Round 3 Review

Written by Dane on April 4 2022

Western Bulldogs (9.17.71) defeated Sydney (9.6.60)

  1. Tim English (152). Another great return from English who has skyrocketed in ownership over the first three rounds. 24 touches and 8 marks, coupled with 5 tackles and 28 hitouts meant he finished with the best score on the ground.
  2. Josh Dunkley (129). Had a huge second half around the ball, laying a game high 11 tackles to go along with his 31 touches (13 contested).
  3. Lachie Hunter (113). Great game on the wing from Hunter who seems to have found some of his best form. Had 28 touches but very importantly no clangers which boosted his score.
  4. Alex Keath (109). Kicked a rare goal late in the contest but was pretty good the whole night, hauling in 12 marks and having 19 touches at 92% DE.
  5. Marcus Bontempelli (108). Looked very sore at one point but did some courageous things late, as well as kicking the sealer, to make sure his 21 touch, 5 tackle game got him fifth spot. 

Other 100+ scores: Adam Treloar/Jake Lloyd (104), Tom Hickey/Latham Vandermeer (101), Lance Franklin (100)

Disappointment: This marked the first time since round 14 last year that Macrae hasn’t topped 100. His score of 92 would have put some captaincy plans into plan B mode on Thursday night.

Rookies: Cold night from Stephens, who only found 10 touches on the wing to finish with 23 points, but McCartin was serviceable once again down back, scoring 61 from 12 touches and 5 marks.

Injuries: Tom Hickey was flying and had topped the ton before he went down halfway through the third with a knee injury. Heeney and Franklin were also sore at one point, but played on. Zaine Cordy hadn’t recorded a single stat by the time concussion stopped his game, while Wallis, Treloar and Bontempelli also spent extended time on the bench but like Heeney and Franklin, played out the game.

Melbourne (14.15.99) defeated Essendon (10.10.70)

  1. Angus Brayshaw (176). Massive game from Brayshaw across the half-back line and midfield, as he found 34 touches at 85% DE plus a ridiculous 20 marks, the first player to hit that mark since Riewoldt in what I think was, round 23, 2016.
  2. Clayton Oliver (146). Best score of the season thus far for Clarry who always seems to step up in slightly wetter conditions, with a bit of pre-game rain around. Had 38 touches (18 contested), 8 marks, 15 inside 50’s and a game best, 666 metres gained.
  3. Max Gawn (117). First time cracking the ton this year for Max who stood up with 22 touches (13 contested), to pair with 17 hitouts and 6 clearances. Fingers crossed this is the norm.
  4. Jordan Ridley (115). Quiet second half (around 35 points) but set himself a really good solid base early. Finished with 21 touches, 8 marks and a great DE of 95%.
  5. Steven May (114). Gets a fair few of these scores a year, making him very relevant for draft leagues or as a POD option. 22 touches and 4 marks at 95% DE here.

Other 100+ scores: Dylan Shiel (100)

Disappointment: Look away if you have Draper, could only manage 2 touches and 19 hitouts to record 21 points. Only played 63% game time which also wasn’t ideal.

Rookies: Coming back into the side, Nic Martin staked another claim that he’ll be heavily bought up next week. Scored 71 from 20 touches and 8 marks roaming around the half-forward line. Would surely be locked in their best 22 after these performances. Young Tex Wanganeen (37) also actually debuted here and did alright with 1 goal from 3 touches and 3 tackles. Joel Smith also continues to played well and scored 64 this week for the Demons.

Injuries: Neither sub was activated but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any injuries, so as always, stay aware of news and team selections.

Adelaide (15.6.96) defeated Port Adelaide (13.14.92)

  1. Travis Boak (133). Another huge game from Boak who continues to score tremendously. 28 touches (15 contested) to pair with 10 clearances and 8 tackles.
  2. Elliot Himmelberg (124). Carter bests galore here from Himmelberg, as he kicked a career best 4 goals, as well as registering 14 touches and 8 marks.
  3. Jordan Dawson (123). First ton at his new club after 98 and 99 to start the year. Had 24 touches and 6 marks with no clangers, but importantly, kicked 2 goals, the second the after-the-siren game winner with some insane in-swing attached to it.
  4. Reilly O’Brien (122). Another solid score from ROB who may have some more intrigued coaches over the coming weeks. 13 touches, 9 tackles and 45 hitouts for him on Friday night. 
  5. Ollie Wines (118). Hasn’t had a huge start to the year, but fingers crossed that’s about to change after he produced 30 touches and 7 tackles to almost lead Port to a showdown victory. 

