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Written by JimmyDee on May 11 2022

The polling booth this week has raised some similar questions asked a different way. Some have been taken care of by GD in a little split poll on the Salty Butters situation. The split also asked what premos to target in the forwards, so have a look at Tuesday’s midday poll for all the answers.

For those that may have missed it, my mega poll last Wednesday had the top premos from each line ranked. I mention this so our community members, in this case Drop Punts on forwards to target, still feel included when their specific question is answered in a multi poll.

This week, AJ wants an upgrade prioritising poll. The question is whether to prioritise almost premos or stepping stones to our next premo. I feel there needs to be a bit of definition on what constitutes an “almost premo”. We will all have different ideas but I think any “almost premo” has to be under $500k. Those averaging in the nineties will probably hang onto their spots
a bit longer, (IMO) especially for bye coverage, and could well be considered luxury trades a bit later in the season. Examples are Cogs, Lipinski, Rowell, Taranto, Lloyd and Ridley types.

Therefore for the first part of this poll I’m grouping our almost premos into those with above 5% ownership, but averaging less than ninety to get a fairer representation. Examples for consideration are Butters 86.8 (already polled), Whitfield 82.3, Gresham 87.8, Caldwell 82.9, Jackson 87.4, Z Bailey 88.1, Daniel 87, Ryan 89, Blakey 87.4, Rioli 88.9 and Draper 80.8

The second part is stepping stones. These are guys who are more than run of the mill rookies like Daicos, JHF, Berry, Bowey, Martin and Stengle.

Which do you consider the highest priority to upgrade to your next premo?

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As always, comments are are always appreciated and help clarify decisions.
Thanks for reading and voting.


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13 thoughts on “Poll: Upgrade Priorities”

  1. The good old 1 up, 1 down for me. Getting rid of the weakest onfield rookie to the best Premo I could afford on that particular line.


  2. Prioritise rookies….unless Gawn isn’t playing and without a backup ruck man, I’ll focus on getting a ruck/fwd in which is something I should’ve done ages ago…except we’re running out of ruck players.


  3. It all depends on available cash. If you can turn under performers like Gresham, Jackson and Coniglio into 2 reliable premos and a rookie on the bubble you should do it


  4. Always Gotta keep the next couple weeks in mind when it comes to your trades. with Steele and potentially Stewart ripe for the picking soon after bad weeks you gotta make sure you have the $$$ there for them. They were upgrade targets at the byes but there poor game might have forced my hand to get them earlier than I liked. So it might be the week to go a double or triple down if structure allows you to do so. Hamilton, Rioli, Carroll and strnadica all good options or go a week early on Clark.


  5. I feel like I have to trade Bowey this week. Can afford Jake Lloyd. Is that:

    TU – an inspired POD

    TD – sheer madness


  6. T/U – Use boost and grab Sean Darcy, Rioli/Rosas F6

    T/D – Trade Naish to Duncan/Cameron but field Hayes at R2


  7. It’s a move I would not normally make but looking to trade in all three rookies this week – Carrol, Rioli and Hamilton (selection in final teams dependent).

    Likelihood of all three maintaining their spots for long term is minimal, however, cash generation is optimal at least for a few weeks (hopefully longer) as I am trading some deadwood in Stephens, Rosas and Dixon. Also works well for my bye structure.

    $470k now in the bank to upgrade to ubers in the coming weeks.

    Always a good chance the SC Gods will shit on me from a great height (including holding Splutters for another week) but a risk worth taking into the current format of SC.


      1. Hey Baz,

        2 left if I engage the boost this week.

        In one way, one of these rookies not been selected would save the boost this week but I also have Clarke and English earmarked for the following week, so may be just delaying the inevitable.

        I don’t like burning trades (or boosts) but if I can generate cash in what I see as purple patch for rookies it is very tempting.


  8. Thank you Jimmy Dee for another thought provoking article and helpful advice as we strive to get more premiums into our sides. I have read and reread your mega forward line poll and cooled down, taken some deep breaths and kept Butters in my side for another week. Great stuff thank you!



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