Flavour Of The Week – Rd 12

Written by Chillo on June 6 2017

I know what you’re thinking.

What in the blue heck are you on about Chillo, this is the easy bye round! There’s only four teams not playing, and we can trade in all those premiums that had a rest last week!

Easy peezy, lemon squeezy. Am I right, or am I right? But look closer, dearest coaches, and you’ll see the glut of talent that is missing this week:

* Dangerfield, Dusty Martin and Jelwood (currently ranked #1, #3 and #5 for aggregate scoring amongst midfielders)

* Yeo, Nankervis and Josh J. Kennedy (all currently top 10 forwards based on averages)

* Scooter Selwood, Tuohy, Rance, Goldstein, and yes, don’t forget Shaun Higgins!

That’s a lot of scoring power sitting on the collective bench this week. So what do we do about it? Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 12pm AEST, Tuesday June 6:

1. James Cousins (HAW, mid, $102 400)


+ In his second senior game, Cousins compiled 12 touches at 67% and added 6 tackles, despite a lop-sided scoreline. Has returned scores of 67 and 56 thus far.

+ On the bubble with a break-even of -62. Cousins should see a nice price rise this week against the Suns, before the Hawks get their mid-season break in Round 13.

+ Taken in the Rookie Draft at pick 46, Cousins comes with a rock-bottom price-tag, freeing up that precious dough to upgrade elsewhere in your team.


– As with most formerly rookie-listed players, Cousins’ job security is always going to be a bit shaky. Try not to make too many big plans around this selection.

– Still a teenager and physically best described as a work in progress. Even if Cousins holds his spot, Clarkson may decide to give him a break at some stage.

2. Michael Hibberd (MEL, def, $472 800)


+ Currently boasting the fifth-highest average among defenders, the ‘good’ Hibberd has compiled four tons in 6 games at his new home in Deeland, averaging 29 possessions per game.

+ Due to the 56 he turned in back in round 7, Hibberd remains underpriced despite his excellent form. He’s clearly the value premium pick in the backline this week.

+ The Dees have had their bye, and Hibbo should be raring to go now. That pre-season Achilles heel niggle should be a distant memory.


– At the risk of sounding like a broken record – or perhaps that haggard old rooster who just will not stop crowing – Hibberd is one of the most tackle-shy players in the game. Has compiled a glorious 0.5 tackles per game in 2017. Get the ball, or don’t score.

– Has been on the cusp in the past, but never quite cracked it as a must-have defender in his Supercoach history. Will he step up in his new colours in 2017?

3. Matthew Scharenberg (COL, def, $164 000)


+ Once described by Choco Williams as the best schoolboy talent since Carey, Scharenberg has compiled averages of 14 possessions and 56 points in his latest attempt to establish himself in senior footy.

+ An incredible accumulator in the VFL, Scharenberg plays a very SC-friendly brand of footy. With a couple of notable Pies injured last weekend, his spot looks reasonably secure, at least in the short-term.

+ For those of you who managed to restrain yourselves from bringing him in early, Shaz is now on the bubble with a break-even of -12. That defensive downgrade you’ve been looking for is right here.


– Knees. They be dodgy. Stay on your feet, son!

– Yet another rookie with the round 13 bye, so he’ll be no help next week. Any chance that you other teams could blood some viable newbies? We’re drowning out here.

4. Sam Docherty (CAR, def, $596 300)


+ The highest-averaging defender, and 10th overall. Docherty has backed up his brilliant 2016 season by becoming even better this year. Incredibly consistent, with a lowest score of 91 in ten games thus far.

+ The Blues come off the Round 11 bye, so you can plant Doc in your backline from now until finals and just let him do his thing. Which is to rack up big scores, in case you were wondering.

+ Has not dropped below $570K this year. I know you were hoping he’d throw in a loose game somewhere and you could get him cheap, but how long are you going to wait for? And how many points will it cost you in the meantime?


– $600K was a lot for a defender at the start of the year, and it’s still a lot now. Wouldn’t you be better off getting a fallen premium in the mids for the same price (or maybe even less)?

