Poll: Rookie Roulette

Written by JimmyDee on April 27 2022

Ayden has received considerable support for his question re rookie retention or trading.

With the lack of genuine bubble boy choices, it is more of a legitimate question than in times gone by. Normally, we have a plan to raise our cows, fatten them nicely and hoof them off to market and make a choice of a number of new rookies.

With the byes lurking scarily in the background, some of us are thinking we will not have the rookies to cover our on field lines as we have in past years, which begs Ayden’s question. Is this the year to retain rookies with job security, or do we stick fat with the plan and hope for a bit of luck?

Is this the year to stray from the long term plan and retain rookies for bye coverage?

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As a follow up from this, if we did decide we need to keep a rookie or two,  vote for the ones that will serve the purpose better, and will hurt your your long term plan the least.

if we keep, which Rookies are the best for job security and potential points. (3 votes)

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Lastly, is it worth keeping cow like objects longer to cover those pesky byes?

Alternatively, which cow like objects are worth keeping, at least for bye coverage? (3 votes)

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As always, the comments and strategies from this great community are just as valuable as the votes themselves. Let us all know your thoughts. Thanks.


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11 thoughts on “Poll: Rookie Roulette”

  1. Well, for starters will be retaining Brodie as a forward or mid. After that, it gets a tad more difficult.


  2. I believe you are better off keeping rookies who have the R14 bye so they can cover off R12&13 and once they’ve done that job then off they go.

    O’driscoll, Daicos, JHF, ward & MacDonald all having that last bye. Of those names I can only see Daicos making the byes though for me.


  3. I think only rookies with solid JS and the round 14 bye are worth holding on for longer than necessary.

    Off the top of my head, may include:
    Brodie (almost looking like a keeper at this stage),
    Ward/MacDonald (not really generating cash so if you’re stuck with them, then maybe their 40 points is better than nothing during bye rounds)…

    Just my thoughts


  4. Brodie’s a breakout and is currently ave 97 and likely to fill anything from F4 to F7, just wish I started him (and Hewitt for that matter) getting good points and a keeper to boot.


  5. Xerri not looking as confident now that Coleman Jones is pushing his way into the North team. Having Goldy, Xerri and Coleman Jones all at North, it isn’t looking strong to have all 3 play


    1. And I reckon if we re-run this poll now, with Xerri listed with a 4 week injury, does he now become a must trade out?
      He has a good BE still at 30 … but …


      1. I’ll be mulling Rachele or Xerri for this week. Rachele has a chance to kick a few v GWS but can also go 30-40 and lose cash. Decisions!



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