Bite the Bullet

These players need to be traded. Now.


There are a few players that have unfortunately obtained some considerable injuries that have seen them reduce in price; miss multiple weeks; and will continue to drop in price upon their return. Exciting Crow Wayne Milera and Cat Brandon Parfitt were cruelled with injuries set to de-rail their breakout SC seasons.

Let me know your thoughts on the players named above and on any players I may have missed.


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14 thoughts on “Mid-Pricers Review – Round 5”

  1. Why’s Burton gotta go? Averaging almost 85 and has put up only one game sub-75 so far – this week. If I had him i wouldn’t be panicking, hes not going to give away a bunch of frees and a fifty each week.


    1. Hi Duffer – he doesn’t have to go but on the block and worth keeping an eye on him for another poor score. He could be facing a price drop in another week but agree that it’s too early.


    1. allsaints.

      I had my doubts about Worpedo but..

      I watched him very closely yesterday and he seems to have grown into his role nicely.

      He Tackles well, and seems to be taking a bit more time to get rid of the ball, and his DE is improving.

      Great selection for those that started him. Looks capable of keeping up his 95+ average and finishing just outside the top 6 forwards.

      He is still very nicely priced and with DPP, and that R12 bye ,would be a solid upgrade this week for those looking for a forward.

      I’m thinking of going Baker this week . Forward rookies look thin on the ground. Ross looks tempting, but with both Hatley and Hayes looking good next week, I think I will pass.

      May look at one of the midfield bubble boys, and either Worp’s or Crisp ( as there prices shouldn’t change too much ) next week.


  2. What do we do with Sheed? 27 touches and it looked like more midfield time but two scores in a row in the 60s and alarm bells are ringing. Do I side trade to Rocky, upgrade to Merritt, or build the bank with Ross/Baker?


    1. Jimbo

      Rocky is risky and Merrett will cost you top $ now.

      Do you have a DPP player in your Mids?

      If you have both Setters and Drew forward, I would consider trading Sheed to a forward Keeper. Heeney, T Kelly or Worpel as a cheaper option.

      This would open your DPP link, and strengthen your forward line.

      Best of luck whatever you decide.


      1. Thanks for the advice. I actually have enough in the bank to go to mostly anybody. Eg I can go to Macrae in mids or Boak/Kelly using Drew as DPP in the forwards. The issue would be that I would be drained of all funds.

        What do you think?


    1. I don’t own Darling …

      With so many great R13 Bye forwards this year, I really think he needs to go.

      Personally ( If i did own him) I would cut my losses and down grade him for Baker.

      Baker will not only… probably score better, he will also make more cash than Darling is likely to loose.

      I see this as Win Win.

      Oh,this also free up heaps of cash to target another Premo.

      Win Win Win!



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