Round 15 Review

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on June 26 2023

Geelong v Melbourne

A disastrous start to the weekend for Cameron (-3) owners after he went down with savage concussion and potential shoulder injury as well. Will miss this week. Duncan (93) didn’t steal as many kick ins off of Stewart (111) this time around but still played in a largely defensive half role. Blicavs (111) continues his under the radar season averaging 94.5 with his ownership probably only depressed by his MID/RUC instead of FWD or DEF/RUC status.

Petracca (121) battled through poor early use (66% DE, 6 clangers) and a tag from Atkins to still put up a serviceable score and 33 touches. Salem (96) continues to chug along and will close out the year with a solid season average once he has those spike games – was nearly on with a 46 point opening quarter. Gawn & Grundy (92) dominated the HO battle but once again a 50/50 precludes either of them from really being viable. For those with any of the Dees rookies left, McVee (66), van Rooyen (64) and Chandler (61) were all honourable in a loss and should play out the season.

St Kilda v Brisbane

Sinclair (133) was the only four quarter presence for the Saints and played on a full time CBA load instead of half back, which has usually been owner’s preference over OB. With 36 touches, 16 contested and a goal he was simply capital. Accordingly, Wanganeen-Milera (116) had free reign down back and enjoyed 6/12 KIs, a 3:1 K:HB ratio and 24 touches. Marshall (99) was a little muted in his around the ground and score involvement contributions, so it was just a flat ton for him. Popular trade in Windhager (50) was tasked with Neale but didn’t do much off of him and only laid 4 tackles.

Andrews (157) had a fielding day coming off Caminiti and tabled 14 marks and 157 for his annual monster score. Switching Owens onto him late didn’t change anything either. Dunkley (122) did his thing and were it not for a clanger and a OOTF kick in the last two minutes he would’ve finished on 130~. Neale (114), as mentioned, was tagged by Windhager and did about as well as he could’ve considering that and his form this season. 27 touches and 15 contested. Ashcroft (62) was better than expected away from home and will be solid cover if you don’t need his cash. Fletcher (53) got his 2nd gig and played an earnest game. His touches and contributions were actually pretty good and hard fought, got killed by two untimely FAs otherwise there’s 60+. Robertson (33) plummeted back down to earth in non-descript forward role – there really just isn’t room for him to find continuity.

Sydney v West Coast

It was a feast for every Swan with Sydney taking 2100 of the available 3300 SC points. Chief among them was Gulden (164). Playing on the outisde was the place to be as the Swans just dominated possession and outside ball and moved the footy effortlessly. A lazy 33 touches, 3 goals and 587 MG for Error saw him topscore and reward those who drilled the C on him (*cough me cough*). Heeney (150) enjoyed a day for forward training drills and even at an askew 5.4 went large, adding 20 touches at a 50% CP rate to that. Warner (135), Parker (134) and Sheldrick (93) of course joined the party on ball and at stoppage. There wasn’t much for Lloyd (83) to understandably do, so no worries there. Mills (73) played a quasi MID role but it’s hard to gauge much given the context of the game and the fact he was subbed heading into the 4th.

West Coast: no comments, no questions.

Fremantle v Essendon

A textbook ceiling performance from Ryan (143): 31 touches, 25 kicks, 87% DE, 91% TOG and a whopping 18 marks. With his floor he only needs a few more of those ceiling games to end up Top 6 competitive. Jackson (134) played as a permanent forward and was surprisingly lit, Brayshaw (129) led the way in a high effort but low contested contribution and Serong (104) once again found plenty of it but was lazy and untidy by foot at 59%. Johnson (99) chopped it up OB and dropped a timely ton with an SC optimal 93% DE and 7 tackles, while Fyfe (75) was okay on a 3rd MID CBA load and a forgettable 19 touches.

Ridley (137) continues to defy the constraints of his role and the Bombers’ back six, tabling a supremely economical performance: 21 touches, 91% DE, 92% TOG and 10 marks. He was closely followed by resident royalty in Merrett (126) and Martin (124). Redman (67) found just the 13 touches as he was tasked with minding the mediums and playing 80% didn’t help either. Parish (92) made his return and while he led the Dons for CPs with 14 his 24 touches were largely unremarkable.

Collingwood v Adelaide

The Shawshank Pies got out of jail once again. Their Andy Dufrense on the day was none other than Daicos (132). He started on the bench to feel out the Crows and Keays then played OB for the entire day with a full CBA load, 37 touches, 14 contested, 8 clearances and a goal. Cameron (107) had some excellent late around the ground work and remains a solid finishing pick. Mitchell (85) got put on his back by the Crows top notch engine room, finding 27 at just 55%. Howe (94) returned and sucked a lot of economy out of that backline, so a red flag to the 4% of coaches who have jumped on Moore (64).

It was a sensational SC performance from the big name Crows despite not getting the result they deserved. Dawson (149) led the way with 27 kicks, 12 tackles and 665 MG, Laird (125) worked immensely hard all day for his 31 and equal team high 16 contested and then Keays (119) overcome some heavily askew use and being burnt by his team mates to finish with 29, 16 contested and a game high 10 clearances.

Gold Coast v Hawthorn

A dour conclusion to the round with few SC headlines bar Day (141), who played a sensational midfield start and backline finish role. Across both positions he played with intent, cleanliness and a demand for the ball. A handsome 29 touches at 86% for him given the match conditions. The entire Hawks defense feasted in Sicily’s absence with tons for all of Scrimshaw, Hardwick, Impey and Mitchell – none of which is sustainable however. Moore (91) was resolute and that score away from home in a loss should be very comforting for owners.

The Suns have started dicking around with their CBA mix for some reason, this week dropping Anderson (102) to a 3rd load of 11 and letting Fiorini, Flanders and Swallow chop it up. Bizarre as it is frustrating and were it not for some ridiculous gifted junk he would have gone sub 80. Rowell (87) stayed on a team high CBA load but just won clearance and contest then did nothing else. Witts (83) didn’t flex his muscles only equalizing the HO and then receiving some second half involvement to steady for 80. Humphrey (34) looked absolutely spent and played in a much more contained FWD role on the back of the Suns stupid midfield and stoppage mix – the fact they won means they’ll probably persist with it, which is terrible for Humphrey.


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5 thoughts on “Round 15 Review”

  1. I assume the Gold Coast midfield switching was coming off their game against Carlton. They conceded an incredible amount of goals from centre clearances. Since they already looked to have the upper hand over Hawthorn, it was probably a good time to do some experimenting for future games since they are in the mix for the top 8.
    Will be interesting to see the setup against Collingwood next week


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  2. I watched some of the Brisbane v StKilda game. Saints second ruck is a problem- it’s too much to expect Owens to take that role. There is a chance also that this is starting to drag on Marshall’s scores also as he is just not getting enough breaks. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them try something different. For us Marshall holders, I hope it’s not Campbell. But something has to give. In trade talk I see a bit of love for the Marshall to Briggs trade. If I hadn’t watched the game, I would have said it was crazy talk. But having seen it, there is some merit in the switch.


    1. Yep. I’ve got Owens (somehow) and seeing him chop out as the 2nd ruck was painful. Not sure why they don’t let RoMo come and take F50 HOs. I know the prevailing tactic is to sit your ruck just outisde the F50 to intercept and support a pushed up defence but the Saints can’t afford that luxury I think.


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