32 thoughts on “Rate My Team – March VIII”

  1. Happy with the current team I have, but just annoyed I can’t include Crisp!! I’d prefer to have Crisp over Ridley but just don’t have the funds unfortunately. Have $23.7k left in the bank, please let me know what you guys think!

    DEF: Ridley, Short, Whitfield, Hewett, Gibcus, McCartin (Boyd, De Koning)
    MID: Macrae, Steele, Oliver, Neale, Berry, JHF, Daicos, Ward (Soligo, MacDonald, Hough)
    RUCK: Gawn, Grundy (Hayes)
    FWD: Dunkley, Thomas, Butters, Coniglio, Rachele, Baldwin (Martin, Dixon)

    Any tips are appreciated, cheers!


    1. Would swap one of Martin/Dixon for Voss (Essendon 102k D/F) as your loop so you could get one of McCartin/SDK in your forward line as cover


      1. Having a loop so early isn’t always the way to go. You need cash gen, get those rookies player. You’re also bound to have a rookie get dropped early in the season so a loophole will emerge


  2. Hey guys, still unsure of my ruck combo. Here’s my team as it currently stands. Contemplating dropping one of Gawn or Grundy, bringing in English and upgrading someone else on the field. Would appreciate any input.

    DEF: Ryan, Ridley, Whitfield, Sicily, McCartin, De Koning (Sinn, O’Driscoll)

    MID: Macrae, Steele, Oliver, Neale, Rowell, Berry, Horne-Francis, N Daicos (Ward, Stephens, Macdonald)

    RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Hayes)

    FWD: Dunkley, Butters, Cog, Rachele, Durdin, Dixon (Baldwin, Hollands)


    1. Gawn and Grundy … Set and Forget.

      My only concern with the team is your forward rookie setup. I think if you’re going to go that deep in the midfield, it has to come at the cost of having a Chapman type at your D4. Downgrading Sicily (who is rumoured to be out due to Covid) to Chapman will free up some $$$ to solidify your forwards.


  3. Final draft of the team, definitely considering downgrading a Treloar or someone to get another premo down backline. Also rookies are destined to change. Thoughts of getting xerri in has also crossed my mind. At the moment going steele over Oliver, could easily be convinced to swap that too! Rip into it let me know what you think!
    Def – Lloyd, short, Whitfield, hinge, gibcus, mccartin (SDK, Uwland)
    Mid- macrae, steele, touk, neale, berry, JHF, daicos, ward. (MacDonald, Hough, cox)
    Ruck – gawndy (Dixon)
    Forwards – dunkley, Treloar, butters, cogs, Brodie, rachele (Baldwin, Hayes)
    77k in the bank


  4. Thoughts on my team guys? Any changes you would make?

    DEF: Lloyd, Ridley, Whitfield, Sicily, Hinge, McCartin (De Koning, Boyd)

    MID: Steele, Miller, Oliver, Neale, Berry, JHF, Daicos, Ward (Stephens, MacDonald, Hough)

    RUCK: Darcy, Grundy (J Hayes)

    FWD: Dunkley, Treloar, Coniglio, Brodie, Xerri, Rachele (Martin, Dixon)

    Cash: $11,100


  5. Great website this is my second year playing supercoach and reading the posts has been a huge help. Abs looking forward to the hawks this year and seeing some new blood come in.
    Please rip it apart
    Ryan Short Whitfield Hinge Gibcus McCartin (Sinn SDK)
    Macrae Steele Crisp Neale Rowell JHF Daicos Ward (D.Stephens MacDonald Hough)
    Gawn Grundy (Hayes)
    Dunkley Martin Butters Coniglio Brodie Rachele (Baldwin Dixon)

    Not sure about Dusty but same with Heeney


    1. That’s right Micah, hopefully the young ones step up and continue showing promise!

      Crisp wasted in the Mids IMO. I’d look at trying to fit him in defence and grabbing a Touk Miller / Parish type in the mids. However I can see the logic in shifting him down back later in the season.

      Rest of team is very nice.


