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Written by Chaos Theory on March 11 2022

Hi, everyone. Welcome to panic time with less than a week to start of 2022 SuperCoach season!!

I have been running around like a headless chook, constantly changing my team, trying desperately to squeeze every last dollar to buy that needed player and experimentally dropping ultra proven performers to accommodate the heftily priced rookies or cowlike objects.

Every year I/we have that problem of trying to obtain the latest practice match star or training track hero?

So many different connotations and so much that can go wrong. Sure if you can snag that elusive new big thing? It will help set up your season but for every Ziebell there is a Paddy Dow.

I have virtually reverted back to the team that I posted here many weeks ago except for a few non starters. A few regrets that I won’t be able to afford to have some must haves. Every year is filled with regrets. At least this year I can not curse at myself for not going with my initial gut instinct.

So here is my team for 2022. For what its worth with usual disclaimer as per injuries, team selections, yeah, yeah. We all know the drill.


Lloyd best defender in the competition picks himself. Ridley surprisingly was the one that I kept downsizing for cheaper options but decided to go by his previous proven  output rather than a perceived points explosion by a maybe. Whitfield. I know all the negatives but I also know how classy he is is and at his price, a resounding yes vote. Sicily was not on my agenda after being so long out of the game but his track work and practice games have inspired me to take the risk – a proven performer and more of a fallen premo. Sinn really stood out before limited opportunity in last practice game. Waiting for teams to drop. McCartin is a warm body and shows promise at Sydney. De Koning earned he spot on his latest practice game. Not sure of longevity but he is in a position to display his ability to hold it. O’Driscoll likely won’t play Rd 1. In a holding pattern until teams announced.


Decided to just go with three of the best in Macrae, Steele and Oliver. Oliver could easily be Millerbut can not start them all. Neale form and price makes him certain pick. Next up is Rowell. I have been excited about his prospects since he starting shining at training, then his scintillating practice games highlighted that everyone. The costly rookies pick themselves. Daicos, Horne Francis, Stephens, Ward. MacDonald Likely to go well. Tsitas just a bench warmer for one of the WCE’s new recruits.


Darcy and GrundyTwo of the big three.


Dunkley. The best forward. TreloarSeems to have now settled in to the Dogs and finding his Collingwood form. Dodgy hammies? What dodgy hammies! The Ostrich response: la la la. Coniglio selected by 69% says it all. Ralphsmith: that bolt from the blue has impressed enough to land a spot. Rachele looks a lock for round 1. Maginness on shaky ground, Martin and Dixon likely to play.

I really, really want Butters but have to compromise too much in other lines. So c’est la vie. Regrets, did anyone mention regrets.


Good luck to all and may the Supercoach Gods be kind and take pity on us all this year. Have fun.





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14 thoughts on “Team Reveal – Chaos Theory”

  1. Very solid team- after many changes and much deliberation you’ve done well.
    Three Uber premiums in mids means tight in other areas. Just wondering if you rate Stephens ahead of Ward?


    1. Thanks Kotaredrew.
      I am ambivalent about Stephens and Ward as who is the better choice. At the moment I have Stephens on the ground but that could easily change once teams are announced.

      Good luck with your team.


    1. Thanks Alza.

      I am looking forward to all your reports throughout the year. Great information.

      All the best for your season.


  2. Hey CT.

    I’ve really been looking forward to this one. You are all over the Pre season news , I could’t wait to see what sort of side you would put together. This one looks very solid. I do have a few queries over your rookies (and DPP structure). As you your self mention. I’m unsure of your bank balance ? I think a few changes could help to maximise your cash flow and flexility. Gibcus looks best 22 and may need to come in for Sinn. Boyd could work for O’Drizzle. In. the Mids I like Ward over D.Stephens on field . Ward has a more contested game ,I just think he could should have a slightly higher floor. You maybe able to loop Stephens if you decide on a Midfield loop . Lycett looks set for R1 so I would pass on S Hayes. Putting Dixon or J Hayes there saves some cash and creates a DPP with the Forwards. ( say Pruess is on the Bubble with a vey low BE. and Ralphsmith is no good, that DPP could come in very handy.Or English looks good and you want to recruit a him as Ruck cover. ) Next I would look at starting D’Koning at F7/8. This opens the DPP loop with McCartin. It also means you have the flexibility to swap Sicily out for Butters if he looks a must have early. This is all just minor stuff though. I love the majority of this team. We share a heap of Premium selections and my midfield is almost identical.

    I also want to take this chance to thank you for all the fantastic work you do with the Teams posts, and the constant updates in the Coaches box. As well as gathering stats and helping Gunboat with the Preseason games reviews. You are a huge asset for this site and very much appreciated . I wish you all the best in SC 2022. Except when we’re matched up in the Contributors league 😉

    Thanks CT!


    1. Thank you FT.

      I will consider all your constructive and thoughtful suggestions. I am like many waiting for the important team announcements to finalise my team and placements.

      All the best for 2022.

      I am looking forward to a re-match in the contributors league this year.


  3. Nice, CT.

    Treloar pick underrated. If he remains injury free, he cruises to Top 6 no questions asked.

    Good stuff.


  4. Thank you GD,

    I am bullish about Treloar, that is why I have stayed solid instead of trading for Butters.

    All the best for Supercoach 2022.


  5. Hey CT!

    Loving the team and the fact you’ve gone with 3/4 top priced guys in the middle, plus the Treloar addition stands out, he could be what sets apart teams leading into the season.

    Best of luck and thanks for all the coaches box updates this pre-season.


    1. Thank you Dane.

      I tried different combinations of swapping some of the big guns for cheaper options but my team just didn’t look right so I held firm.

      All the best to you in 2022. Looking foreword to reading your posts.


  6. I did the James Tsitas trade to Tom Joyce (WCE mid $123k) as mentioned in my notes when he became available.
    Now the news has come through that he has injured his ankle and is wearing a moonboot.

    Who put a curse on the Eagles? Will you please stop now?



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