SCTTL: Round 1 Review

Written by JimmyDee on March 18 2024

Round one is always about team audits to ensure all teams are exactly the same. Those with alien players at the end of round one are defective and therefore not considered for the overall prize.

There are explanations for both rogue teams, one I’m not sure we can do anything with, the other might be SC dyslexia. I fear Wighty, of “Wisdom of Mighty” team, has entered the wrong team in the league and his Tech Team in another league. Wighty, if you enter your correct Tech Team before any trades, it will be acceptable and I’ll delete your Classic team.

Andrew, don’t think we can accept yours mate, sorry.

Top score this week was Ash with 2191 courtesy of being the only coach to utilise big Max as the VC option. Bottom score was 2056 showing how easy it is to rejig the same team and score differently with bench option gut feels. Didn’t work so well for me though, is it too early to say “there’s always next year”?

We have a Zach Reid injury already and a Phillips no show. How do we deal with those. Do we tell Budarick to shove it, or do we back him in because of (a) talent and potential and (b) because it was a shi!!y rainy night – any excuse. Who else needs to go, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

It may be too early to say next year, but there is next week and it’s only 135 points, right?


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6 thoughts on “SCTTL: Round 1 Review”

    1. Tsk, tsk, tsk. You’re lucky JimmyDee is such a caring person.
      Some people I know would be more forgiving only if you put your hand on your heart, raised your glass and toasted “ Good old Collingwood Forever” while sipping a grange in your Essendon attire LOL…. As if that would ever happen……


    2. Jimmy,

      I do indeed have dyslexia !!! I wont go into details but I have stuffed up the proper team so badly, that you just must remove me.

      My bad….see you all next year.


  1. Always nice when the tech team outscores your classic team! Though fielding Jhye Clark in classic didn’t help. Thanks JD.



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