Round 6 Review (Part 2)

Written by Dane on April 26 2022

Hawthorn (10.8.68) defeated by Sydney (16.13.109)

1. Callum Mills (214). I thought we saw the score of the year from Neale early in the season but Mills had 37 touches (17 contested), 11 marks, 5 tackles, 6 clearances, 6 frees for, 660 metres gained, 1 goal and very importantly 91% DE to clobber that. Incredible performance.

2. Peter Ladhams (164). Career best score from Ladhams who also used a great DE% (89) to boost his score. Had 19 touches, 7 marks, 6 clearances and 34 hitouts.


3. Chad Warner/James Sicily (113). Warner has shown this strong scoring potential in the past and was one of the best in the Swans midfield thanks to 24 touches, 2 goals and 5 tackles. Sicily started really slow but ended up with the best Hawks score thanks to 21 touches, 11 marks and 520 metres gained.

4. Tom Mitchell (105). Started one fire when the Hawks got on top early and ended up with another good score from 26 touches and 7 tackles.


5. Luke Parker (100). Rounding out the top 5 is Parker who has bottomed out in price and is going to be fairly popular with his new forward eligibility. 29 touches and 7 tackles at 79% DE was a good return.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Not a great day out for Jake Lloyd (71) who is losing money quick despite scoring three hundreds out of five games.

Rookies: The young Hawks midfielders once again struggled to generate cash with Ward (46) and MacDonald (30) only finding 14 and 9 touches each. Grainger-Barass (64) had 10 touches and 7 marks in a decent performance, while 207K ruckman Lynch (56) might make some cash if he keeps that number 1 ruck spot. Finn Maginness played pretty well for 14 touches and 9 marks but 50% DE held him back to 62. Ben Ronke had another good performance as he finished with 77 thanks to 3 goals and 15 touches, but there was some…

Injuries: Really disappointing news for Patrick McCartin who was subbed out with concussion and will obviously miss next round. Fortunately that was the only issue for the day.

Essendon (12.10.82) defeated by Collingwood (15.3.93)

1. Darcy Parish (133). Set a record for most disposals in the first half since 2000, recording 30 of them, before a slight bit of attention and some ankle issues held him back in the second half. Eventually had 44 touches (15 contested) with 12 clearances. 

2. Brodie Grundy (129). After having his spot questioned in our teams this week, he returned a great line yesterday with 16 touches, 6 marks, 33 hitouts and 1 goal while running at 81% DE.


3. Zach Merrett (123). Didn’t miss a beat on return to find 36 touches of the footy (although only 6 contested) to pair with 4 tackles.

4. Andrew McGrath (110). Zipped around the MCG to find 31 touches and 9 marks to back up a solid fortnight that had scores of 111 and 93.

5. Scott Pendlebury (109). Can we start using “Dependlbury” again? Another ton for him, his fourth of the year (other two scores being 87 and 98). Obviously not pumping out 125+ like he did all throughout the 2010’s, but 105 average for a defender is a great return. Had 25 touches (11 contested) with 5 clearances at 88% DE for the game.

Other 100+ scores: Mason Redman (108), Jeremy Howe (104), Jack Crisp (103), Brayden Maynard (100)

Disappointment: He went and put a slight clamp on Parish after half-time which held back Pat Lipinski (62) to his worst score of the year. 

Rookies: A couple of the really popular ones in Martin (95) and Daicos (73) continued on their impressive debut year campaigns. The former found 22 touches and 7 marks in a high-half forward role, while the latter had 23 of them across the ground. Ginnivan (80) was elite kicking 5 goals from 11 touches, but his fellow forward McInnes (17) only had 2 touches and 1 goal. Ben Hobbs (34) wasn’t too bad in his second game finding 9 touches, while Baldwin returned to the lineup, finishing with 3 touches, 2 tackles, 4 hitouts and 24 points.

Injuries: Just the one tackle for Krueger before he was subbed off with a left shoulder injury, while Lavarde was the Bomber who got the red vest, eventualy succumbing to a knee injury at 3QT that plagued him for most of the day.



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    1. Don’t think you need to use a boost for Lohmann to Clark. Just wait to bring him in next week or the week after but the other two trades look very good



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