Other 100+ scores: Matt Crouch (114), Ben Keays (113), Scott Lycett (112), Todd Marshall (104), Harry Schoenberg (102)

Disappointment: He did get absolutely collected early and kudos for playing on, but unfortunately 58 from Butters hurt after a great fortnight.

Rookies: Possible backline downgrade Skinner (48) looked decent with his limited touches, but did finish on the bench. McEntee (43) was lively with 7 tackles and 10 touches, but ran at 25% DE. Jackson Mead was good before his first price change, notching 78 from 18 touches and 4 tackles. For the Crows, Lachlan Gollant was impressive up forward, kicking 4 goals from 6 touches and posting 79 points, as was Hinge (91), who used his 16 touches at 93% DE. Unfortunately, Rachele gave away two frees in the tight last quarter which hurt his score, only registering 36 from 10 touches and 1 goal.

Injuries: As mentioned, Skinner finished on the bench due to an ankle injury, while Murphy looked in a fair bit of pain around the neck area, but did celebrate with his team after the game.

GWS (12.11.83) defeated Gold Coast (8.9.57)

1. Stephen Coniglio (149). He’s had a solid first couple of weeks, but one of the most popular picks this year turned in a game best score here to cement a massive price rise. 32 touches (13 contested) to pair with 10 clearances, 5 tackles and nearly 500 metres gained.

2. Tom Green (147). Another huge game from Green who is now averaging 139 over the first three. Priced at 430K leading into the season, the breakout is definitely happening. 29 touches (16 contested) with 4 tackles, 2 goals and 597 metres gained for the young gun.

3. Tim Taranto (112). Any questions leading into the season about his midfield time should now have been answered as he has now collected 28, 27 and 32 touches to start the year. Pair it with 1 goal and 8 tackles, he’s a great choice up forward.

4. Jesse Hogan/Braydon Preuss (109). Hogan was a presence up forward, kicking 2 goals from 17 touches and 7 marks, while Pruess was impressive in his first game for the year, doing a little bit of everything with 16 touches, 5 marks, 5 tackles and 34 hitouts. 

5. Harry Perryman (104). Averaging exactly 100 over the first three rounds now as he rounded out the top 5 thanks to 24 touches and 3 tackles at 75% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Matt Rowell (103), Sam Taylor (102)

Disappointment: This marked by far the worst performance Touk Miller (76) has had in a very long time. Only 17 touches and 3 tackles due to a heavy tag from GWS. Josh Kelly (81) also wasn’t flash.

Rookies: There wasn’t many running around in this game, with only Gold Coast’s Davies (26) and GWS’s Stein (64) being in that sub (or almost) 200K category.

Injuries: Important defender Nick Haynes had a left ankle concern in the second but planned on until the last when he was iced up and subbed out. 

Collingwood (13.13.91) defeated by Geelong (16.8.104)

1. Scott Pendlebury (124). 337 games in and still relevant in Supercoach, especially if he gets that DPP status. Averaging 105 after the first three rounds with this being the best score so far, as he had 20 touches (12 contested) at 85% DE to pair with 8 tackles.

2. Jamie Elliot (109). Great game from Elliot who found 26 touches (14 contested) of the footy between the middle and up forward. Also had 5 tackles and 2 goals but was held back slightly by 50% DE and 7 clangers.

3. Jeremy Cameron (106). Kicked 6 goals from 14 touches and 9 marks to be the difference in the game. Interesting start to the season so far but very capable of massive games.

4. Pat Lipinksi/Taylor Adams/Tom Stewart (104). Second ton so far for Lipinski as well as Adams, as both played through the middle of the ground. Lipinski had 23 touches, 1 goal and ran at 78% DE, while Adams had 30 touches and 13 contested possessions. Stewart had some concerns leading into the season but thats in the past now as he posted his third ton (103, 103 and now 104) from 29 touches and 767 metres gained.

5. Brodie Grundy (96). One of those rare games where the number 5 spot goes to a guy who finished in the 90’s. Grundy had 20 touches, 8 tackles and 24 hitouts but was held back by 8 clangers and 50% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Nothing incredibly shocking in this game, just a lot of, what I’d call, “meh” scores from popular/premium priced picks. Dangerfield (92), Guthrie (90), Duncan (87), and Hawkins (78) fall into that category for the Cats, while for the Pies it was Crisp (85) and De Goey (79, who also copped a 1 week suspension as of Sunday night). Actually, scanning further the disappointment should probably go to Maynard (39), who only found 14 touches in his first regular season game for the year.

Rookies: Popular pick De Koning came back into the Geelong best 22 and performed well enough, gathering 11 touches and 3 marks for 50 points. Ginnivan (43) was great last week but only got 6 touches and 1 goal this week, while Daicos posted another great score of 91 from 26 touches and 1 goal. Just for context and semi-popularity, Stengle (71) should see a price rise.

