Movers & Shakers – Round 9

Written by The Salamander on May 16 2019

Player Name (Club, Price, Average, 3-Round-Average, 5-Round-Average)


Zac Williams (GWS, $507,700, 96.5, 114,3, 98.8)
What can I say? A popular pre-season pick at just over $400K, he’s looking every bit the keeper we were hoping he would be.

Alex Witherden (BRL, $412,100, 82.8, 70.7, 79.2)
After much hype in the pre-season, Witherden started the year pretty strongly, averaging 90 over the first five weeks. His owners will not have enjoyed what’s followed that, however, with the young Lion posting scores of 62, 71, and 79 over the last three weeks.


Elliot Yeo (WCE, $554,100, 100.4, 121.0, 112.6)
A poor first few weeks had many of his owners reaching for the trade button, but those who held him have been well rewarded over the last five weeks (and particularly the last three). Still relatively cheap at $554K, now might be a good time to jump on.

Tom Liberatore (WBD, $429,100, 94.8, 67.0, 81.0)
After a blistering start to the season, many of us were using the k-word, and even considering the c-word. And we all know what happened next. He got Magnetized. Move him on before he loses any more cash.


Tom Bellchambers (ESS, $467,600, 84.8, 103.7, 91.0)
Not SuperCoach-relevant outside of Draft, but the Essendon big man has had a great last month, with scores of 105, 109, 95, and 107. He started the season with 56, 118, 49, and 39, so don’t expect him to keep this up for the whole year (although with matchups of Rory Lobb and a Nankervis-less Richmond in the next two weeks, he might have a couple more left in him).

Nankervis (RIC, $374,900, 75.1, 57.0, 61.6)
Two Tasmanians in the same section! What are the odds? Unfortunately for Nankervis and his 6,999 owners, he’s here for all the wrong reasons. After a lacklustre start the the year, he’s now injured, and will miss 6 to 8 weeks. With his price now at $375K, he’s not going to be cheap to replace.


Josh Dunkley (MID) (WBD, $514,700, 98.1, 121.0, 106.2)
After a slow start to the year due to being played out of position, Dunkley has been great over the last 4 weeks, with scores of 95, 93, 134, and 136. It looks like Mr Magnets has finally put things right. The only question is, will they stay that way?

Isaac Heeney (MID) (SYD, $467,700, 90.4, 68.7, 86.8)
Now Longmire decides to tell us that Heeney’s been hobbling around all year and has barely trained. Widely considered a lock at F2 before the start of the season, he’s really only had three good games for the year, and they’ve since been followed by scores of 74, 68, and 64. With his injury issues now public knowledge, many have been asking the question of whether or not it’s worth trading him out. No doubt his scoring will bounce back once he gets his body right, but who knows how long that will be?


Finally, does climbing a goalpost make Dane Rampe a shaker? Read the relevant section of rule 17.11 and decide for yourself:

17.11.1 Free Kicks – Shaking Goal Post or Behind Post Unless Law 17.11.3 applies, a Free Kick shall be awarded against a Player or Official who intentionally shakes a goal or behind post (either before or after a Player has disposed of the football).

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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28 thoughts on “Movers & Shakers – Round 9”

  1. Intentionally jumping on to a goal post = Intentionally shaking the goal post. Easiest free kick and umps still missed it.


    1. In a game soooooooo open to interpretation, this non decision was a howler. The rule is clear. It doesnt say “except if there is a shot at goal from outside 50”.
      How can afl tick off on umpires then fine rampe? He either offended or didnt.


    2. My view on this is rather controversial, so naturally, I’m going to put it out there: there was no free kick.

      Rule 17.11 doesn’t say anything about climbing a post. It prohibits a player from **intentionally** shaking the post. Intent is the critical word here. It doesn’t matter if his climbing caused the post to shake.

      The only question, as far as rule 17.11 is concerned, is **did he set out to make it shake?** In other words, was he climbing the post **so that it would shake**, or did he do it for some other reason? It seems far more likely that he was climbing in order to improve his reach, in case the ball needed to be spoiled over the line. There is no rule that says he cannot do this. The closest that any rule comes close to this is 17.12 (f), which states that a player cannot lift a teammate to contest the ball. Still nothing about climbing a goalpost.

      So, with no rule against climbing a goalpost in and of itself, the only way this was a free kick is if you can show that Rampe’s actual intention was to make the post shake. If it was not, then any shaking the post may have done came about as an unintentional side-effect of an otherwise legal action.

      TL:DR: actus reus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea (“the act is not culpable unless the mind is guilty”).


      1. I agree Sal.

        I actually ran into Dane in the street yesterday. I know a few of the guys he played with at SYD Uni.
        As soon as I saw him I scampered up the nearest street sign pole.

        His mates thought it was hilarious, He managed to see the funny side. 🙂

        Talking to him briefly afterwards, he was way more worried about the “Girl” comment.
        He felt bad ,but also said that it was taken out of context.

        He told me he was trying to climb the pole, to put Myers of his kick. I believe him.

