Poll: Trade Priorities

Written by The Salamander on April 1 2021

For many people, Round 2 is one of those times they wish they could make more than two trades per week.

With just two trades to use before price changes start to kick in, what’s the most important thing to fix going into the rest of the season?

What is your main trade priority this week?

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19 thoughts on “Poll: Trade Priorities”

    1. Neale to Impey would free up a huge amount of cash, so as long as Neale doesn’t go ‘boom’ straight after you trade him out, you could do well out of that.

      As a Jiath owner myself, I really like the move of bringing him in. After watching him play in Round 1, I thought that if he had just kicked a bit more instead of handballing, his score of 69 would have been a lot higher. Fast forward to Round 2, and he kicked instead of handballing, and his score was a lot higher. He seems to have Sicily’s role this season, so he should keep on finding plenty of the ball in the weeks and months to come.


  1. No trades for me this week .
    Only missing one required rookie but I can live with that.

    The proviso is, if something unexpected happens when teams drop.

    All the best everyone with your trades and games this week.


  2. Correcting injuries and rookies….
    Jye Caldwell to Butters necessary due to injury
    Sharp to Jordon cash generation


    1. Just Sharp to Jordan if you can manage it.

      Phillips to Tex is very side ways unless you have a solid plan for the cash.


  3. A bit of both for me..Neale is gone.

    Neale and Sharp out for Jordan and Andy Brayshaw.

    I will save my pennies for next week.

    Has to happen tonight.

    Now watch Andy get tagged and Neale pump out a 150!


  4. Hey lads quick one. Who goes out first Scott or McNeill? Trading one of them for either Warner or jordon


    1. They may both stay in.

      You could go the one with the highest 2nd week score, as this will stay in their price longer.

      Or you could toss a coin !


  5. TU – Sharp to S.Berry (No change to cash in bank, $31,200)
    TD – Cripps and Sharp > Ridley (via laird dpp) and Sam Berry ($7,200 ITB)
    Debating keeping Cripps and only trading Sharp to Berry, traded Danger and Rowell to May and Titch if that helps.


  6. Thinking Neale to Bont and Caldwell to Warner will leave me with 381K.

    Keen to get everyone’s thoughts


  7. I went Neale to Ridley and Sharp to Jordon about 30 seconds before lockout. Figured I’d be more annoyed at paying so much for Neale, regardless of his performance tonight, when I’d doubted picking him all preseason. Was very, very, very annoyed with myself at half time. Now just hoping I’ve brought the brought the right player in.



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