9 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Round 12”

  1. 1053/9/Daicos

    Wow. Nice to have a round that doesn’t start like a tire fire.

    Bont, Tingles, Macrae, Daicos and DCam on debut all sensational tonight.

    Bytel and Freijah lowest two atm.

    I’ll need May and T. Brown to raise the bat from here.


    1. DCam nice one GD. I thought about him coz he’s solo ruck now for a while. I was at the pies/dogs game tonight and deliberately put the vc on Bont coz I figured if he was going to put the dogs on his back and drag them over for a win I want his score so not entirely unhappy! Good luck with rest of round.


      1. Pwah. Phenomenal call on Bont, Glen. Nice.

        Yeah, DCam sweet as. Like him solo.

        No shame in that loss btw. Dogs a good side despite their coaching panel and list management’s best efforts.

        Pies still top eight for mine.

        Gl this weekend.


  2. Can this round just be over already please.

    Dawson, Stewart, no Bont, and Bloody Sunday is still to come.



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