– Carlton run into the scoring-restrictive Giants this week, and Doc has a relatively sizeable BE of 127. There is a case to hold off one more week, and perhaps get a slight discount on him in Round 13.

5. Mitch Wallis (WBD, mid/fwd, $473 700)


+ After sustaining one of the more horrific injuries in recent memory, Miracle Mitch has bounced back in 2017. Scores of 132 and 89 in his first two games back suggest he is slightly underpriced.

+ With a break-even of 59, his bye round behind him, and armed with that DPP status, there’s plenty of reasons to be smiling on Wallis this week.

+ Typically an in-and-under type, Mitch also has the ability to sneak forward and kick goals, boosting his scoring potential.


– As stated previously, he is returning from an LTI. You have to assume the leg is fine, but has he built up the stamina to be viable for the remainder of the season?

– There’s a lot of Supercoach relevance amongst the Dogs – Bont, Dahl, Macrae, JJ, Cloke. That’s a fair bit of point-sharing to be done, which could hurt Wallis’ scoring power.

#6 – 10: Dylan Roberton (STK), Luke Ryan (FRE), Josh Kelly (GWS), Tom Rockliff (BRL), Hugh Greenwood (ADE)

Most traded OUT players this week: Andy Otten (ADE), Aaron Sandilands (FRE), Tom Stewart (GEE), David Myers (ESS), Ed Vickers-Willis (NTH), Curtly Hampton (ADE), Sam Powell-Pepper (PTA), Caleb Marchbank (CAR), James Parsons (GEE), Andrew McGrath (ESS)

Most popular trades so far this week:

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17 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 12”

  1. Shocked to see Josh Kelly as #8. Playing crazy well, will be right up there in the Brownlow come seasons end and will look fantastic in blue and white stripes next season but he’s got his bye next week. Why would you bring in a premo BEFORE their bye?!

    Also, equally perplexed why Rockliff is #9. As a perennial Rockliff owner i can attest to the rollercoaster that is Tommy Rockliff. Bringing in a guy off the back off an injury is a ballsy move. Some would say reckless.


    1. Hi Roo Bloke, being a Roos man myself I was wondering which I would rather see, Kelly at the roos or Dusty….. Thoughts? (both would be nice! 🙂 )


      1. Kelly for me. Will be an elite mid for the next decade. Provides that outside ball use that we so desperately need.


  2. Should I move Adams into my mids and get hibberd this week and then get docherty next week? Or docherty this week and Lloyd round 14?
    TU: get doch this week
    TD: wait a week


    1. It’s an interesting question, but looking at their injury list, I’m not sure who would crowd Kelly out. Coniglio maybe, but he’s two months away from playing.
      Still, bringing him in this week smells like points chasing to me. As RB says, he won’t be playing next week.


      1. Don’t see his output dropping off too much with any inclusions there is a set amount of points allocated per game and due to his ability on the inside and out he will always get his fair share.
        Wouldn’t consider him this week if going for overall rank though, not until R14. League premierships it’s a maybe depending on team structure and matchups.


  3. At this stage:
    In: Cousins + Hibberd + Docherty
    Team complete with not too many PODs but is that a POD in itself 😉


  4. I was thinking of bringing in the GOAT Gazza, what are the thoughts?? are there more big games left in the little master? is he over hes injuries??


    1. Contemplating the same move. Have eyed him off all season. I’m going to wait one more week and then make a call. His break even is fairly high.


    2. Go for it. I have him. People who count him out do so at their own expenses. Injured or not. I like holding Gazza and Rocky. When they go big, it makes a cool difference, And they have been good to me. Respect. He’ll play more games and
      There is a good chance He’ll get injured so what? he will always be tagged and tackled hard…not even Sloane is consistent this year…..Unless you are in the top 100 and going for overall win, I’ll roll the dice


  5. Is anyone able to please provide the expected price increases for both Cousins and Scharenberg? (Say assuming they meet their respective average)

    Don’t really want to bring both in this week with the bye next week, but the future outlook for downgrade rookies looks a tad bleak


    1. $31K for Scharenberg (avg 56)
      $56K for Cousins (avg 62)

      Father D will cover this in more depth later this week…



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