Injuries: Just the one injury here (I think) to bigman Esava Ratugolea, he was subbed out due to a rolled ankle.

Brisbane (23.18.156) defeated North Melbourne (7.6.48)

1. Jarryd Lyons (135). Slow start to the year after being one of the more consistent performers in 2021. This was his best so far thanks to 28 touches, 8 marks, 2 goals and a game high 668 metres gained. 

2. Zac Bailey (129). Popular pick in the pre-season but this is the first game thus far where he has really produced a great score (87, 64 beforehand). Kicked 4 goals from 17 touches and 4 tackles and was dangerous all evening.

3. Lincoln McCarthy (116). Kicked 5 goals for the evening, making him the most effective forward on the ground. Paired that with 15 touches and 8 marks.

4. Jy Simpkin/Lachie Young (107). A couple of shining lights for the Roos on Saturday night. Simpkin scored his second ton of the year from 31 touches (13 contested) and 4 tackles, while Young had a career best score thanks to 21 touches (also a career high) at 90% DE.

5. Lachie Neale/Dayne Zorko (105). Neale was well behind pace after copping a hard tag as well as a ankle knock, so to finish on this score from 27 touches (13 contested) was a very good effort, especially with multiple coaches putting the C on him. Zorko has been great in his new role, this week collecting 28 touches and 586 metres gained with 10 marks, but once again finished the game on ice with an achilles issue. 

Other 100+ scores: Hugh McCluggage (103), Charlie Cameron/Joe Daniher (102), Darcy Fort (100)

Disappointment: As one can assume, when you lose by 108 points, theres not many great scores to report on. Aaron Hall (70) and Ziebell (62) were probably the main offenders, while cash-cow options McDonald (28) and Polec (38) weren’t much better. For indication, McInerney (57) was the only Lion to not to crack 60. 

Rookies: Number 1 pick Horne-Francis was solid against one of the deeper midfields in the comp, finding 21 touches (11 contested) of the footy, while another really popular selection in Xerri was also solid, scoring 81 from 11 touches, 8 tackles and 25 hit outs.

Injuries: As mentioned before, this was the third time this year that Zorko has been visibly struggling with an achilles problem, as second time to be subbed out. Important defensive cog McKay was also subbed off after a heavy collision. 

Carlton (11.8.74) defeated Hawthorn (11.7.73)

1. Sam Walsh (124). Massive effort from Walsh who showed that come the end of the season, he’ll be a target for a lot of Supercoach teams. Had 32 touches and 8 marks throughout this tight Sunday tussle.

2. Changkuoth Jiath (123). Ran hard all day to find 27 touches off half-back and generated plenty of drive with a team high 588 metres gained.

3. Sam Docherty (122). Stood up when it mattered and made it 3/3 tons to start the year, is he back to premium status? 33 disposals and 13 marks while running at 87% DE. 

4. Patrick Cripps (119). 3/3 tons now for Cripps who overcame what seemed like a tag at some points in the game to finish with 31 touches, 6 marks, 6 clearances, 1 goal and 11 tackles. 

5. George Hewett (111). Another guy who has scored 3/3 tons is Hewett who could see his ownership spike more and more with these performances. Slowish start but ran out the game to have 28 touches (11 contested) with 9 tackles and 9 clearances.

Other 100+ scores: Zac Williams (107), James Sicily (105), Nic Newman (100)

Disappointment: Is it wrong of me to give this to Tom Mitchell (86) three weeks in a row? Probably, but he’s still yet to convert a triple figure score this year despite performing quite well so far this season. Prime fallen premium candidate if he can capture some form.

Rookies: The Hawks midfield bench options in Ward (54) and McDonald (51) continue to show promise in the guts, with the former finding 20 touches of the ball, while the latter had 15 and 1 goal. Corey Durdin returned to the good scores this week to ensure a decent first price rise, scoring 73 from 11 touches and 1 goal. Jordan Boyd came in as a late replacement and scored 36 from 11 touches down back, while Finn Maginness also got a run on Sunday, scoring 27 from a 10 touch game. Finally, Denver Grainger-Barras had the best game of his young career, scoring 89 from 18 touches and 6 marks, meaning he’ll have a nice price jump.

Injuries: Hawk defender Jack Scrimshaw was subbed off at QT with what has been listed as a scapula injury. For the Blues, Pittonet was subbed out in the last quarter.

St Kilda (18.9.117) defeated Richmond (13.6.84)

1. Brad Crouch (131). Solid start to the season for Crouch with two tons and a 96 in there too. Had 31 touches (15 contested) with 11 clearances, 9 tackles and 1 goal to star on Sunday.