  6. DEF: Ryan, Short, Whitfield, Hewett, McCartin, Chapman (De Koning, O’Driscoll)

    MID: Macrae, Steele, Miller, Neale, Rowell, Berry, Horne-Francis, N Daicos (Ward, Stephens, Long)

    RUC: Gawn, Witts (Dixon)

    FWD: Dunkley, Treloar, Cog, Rachele, Xerri, Brodie (Martin, J. Hayes)

    $7.5k remaining, still backing in Witts, but can swap out a midpricer if a midpricer doesn’t perform and he doesn’t fire after round 1


  7. DEF; Crisp, Short, Whitfield, Chapman, Hinge, McCartin (O’driscoll, De Koning)

    MID; Macrae, Steele, Miller, Neale, Rowell, Berry, JHF, Daicos (Ward, MacDonald, Hough)

    RUCK; Gawn & Grundy (Dixon)

    FWD; Dunkley, Butters, Coniglio, Brodie, Ralphsmith, Rachele (McEntee, Hayes)

    Thoughts appreciated on what is hopefully my final team!!


  8. DEF
    Lloyd, Short, Whitfield, Hinge, Gibcus, McCartin (Boyd, De Koning)

    Macrae, Steele, Miller, Neale, Rowell, Berry, JHF, Daicos (Ward, McEntree, Hough)

    Gawndy (J Hayes)

    Dunkley, Butters, Cogs, Xerri, Brodie, Rachele (Baldwin, Dixon)

    Feeling a bit like I’ve gone OTT on the mid-pricers and stacked the midfield a bit much considering the strength of the mid-rookies. Just not really sure where else to go with it.

    Would love to get Treloar & Crisp in but would have to get rid of a premo mid. Thinking about dropping Rowell out of the team too. Any suggestions welcomed!


  9. Hey guys so this is how I’ve finished up before game 1 lockout tonight. I’ve wrestled and wrestled with gawn or English complimenting Grundy and English come out the victor. Feel free too comment and critique my team in anyway always love hearing feedback.

    DEF: crisp short Whitfield Hewett chapman hinge (McCartney DeKoning)

    MID: Macrae Miller Brayshaw Neale Rowell Berry JHF Daicos (ward Stephens MacDonald)

    RUCK: Grundy English (Hayes)

    FWD: dunks butters cogs xerri Rachele durdin (Baldwin Dixon)

    How do we feel about Brayshaw? I have thought parish instead but need to drop say a Stephens down to a soligo or crisp to Ridley to make that happen…

    Cheers community

    33k bank


    1. Would drop down stephens. Probably better for your bye structure and money on field = more points on field


  10. TU: Ridley, Gibcus with n.Martin and Uwland on bench

    TD: Hewett, Chapman with o’driscoll and Baldwin on bench


  11. Ok, with Ralphsmith being named as a emergency, I have two options I’m thinking of doing.

    TU: Straight swap to Xerri.
    TU: Downgrade to Durdin, upgrade Ward to Berry


  12. Hi all, would love some feedback on this team! $57k ITB

    DEF: Crisp, Short, Whitfield, McInerney, Hewett, Hinge (PMcartin, SDK)

    MID: Macare, Miller, Neale, Rowell, Berry, JHF, Daicos, JWards (Stephens, SOligo, MacDonald)

    RUCKS: Gawn, Grundy

    FORWARD: Dunkley, Butters, Coniglio, McGovern, Xerri, Durdin (Rachele, Martin)


  13. Since ralphsmith isn’t name have to find funds to go up to McGovern.

    Which combo is better?

    Tu; Berry & Soligo
    Td; Ward & Stephens


  14. Side I’m relatively comfy with minus the occasional rookie switch-out… have a look and provide your thoughts on Second22.

    D: Short, Dale, Whitfield, Chapman, Hinge, McCartin (Gibcus, SDK)

    M: JMac, Touk, Parish, Brayshaw (Freo), Neale, JHF, Daicos, Ward (DStephens, MacDonald, Hough)

    R: Grundy, English (Dixon)

    F: Dunkley, Butters, Cogs, McGovern (Blues), Brodie, Rachele (McEntee, Hayes)

    Bank $57.9k


  15. Looks like we alll feel for the trap and picked shit arse s conigilo. End of this rd he is out Tyson stenglin is in. Can’t bellive it 26 at half time



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