Rookie Review – Round 20 2022

Written by Alza on August 2 2022

3 weeks to go now and rookies are still making their debuts unfortunately, purely for Supercoach reasons this is. A lot of the rookies scored well but probably not the ones that coaches had on field. This is it for the Rookie Review for 2022 in this format with next week’s edition to be a season wrap up with the winner of the Rookie Of The Year Award announced (whoever that may be).

Players on the bubble are shown with an asterisk.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Jackson ARCHER*NTH$117,30046 (52)-34
Jase BURGOYNE (MID)PTA$221,100 (+$49.2k)85 (69)-13
Rhett BAZZO (FWD)WCE$176,700DNP (41)-3
Buku KHAMISWBD$239,900 (+$32.9k)77 (49)4
Flynn PEREZNTH$237,400DNP (46)17
Callum BROWN (FWD)GWS$224,300 (-$6.3k)9 (56)36
Massimo D'AMBROSIOESS$219,000 (+$24k)49 (54)43
Patrick PARNELLADE$209,800 (+$2.5k)45 (44)52
James BLANCKHAW$183,100 (-$6.3k)18 (41)52
Brady HOUGH (MID)WCE$225,500 (-$15.9k)33 (45)54
Denver GRAINGER-BARRASHAW$235,900DNP (48)56
Ben MILLERRIC$292,400 (+$12.5k)33 (58)58
Jacob WEHRGWS$311,400 (+$5.2k)49 (63)68
Sam DE KONING (FWD)GEE$365,800 (-$2k)84 (68)74
Mitchell HINGEADE$335,300 (-$3.3k)62 (65)80
Patrick MCCARTIN (FWD)SYD$362,400 (-$15.3k)75 (71)84
Nick DAICOS (MID)COL$557,700 (-$4.7k)79 (92)171
Josh WORRELLADE$123,90087 (87)-
Kallan DAWSONNTH$102,40063 (63)-
Leek ALEERGWS$144,30014 (14)-

The Good: Worrell played his first game of the year and returned a solid game. He had 17 touches at 82% with 12 intercepts, 6 one percenters and 447 metres gained. Burgoyne returned to the starting 22 in this game to have 17 touches at 88% while also kicking a goal and taking 7 marks as a good player to have as cover. De Koning is having a great season and continued that in Round 20 with 14 touches at 93% efficiency with 6 intercepts. He also took 7 marks and had 8 one percenters.

The Bad: Brown had a poor game as he only had the 2 touches playing down back from 79% TOG.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Tyler SONSIERIC$178,600 (+$61.3k)95 (69)-42
Dylan STEPHENSSYD$323,200 (+$34.8k)83 (68)-12
Mitch OWENSSTK$184,100 (+$44.8k)67 (46)15
Jake SOLIGOADE$314,300 (+$16.8k)70 (60)34
Josh WARDHAW$341,000 (+$32.8k)83 (60)45
Jye MENZIEESS$102,40031 (31)-

The Good: Sonsie played the best game of his short career in a great win for the Tigers. He had 20 touches and used it well at 85% with 9 contested possessions and 5 intercepts. He took 3 marks and laid 3 tackles as well as 6 score involvements.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Hugh DIXON (FWD)WCE$240,300 (-$5.9k)27 (53)58
Braydon PREUSSGWS$389,600 (-$37.6k)64 (92)79
Mac ANDREWGCS$189,30033 (33)-

Preuss was in the thick of it all game and has escaped with a fine luckily. He had a low score from 10 touches at 40% with 5 clangers, 1.1, 3 marks, 4 tackles and he had 33 hitouts. Dixon returned after missing 10 weeks as the sub for his 3 touches and Mac Andrew made his debut as a defender with 9 touches at 89% and took 3 marks.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Elijah HOLLANDS* (MID)GCS$123,90065 (65)-56
Ashley JOHNSONCOL$183,000 (+$59.1k)77 (68)-31
Josh MORRISHAW$152,300 (+$21.6k)63 (32)-13
Noah CUMBERLAND (MID)RIC$261,700 (+$65.2k)88 (81)-7
Jai CULLEY (MID)WCE$161,400 (+$59k)26 (64)-7
Jed MCENTEE (MID)PTA$161,400 (+$13.6k)34 (40)11
Josh CARMICHAEL (MID)COL$163,700 (+$24.2k)47 (48)16
Sam BUTLER (MID)HAW$179,200 (-$1.2k)42 (38)26
Jason HORNE-FRANCIS (MID)NTH$274,700 (+$16.4k)94 (63)29
Phoenix SPICERNTH$133,300 (+$4.2k)21 (25)29
Paul CURTISNTH$282,300DNP (53)30
Marcus WINDHAGER (MID)STK$239,000 (-$6.1k)36 (46)30
Connor MACDONALD (MID)HAW$302,200 (+$21.7k)70 (51)35
Finn MAGINNESS (MID)HAW$263,500 (+$12.4k)72 (49)45
Robbie MCCOMB (MID)WBD$189,600 (-$21.9k)46 (48)46
Jesse MOTLOPCAR$227,400 (+$2.8k)63 (45)54
Nic MARTIN (MID)ESS$408,200 (+$23.6k)90 (81)58
Ben HOBBS (MID)ESS$318,900 (-$1.7k)54 (62)61
Charlie LAZZARO (MID)NTH$208,900 (-$16.6k)41 (39)61
Jack GINNIVANCOL$263,800 (-$3.4k)57 (59)64
Maurice RIOLI (MID)RIC$159,500 (-$24.5k)6 (41)66
Sam WEIDEMANMEL$279,300 (-$4.6k)26 (55)67
Malcolm ROSASGCS$219,300 (-$21.5k)52 (50)84
Corey DURDINCAR$204,100 (-$41.5k)1 (46)84
Rhylee WESTWBD$342,300 (-$16.1k)65 (72)89
Hugo RALPHSMITH (MID)RIC$303,800DNP (61)94
Emerson JEKAHAW$171,50025 (25)-

The Good: Horne-Francis had a great game from 21 touches with 9 contested to go with 9 marks and 3 clearances. Martin had a decent game and a great score from 17 touches at 88% with 3 marks and 4 tackles. Cumberland kicked a bag in just his 5th game. He ended the day with 5.0 from 8 touches, 2 marks, 3 tackles and a great play in the last quarter to help set up the match sealing goal.

The Bad: Durdin featured in 29% game time before being subbed out of it with his 4 touches all being clangers. Culley needed to deliver this week with some popular forwards missing but he failed to do so and got himself injured and suspended to top it off. He attended 11 centre bounces for his 10 touches and he only laid the 2 tackles this week from 54% TOG before being subbed out.

Rookie of the Year Award:
3 – Jason Horne-Francis
2 – Tyler Sonsie
1 – Nic Martin

Rookie of the Year Award After Round 20:
17 – Nick Daicos
12 – Braydon Preuss
11 – Nic Martin


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