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Written by on March 12 2020

If you haven’t already, you must read Chillo‘s excellent Rookie Review of the Marsh Series.  Below are just some detailed stats on those that played, and of course they are ranked by $/PPM.

The Magic Number in this case is $543.02, so they will continue to make you money until their price more closely reflects that number.

As with the ‘Value’ picks, any DPPs will appear on ALL relevant lines.








Up to you how you use them.  But they can be a useful reference point once Rd1 starters get named.


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2 thoughts on “Rookie Scores”

  1. A VERY useful reference point! Great work!

    I have my own little formula for trying to decipher whether a player is good enough for a spot in my 22, 30 or not at all.

    There is a few exceptions I make. I’m gonna ignore a ruckmen that smashed it playing as a number one ruckmen (Cameron).
    I tend to be a little lenient to defenders because once the real stuff starts and defensive structures are out into place, there’s alot more kick to kick between them, thus improving their scores (think Wilkie last year)

    I hold more weight to the second game than the first. More of a dress rehearsal for the real stuff.

    Based on my formula,in the midfield for example, only Green & Rowell would be worthy of a spot on the 22 (Ash as well, but you’d have him DEF)

    Only really Roberton would be worthy of a bench spot. (Brayshaw & Randall sample too small). Budarick would also squeeze in based on price and DPP. Interesting, Pickett hasn’t done enough for even a bench spot (I’ll still put him in though) based on these numbers. Serong would only miss out because of price.


  2. Great stuff. What would these numbers look like if we limited it to players who played both Marsh games?



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