2. Nathan Broad (130). Second ton on the trot for Broad who was awesome off half-back, finding 25 touches (10 contested) at 84% DE to pair with 12 marks and 508 metres gained.

3. Jack Steele (121). Best game of the year for Steele who found 32 touches of the sherrin that netted him a team-best 606 metres gained at 75% DE.

4. Jack Sinclair (116). Three tons in a row for Sinclair, does that mean he comes into calculations as a POD? St Kilda seem to really like the ball in his hands, this week he had 24 touches (11 contested) with 4 tackles and 87% DE. 

5. Jayden Short (110). Another ton for Short who is firming as one of the must-have defenders early in the season. 31 touches (27 kicks) with 8 marks and 577 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Daniel Rioli (107), Jade Gresham (102), Max King/Thomson Dow (100)

Disappointment: Another not-so-flash score from Rowan Marshall (58) who only found 9 touches and 14 hitouts while sharing the duties with Ryder.

Rookies: Another respectable score in a new role for Ralphsmith, who turned in 57 points from 14 touches, 5 marks and 1 goal before the first price rises of the year. Thomson Dow deserves a mention for his 100 point effort from 23 touches (12 contested) and 5 tackles and might be worth considering for quick cash. Gibcus will make some money after scoring 62 from 8 touches and 3 tackles, his best score so far. Jack Hayes (57) had no ruck time which is a massive worry but if he can stay in the team and keep performing his role, maybe he can make another 60-80K. Wanganeen-Milera had a slight achilles issue but played on to finish with 12 touches and 41 points. Not really a rookie but a midpricer instead, but Jade Gresham had massive ownership early in the pre-season but then faded when more options came to the forefront. Still, you’d be happy if you started him, this score of 102 was his second ton so far.

Injuries: Unfortunately live-wire forward Higgins suffered a concussion that will see him miss next week, with Dylan Grimes joining him (on the opposite bench of course) being red vested after suffering a hamstring issue.

West Coast (7.5.47) defeated by Fremantle (15.12.102)

1. Shannon Hurn (156). Stellar game from Hurn who is still delivering despite being well over the 300 game mark. Had 27 touches (11 contested) with 12 marks and a team high 522 metres gained, all while running at 77% DE.

2. Jeremy McGovern (128). Third ton on the trot for McGovern who might just have to come into calculations with the Eagles giving up a heap of forward 50 entries so far this year. 21 disposals with 11 marks  at 81% DE for him. Sort of player who, if he intercepts, can get a ton very quickly.

3. Nic Naitanui (119). 63 in round 1 and then missed round 2 so not much sample size to work with so far and may well still be an elite ruck option. Had 15 touches, 34 hitouts and 1 goal but incredibly 18 contested possessions.

4. Alex Witherden (106). A third Eagle defender to make the top 5 shows just how much the ball was down there. Witherden had 23 touches and ran at 83% DE.

5. Blake Acres/Lachie Schultz (105). A very evenly spread scoring game for the Dockers, but these two came out as their best. Acres had 22 touches, 10 marks, 5 tackles and 1 goal, while Schultz was awarded best on field honors for his 23 touch, 2 goal game.

Other 100+ scores: Andrew Gaff (103), Heath Chapman (101), Michael Frederick (100)

Disappointment: After a huge performance last week, Luke Ryan finds himself back here in this unwanted section for this score of 74. To be fair though, the Dockers defense didn’t have a great deal to do.

Rookies: Pick 10 in last years draft Neil Erasmus made a fine debut in this game, picking up 18 touches and taking 4 marks in a rotating forward/midfield role, eventually netting 58 points, he is priced at 166K. Nathan O’Driscoll wasn’t too bad himself, kicking 1 goal from 12 touches to score 49 and is on the bubble this week, while Brodie (90) was great once again with 23 touches (17 contested) and 8 clearances. Returning Eagles Hough (40) and Dixon (61) had 12 and 10 touches respectively, with Naish once again providing a serviceable score, finishing on 73 from 22 touches, 5 tackles and 511 metres gained.

Injuries: For the Eagles, Jermaine Jones was subbed off late with a leg concern, while for the Dockers, Tucker was taken off on a stretcher after his head hit the ground in a tackle, while Alex Pearce seemingly hurt his ankle but did return to the contest.



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      Cerra seemed to be on the outside a lot at the game yesterday and wasn’t as involved within chains of play with Walsh now being to one to make those short leads during slow play up the wing.

      In saying that, I was sitting up the back of the members so actually telling who was who wasn’t easy!



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