        He was also relieved ,just to win the game. If the free kicked had been paid, it would of been a very different week for Dane.

        I don’t think he will be climbing any poles in the future.

        I on the other hand, will be climbing any pole in sight if I see him on the street. I encourage everyone to do the same.


        1. Well, there you have it: no intent.

          I wonder how much leeway there is in the rules for players to try and put opposition players off? For example, are they allowed to moon them?


  2. This is great for the Tech team as I have brought in Williams 2 weeks ago, Dunkley last week and eyeing off Heeney after round 13. Sadly still had Nankervis but downgrading him to have Bines back in the ruck helps with the Lobb switch.
    I traded out Yeo a few weeks ago however and he has now has come good, but his rd13 bye was a real good reason to trade him.


    1. Yep. Have less concerns about my TECHTeam than my proper one at this point. Long may it continue 🙂


      1. The rate my team is going, it is going to overtake my actual team in ranking. I swear by the end of the year I will either run out of trades or be better than my actual team.


      2. Of course you say that but then 30 minutes later i find out Menegola is out until the bye rounds due to knee surgery. Is manageable to trade out to Danger next week as they’ll be similar prices


  3. As an essendon supporter, yes it was a free kick. But we don’t deserve to win the game off it. So a bit torn.
    As for the fine over the little girl comment, that’s just dumb. Maby $500.00 for insulting an umpire(discouragement). Of course higher penalties for more vile things.


    1. any talking down to the umpires or violent acts should be minimum 1 week
      zero tolerance rule should apply
      how many lower grade teams are out there copying their hero’s
      the AFL tribunal should be setting the standard for excellence
      not being the example of mediocrity


  4. I have major concerns over Heeney. I read a local paper article (NSW) on Twitter this week, that quoted Heeney saying that it’s ankle ligament damage. That’s both very painful and CANNOT truly heal without true rest (weight off it).
    If he can play through it with injections and it’s not worsening, then maybe it’s not TOO bad, but still.

    I’m holding him for now in the hope that Buddy’s return delivers an expected increase in his scoring (those two 130s came with Buddy onfield) but I am concerned.



    1. Agreed Allsaints,
      I think most of us in the same boat.
      i’m holding for now, he’s price will drop approx $40k over the next 2 weeks, then flatlines (on current projection’s). So it’s one of the main dilemma’s in mine and most coach’s sides, (keep or trade) same with me regarding Libba BTW.
      In one aspect I hope he get dropped/rested, then the decision becomes clearer, or you trade him out and he bang’s out a 120-130 like earlier in the year, and you tear you hair out bemoaning why you just broke all the Supercoach golden rules (sideways trades etc).
      Personally i’m holding as I have a feeling a fair few rookies will start to get rested anyway, and it will stuff up all our well planned trades anyway.


    2. looks to me like horse is afraid to loose a game & play more kids
      even though it is better for the team in the long run
      seems he is far from clarko’s level of coaching


  5. as far as movers go, is shai Bolton a decent downgrade option?
    I would think his JS is very solid with nank/Riewoldt out for a while, and is looking like generating so good cash in the next 3-4 weeks.
    looking at trading him in for a Rozee/Drew type, which allows me to get enough cash to also trade in any premo Josh Kelly/Fyfe for Libba.

    I know he’s not a cheap rookie but with very slim picking in the forward line, it doesn’t seem the dumbest idea in the world.

    Would love to hear the thoughts of the coaching community.


    1. I read that Ross out will give him (and Baker) more MID-minutes, at least until Cotch returns in 2-3weeks.
      He had 16 disposals (10 kicks), 7 tackles and 2 clearances last week as it is. While he won’t kick 4 every week, you’d think he should still score 65-70+ consistently.

      Priced at $250.9k, he should make a min. $75k from here. That said, with that 126 in his pricing cycle, he’s proj’d to gain $84.6k in the next two weeks alone, so my above estimate can be deemed very conservative.

      Certainly not the worst move you could make.


    2. Love the move for Bolton but would only execute it via S Walsh or C Rozee. Also Bolton could be turned into an R Gray/Hoff type before Richmond bye costing around 50,000 to 100,000 or around 200,000 for Boak/Dunkley/Mundy. Also provides the opportunity for a quick downgrade in the next couple of weeks allowing upgrades on other lines.


    3. BOG & 126 pts last week i think
      low ownership
      if you have the trades & can get his peak trade out time right ,
      barring an injury , it could work for you


    1. Sounds like CAR are gonna ‘give the kids a chance to express themselves’. Holding Walsh too.
      Might also take the punt on Stocker this week with Ross OUT for some time. Tho he is my only VC/C loophole option this week (Bines). Perhaps I can wait for a better alternative.
      Looking forward to the team drops so we can make more concrete trade plans!


  6. be interesting to see how GWS go this week ,
    recon cripps & walsh might just have a day out , even with the de boer tag ,
    with ward out they have no “hard” inside mid to feed cogs etc
    also @ 1 point the hawks had 40 marks in a row to 0 , so with their offensive work @ the stoppages suffering , the defensive side of their game is being exposed



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