Rookie Review – Rd 13, 2021

Written by Chillo on June 15 2021

Finding downgrade targets is a tough gig this week. With only 10 teams to choose from, it’s easy to see the Josh Glenn Rule being hastily dispensed of if any unlikely debutants are named. Thursday night teams is going to be an event in itself!

Here’s a review of the rookie performances from Round 13. Players “on the bubble” are marked with an asterisk.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Luke FOLEYWCE$161 000 (+$33.1K)82 (51)-52
James MADDEN (FWD)BRL$176 100BYE (64)-40
Harry EDWARDSWCE$252 200 (+$48.8K)89 (67)-21
Oscar CLAVARINO*STK$123 900DNP (41)-8
Thomas HIGHMORESTK$209 700 (+$22.8K)111 (58)-2
Trent BIANCO (MID)COL$170 800 (+$46.9K)23 (60)5
Lachlan JONESPTA$237 400 (+$17.1K)43 (60)19
Liam STOCKERCAR$243 400BYE (49)25
Jaxon PRIORBRL$245 800BYE (52)28
Nik COX (FWD)ESS$292 900BYE (59)41
Nathan MURPHYCOL$187 800 (-$9.4K)12 (42)64
Jake STEINGWS$200 10032 (32)N/A
Josh WORRELL (FWD)ADE$123 90013 (13)N/A
Brandon WALKERFRE$117 30050 (50)N/A

Goodbye for now: Murray, Koschitzke.

THE GOOD: It’s hard to remember a rookie who has polarised response as much as Highmore. After struggling to get a gig, and then struggling to get time on ground, Tommy showed us what we’ve been missing with a 22 possession breakout that included a whopping 15 intercepts. So many questions about his trade scenarios this week! The Eagle boys Foley and HEdwards were both sensational for the second week running, racking up 36 touches between them to help WCE across the line in a thriller. But with so many players to come off the injury list after their bye, can you still expect these two to be there the next time the Eagles run out?

THE BAD: Koschitzke managed a couple of goals, but was rarely seen otherwise. The only reason you still have him now is to scrape together 18 active players this week.

THE UGLY: LJones had a quiet game and had to be shifted forward by Hinkley to have any impact. They do like him at the Power though, so hopefully he can continue to get game time. The shine came off the apple for Bianco, who won’t have fond memories of his first trip to the SCG. Only 7 touches at 28% is going to torch his cash gen for a couple of weeks (assuming he still plays after the bye!). Murphy suffered a bad cork in the same game and was subbed out at halftime. Guy just can’t seem to get a run at it!

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Luke EDWARDS*WCE$117 30096 (80)-89
Ronin O'CONNOR*ADE$123 900DNP (31)12
Jay RANTALLCOL$113 200 (-$10.7K)11 (17)43
Sam BERRYADE$243 900 (+$3.9K)60 (52)44
Ryan BYRNESSTK$266 200 (+$15.1K)64 (59)48
James JORDONMEL$387 100 (+$20.1K)99 (75)51
Riley COLLIER-DAWKINSRIC$237 900DNP (57)60
Tom POWELLNTH$311 800 (-$10.2K)70 (69)66
Lachlan MCNEIL WBD$239 900BYE (47)69
Jai NEWCOMBEHAW$102 40075 (75)N/A
Joel WESTERNFRE$117 30027 (27)N/A

Goodbye for now: Lazzaro

THE GOOD: Newcombe is the man everyone’s talking about this week. Fresh out of the mid season draft, Jai set a new record for tackles on debut (14) and managed 13 disposals too. Seems to love a scrap and is pretty much the only viable downgrade option this week. Next week, you can pencil in LEdwards for a spot on your midfield bench. Job security is a bit tenuous, as it is for all WCE rooks, but Luke has pedigree (son of Tyson) and performance (scores of 63 and 96) to back his claims. Jordon still spends a lot of his afternoons sitting down, but once he crosses the line it’s all business. 23 possessions (11 contested) at 82% efficiency is quite incredible in 57% game time, but unless you’re a meticulous planner it’s probably finally time for James to go this week to import some warm bodies.

THE BAD: I was mildly interested in Western’s game this week – until I saw that Longmuir had jammed him in the forward pocket. Yuck! Can play, but needs a friendlier role than that to be viable.

THE UGLYRantall has suffered through the sub rule this year, and only managed 11 points in the second half in the massive upset win over the Dees.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Ned REEVES*HAW$123 900DNP (86)-98
Josh TREACY (FWD)FRE$217 200 (+$55.3K)95 (47)-53
Max LYNCH* (FWD)COL$123 90063 (55)-35
Callum COLEMAN-JONES (FWD)RIC$241 300 (+$80.1K)81 (93)-22
Joel AMARTEY* (FWD)SYD$195 60070 (68)-19
Riley THILTHORPE (FWD)ADE$312 700 (+$36K)110 (70)2
Paul HUNTERSTK$153 300 (+$19K)36 (42)3
Matt FLYNNGWS$385 900 (+$18.2K)117 (93)64

Raise a hand if you have a Ned-shaped scorch mark somewhere?

Just to rub salt into the wound, the guy lots of us traded out for Reeves was Flynn – and he looked magnificent in smashing out 117 down in Tassie. Lots of contested marks and possessions in that lot! Amartey is on the bubble now but I’m still not quite convinced he is relevant at this price. Looks to be a talent though! Coleman-Jones, Treacy, and Thilthorpe were all sensational in their own ways and probably bailed a lot of us out this week. Thilthorpe in particular already has a career highlight to boast about from the weekend, after his game-winning over-the-head snap off the non-preferred!

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Max HOLMES* (MID)GEE$121 800DNP (57)-40
Malcolm ROSASGCS$130 800 (+$6.9K)21 (30)10
Alec WATERMANESS$202 700BYE (54)11
Sam FLANDERSGCS$276 000 (+$15.7K)62 (54)28
Cody WEIGHTMANWBD$269 400BYE (77)29
Paddy DOW (MID)CAR$198 200BYE (45)32
Deven ROBERTSON (MID)BRL$328 500BYE (69)36
Caleb POULTER (MID)COL$313 000 (+$16.7K)61 (71)38
Matthew OWIESCAR$229 400BYE (56)38
Anthony SCOTT (MID)WBD$273 800BYE (54)71
Miles BERGMANPTA$248 400 (-$10.9K)64 (53)71
James ROWEADE$284 500 (-$11.1K)66 (58)73

Goodbye for now: Wilson, Sproule, Ralphsmith, HJones, Warner

Very little to talk about in the forward stocks this week (apart from the ruck DPPs). Poulter was OK but probably checks out of most teams this week. Need some fresh blood here soon!



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8 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Rd 13, 2021”

  1. Think I can get 18 onfield this week, maybe 19, so Jordan stays…gonna be great cover come finals time. He is equal second on ppm.


  2. Chillo, love this article every week, thanks for the work you put into it.

    Lack of comments in this thread shows how bare the cupboard is here this week!!!


    1. Love this article, always a fantastic read for rookies.

      Would love for some rookies to be named this week so I’m in less pain!


  3. Is L Edwards in front of other Eagles who played last week meaning he keeps his spot with Kelly & Shuey back in next week?


    1. Good question. If you find the answer, please let me know!

      I’m going to wait until next week anyway. Really can’t afford to be bringing in anyone who isn’t playing.



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